Chaotic Sword God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1236
What, Heavenly Spirit Hall does Palace Master send the messenger?” Listened to reporting of bodyguard, Jian Chen look to be startled, Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master was Sea Region world one of the three big overlords, was Saint Emperor boundary top powerhouse, the character of this keeping aloof sent out the messenger to come Turtle Clan to make anything, moreover mentioned names must see own, he and Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master did not have the human relations of least bit. Invited from the Heavenly Spirit Hall messenger goes to the reception room.” Jian Chen has hesitated a meeting, then to is coming to notify the guard who to say. That guard received an order to draw back, but the conference that Jian Chen and Turtle Clan several elders held also temporarily terminates, then set out to go to the reception room. Went to the reception room, the messenger who Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master sent sat waited here, altogether three people, that person of lead was one seems the ordinary old person, put on simply, the appearance was optional, in pair of old eyes often had the none remaining to project. But in behind of old man, stands two to wear the vigor attire, the physique very tall and strong guy, that exposes outside strong arm often twinkle weak blue rays of light, the whole body flesh of these two guys are dark blue. The Jian Chen vision sweeps in their three people, in heart slightly one startled, his eyes saw that sits the old man on chair unexpectedly is Saint King 3-layer boundary powerhouse, but stands that two middle-aged man who behind old man wears the vigor to install, the strength also in Saint Ruler 9-layer. Heavenly Spirit Hall sends a messenger casually is Saint King, and lets Saint Ruler 9-layer, when accompanies, is really the big writing skill.” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly. The messenger from Heavenly Spirit Hall sees Jian Chen, immediately has stood from the chair, smiling is cuping one hand in the other across the chest to say to Jian Chen: Obsolete Hu Bai, has seen Turtle Clan King!” Hu Bai messenger does not need Duo Li, to please sit down!” Jian Chen is also the be with smile on the face politeness returns saying that then arrived at Hu Bai opposite to sit, after Hu Bai smalltalk several, then directly soared the subject, said: Does not know that Hu Bai comes to my Turtle Clan territory from afar, actually behavior what!” Sea Temple, Heavenly Spirit Hall, in the Flood Dragon Temple three big territories has the agreement, every person of temple, may not step into other territory at will. Although Hu Bai is a Heavenly Spirit Hall temple people, but this time enters the Sea Temple territory as messenger, so long as does not provoke the right and wrong in the Sea Temple territory, that naturally cannot receive anything to hinder. „The King, obsolete this time presented the life of great Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master to come the aristocrat territory to convey a message, great Palace Master invited the King to go to my Heavenly Spirit Hall to be a guest personally, the King, you looked at this matter......” Hu Bai expression compatible saying, on the face is having the smile of good intentions, was polite. Jian Chen brow micro wrinkle, he and Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master may not have the least bit to relate, once own also attempted Heavenly Spirit Hall to raise a disturbance, but a Heavenly Spirit Hall temple elder lets Lan Jing finally, Xin Pian, Mo Kasi pledges allegiance to own to melt, Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master wants him to pass, he will not agree in any event. Because in Sea Temple three big territories, for him only then Sea Temple also calculated safely.

Thinks of here, on the Jian Chen face reveals to make things difficult for look immediately, said: Hu Bai messenger, please reply the respect for me Palace Master, my Turtle Clan had a war because of some time ago and Tao Family, loses extremely seriously, now also many matters need to process, really cannot leave, the time of but in the future having free time, will decide will go to Heavenly Spirit Hall to pay a visit.” Paying a visit that Jian Chen said naturally real, what in his heart thinks is once own had has not feared the Saint Emperor strength, certainly will go to Heavenly Spirit Hall and Flood Dragon Temple walks, especially Flood Dragon Temple, that account of past years has not reckoned up. Hu Bai messenger heard certainly Turtle Clan and news of Tao Family alliance war, indeed is true, therefore does not doubt him regarding the Jian Chen words, moreover now actually he could not have clarified Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master and Jian Chen is anything relates, therefore does not dare to have any offending, therefore has stood with a smile, cups one hand in the other across the chest saying: Thanks for the compliment, Turtle Clan just experienced a baptism of war, various tedious miscellaneous matters naturally have numerous number. The King, the obsolete words brought, the duty has been accomplished, should go back to report after carrying out orders to the shop owner, does not continue to lose the King precious time, said goodbye!” Said goodbye!” Jian Chen has also stood, delivers Hu Bai messenger to depart personally, then continues to hold the Turtle Clan conference, will decide the Turtle Clan future problem of development. After the conference finished, which Jian Chen has not gone, refined other materials that Purple Azure Dual Swords needed to draw the blueprint to give the following person own to make them go to various Sea Region places to seek, then during own entered has closed up, pass/test own in the secret room the Demon Core promotion strength that diligently continued to absorb these soon to discard, was waiting also for world tide the date of oncoming. Two days later, in the Heavenly Spirit Hall territory, in that giant temple, goes to the Turtle Clan Hu Bai messenger to give Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master reporting that the dialog of own and Jian Chen does not omit a single word. The Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master form as before by the Primordial Spirit condensation formation, is not a true body, listened to reporting of Hu Bai messenger, his brow wrinkle, waving makes Hu Elder Bai draw back slightly, twittering talked to oneself: This Turtle Clan King is perfunctory this Emperor unexpectedly, if it seems like wants to ask him to come (Huan Zhen) really is not an easy matter, wants this Emperor to walk one personally.” The words fall, during Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master fell into has thought deeply, for a very long time no longer said a word. At this moment, in Tian Yuan Continent 100,000 barren hills, wears the old man of cotton garment to sit cross-legged to sit in a barren hill mid-hill, the whole body rich red mist is filling the air, just likes the blood generally viscous, from time to time is similar to the heart orderly fluctuation, from time to time also in the fierce tuck dive, seems has a flood dragon to mix in inside. This old man Xiu Si Dun, initially he obtained Heavenly Demon Saint Bead after Jian Chen there, left Longevity Valley, found this world vitality to be thin, the human footmark rare 100,000 mountain deep places closed up the practice, attacked the Saint Emperor boundary. At this moment, fills the air in the blood red mist of Xiu Si Dun outside the body suddenly suddenly one calmly, seemed one heart that kept jumping suddenly was stopping the beat, fell into static middle. However this passed several time of breath, suddenly, seems can the destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth terrifying imposing manner send out from Xiu Si Dun, this imposing manner extremely formidable, the smashing that in an instant closes up the cave that clashes him, the entire mountain peak explodes, changed into the innumerable crushed stones to fly to shoot in all directions.

