Chaotic Sword God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1237

Tian Jian Supreme Elder has been the Saint King complete boundary many years, but is unable to pierce final level barrier, now Tian Jian Supreme Elder the predestined time of death, only will have more than hundred years of life. In the past Tian Jian Supreme Elder resigned to leave Mercenary City to seek suddenly to break through to become Emperor, but now the sky falls Nine Colors auspicious cloud suddenly, some were this person of to become Emperor indications, clearly difficult to be inadequate the person of this to become Emperor are really Tian Jian Supreme Elder?” What speech is a crane sends the old man of young face, his originally Mercenary City two elders, since Tian Jian resigns, he by two elder promotions was Great Elder, the present is in Mercenary City the authority biggest person, strength Saint King 9-layer, was away from complete not to be far. But Tian Jian draws back from the Great Elder position, became Mercenary City Supreme Elder, steps down to the second line. Tian Jian Supreme Elder leaves Mercenary City shortly, I want in such short time because of this not to break through Saint Emperor.” Wears the middle-aged man of red long gown to open the mouth saying that he is also a Mercenary City Saint King elder. Now achieves the Saint King complete boundary powerhouse bureau to refer to being possible on Tian Yuan Continent to count, even if is counted these year to year to live in seclusion the worthless person in remote mountain, absolutely not over 20 people. But talent very high of Tian Jian Supreme Elder, and also read the practice attainment and sensibility that my Mercenary City many Saint Emperor seniors have left behind, was promoted the Saint Emperor possibility to be big, perhaps Tian Jian Supreme Elder this time suddenly left Mercenary City, had found the turning point of breakthrough.” A figure is slim, looks like very ordinary Saint King elder opens the mouth saying that in the heart has an admiration of not mincing matter to Tian Jian. At this time, Mercenary City newly appointed Great Elder opened the mouth saying: Was good, we let us not guess first here, after will have broken through the person of Saint Emperor is completely stable, will create the entire big Lu Tian mysterious stir, later we only needed to find to transmit the vibration the central zone to discover that was actually who to break through Saint Emperor.” The sky presents Nine Colors auspicious cloud to cover trim Tian Yuan Continent, although to these life the person, in the Tian Yuan Continent lowest level fights for has caused very big stir and some scared, but these stories of this matter on regarding Tian Yuan Continent is rich as well as the influence that Saint Ruler Saint King powerhouse, that has will be incomparably huge, making on Tian Yuan Continent all Saint King powerhouse be hard maintains tranquil, excited will rush will be looking at Nine Colors auspicious cloud in sky, in the vision of all people will not mince matter disclosed that incomparably intense envying and yearned, at the same time in heart also in abundance curious, does not know that actually this will break through the Saint Emperor person is. Holy Empire, in seven big Capital City of God in the remote mountain ten thousand li (0.5km) away, small wooden house alone standing erect in a roof of mountain peak, in the upper air the violent strong winds is howling, makes hum the sound, but actually slightly shakes motionless this alone small wooden house. At this moment, outside wooden house, Hao Wu crosses the hands behind the back to stand, flashing eyes stares is covering Nine Colors auspicious cloud of trim universe, muttered: Tian Yuan Continent finally some people of to become Emperor.” In the Hao Wu eye the none remaining sparkles, passes one to envy and yearn that the Saint Emperor boundary, this has the enticement that is hard to resist to each Saint King powerhouse. But at once, Hao Wu has as if thought of anything, yearning in vision vanishes not to see, reveals one to fall the lonesome and deep grief, turned around to enter small wooden house, sat in the bedside gently was grasping Zha Caiyun pure white that such as the white hands of jade, affectionate saying: My Hao Wu this life did not strive for being able to break through Saint Emperor, only hopes that Caiyun can soon wake.” The Zha Caiyun situation is Yixin (wholeheartedly) asks to create, wound and Primordial Spirit, and self- seal, is not the wound on body, therefore regarding the Zha Caiyun situation, Hao Wu does not have any means that because the wound on Primordial Spirit is thorniest. After Nine Colors auspicious cloud covers of sky half day, a formidable profound truth of the world fluctuation transmits suddenly, goes toward the distant place proliferation.