Xiu Si Dun does not have to think probably that he sits cross-legged the body of sitting immovability, as if no least bit weight to fly high suspended in the midair, the strong winds howl in the upper air, but actually blows to be motionless his body, but sent out that terrifying imposing manner that to cover the trim 100,000 mountains from him. Richer viscous blood red mist sends out from Xiu Si Dun, and has formed tornado regarding Xiu Si Dun revolving of body, in process of revolving, rich and viscous blood red mist color in unceasing deepening, unceasing congealing reality, by naked eye obvious speed, bit by bit is transforming toward substantializing. In a deep blue upper air, in quietly presented piece of Caiyun, color unexpectedly nine types that inside contains, is on Tian Yuan Continent very rare Nine Colors auspicious cloud. And, this Nine Colors auspicious cloud is centered on this 100,000 barren hills, is quietly by quick inconceivable speed toward spreads to go in all directions, merely more than ten time of breath, this Nine Colors auspicious cloud has covered entire Tian Yuan Continent. At this moment, each place on Tian Yuan Continent, all people stopped the movement in hand, raises head to look at the day, whole face curious stares quietly is presenting Nine Colors auspicious cloud in sky, few people know that actually this means anything. But in each every large or small city on Tian Yuan Continent, in being busy at work is sending under custody the cargo, Mercenary and merchant who dines in the inn without a single exception stood on the avenue completely, the hand pointed is presenting the Nine Colors auspicious cloud sky to whoop, no one knows that actually this what happened. However quick, each place presented many different rumors. Some people said that the space presents Nine Colors auspicious cloud, will be the trillion of extraordinarily good luck, Tian Yuan Continent will soon cloud over, will give the unification by some formidable empire or some formidable influence, will found the new empire...... Also some people said that day presently Nine Colors auspicious cloud, has the world magical things or is the peerless treasure soon the present world...... Even also some people said that the sky presents Nine Colors auspicious cloud, will be the greatly ominous trillion, Tian Yuan Continent will soon have a beyond example vast disaster, will have to extinguish the calamity of world...... Mercenary City, all stayed Saint Ruler as well as Saint King powerhouse in Small World obtained the news, left Small World to appear by quickest speed in abundance outside, raise one's head looked up to the sky, stared at Nine Colors auspicious cloud one in sky to be in a daze.

The life in these people of Tian Yuan Continent lowest level does not know that Nine Colors auspicious cloud appears means anything, but regarding some Saint Ruler even is story rich Heaven Saint Master, Nine Colors auspicious cloud is not the secret. On Tian Yuan Continent, all Heaven Saint Master broke through promote to enter the Saint Ruler boundary, in the sky will present auspicious cloud, the area that but auspicious cloud covered was not big, and had three colors. But is promoted from Saint Ruler is Saint King, in the sky will present auspicious cloud similarly, the color will turn into seven colors from the tri-colored glazed pottery, area that covers also broad. If Saint King powerhouse breaks through, entered the Saint Emperor boundary, that then meets the day to fall the light of nine color auspicious omens, presents Nine Colors auspicious cloud, covers entire Tian Yuan Continent. But at present in the sky quietly presents Nine Colors auspicious cloud, this lets Mercenary City these Saint Ruler as well as Saint King knows, on their Tian Yuan Continent, already after Human's Desire Daoist Master, presented second Saint Emperor. Who is, is actually whose to become Emperor.” Mercenary City Saint King elder suspended in upper air, facial expression excited stares is covering entirely the trim sky Nine Colors auspicious cloud saying that the expression shivers, has envying that is hard to conceal and yearned. In this to become Emperor incomparably simple age, this person can also break finally that together checkpoint broken emperor to become Emperor unexpectedly, that inevitably is the extremely outstanding person, does not know that actually he is, is ten big Guardian Clan person or Tian Jian Supreme Elder!” Mercenary City another Saint King powerhouse facial expression complex saying.