This is the profound truth of the world fluctuation of Saint Emperor Rank, the artificial center transmits by the breakthrough, symbolizes the person of breakthrough officially was becoming Saint Emperor boundary top powerhouse. Where knew, our quick past had a look.” Mercenary City Great Elder greeted people, immediately began to tear space build together Space Gate, then brought Mercenary City numerous powerhouse to overtake. Finally knows the position that person who breakthrough is, we walked, actually went to to have a look at is which powerhouse became Saint Emperor!” In ten big Guardian Clan, besides by Changyang Mansion of seal, Saint King powerhouse of another nine respected families turned out in full strength, simultaneously rushes transmits the profound truth of the world fluctuation the direction. Nowadays, some Tian Yuan Continent people break through to Saint Emperor are an important matter, but becomes the status of person of Saint Emperor comes to the institute to Tian Yuan Continent very importantly, he is just or evil to a certain extent is affecting the Tian Yuan Continent life. If positive, then to Tian Yuan Continent naturally is a celebration, but if is evil, then to Tian Yuan Continent will be a disaster. Three Great Empires, Lore City Changyang Mansion Changyang Zu Xiao, assumes Gesun Kingdom Imperial Family Changyang Zu Yunxiao as well as major Ancient Aristocratic Family and hides in Saint King powerhouse of various Tian Yuan Continent places, that moment of also almost in the profound truth of the world fluctuation passing on, tears the space to build Space Gate to overtake. In 100,000 barren hills, wears Xiu Si Dun of cotton garment still to sit cross-legged to sit in void, now all hidden entered within the body in the blood red mist that around his body fills, the body sends out a vast imposing manner, merely a small aura that often lends from him, surrounding space fierce vibration that made, formidable. At this moment, Xiu Si Dun was realizing from experience just broke through that formidable strength that Saint Emperor brought, in the heart had a sigh, the great strength of Saint Emperor, by far was not Saint King complete boundary powerhouse compared with your, even if he just became Saint Emperor, he felt that by great power that he grasped at this moment, can pinching effortlessly die Saint King complete. But these time breaks through Saint Emperor, he also obtained from Heavenly Demon Saint Bead has made him feel that the startled day secret of incomparable shock, because of through Heavenly Demon Saint Bead, he saw a stretch of broader world. Jian Chen has delivered me a huge good fortune, the Saint Emperor boundary, only started in the practice, the later road is long.” In the Xiu Si Dun heart thinks secretly that breaks through Saint Emperor was worth the happy matter, but Hughes den actually appears very calm. The surrounding space started to fluctuate suddenly fiercely, saw only the Space Gate continuous appearance one after another, went out of Saint King boundaries powerhouse, but all people have restrained without a single exception the own imposing manner, performance was similar to an average person, even if were ten big Guardian Clan as well as Mercenary City Saint King powerhouse is also so.

Short several time of breath, in empty void gathered more than 200 Saint King, all people go out of Space Gate, the vision on the entire tribe on Xiu Si Dun, is unable to put aside again. A wisp of terrifying aura that often sends out from Xiu Si Dun, what making in the field all Saint King powerhouse deep understanding at present sit is true Saint Emperor powerhouse.Xiu Si Dun, has not thought that unexpectedly was your to become Emperor. „ Mercenary City saying of Great Elder face exclamation, he has thought may becomes the Saint Emperor person, but has not thought absolutely into Saint Emperor unexpectedly is a killer, after all millennium ago that accident, has created very big attack to Xiu Si Dun. However after determining the status of person of to become Emperor, in the heart of Mercenary City Great Elder somewhat is also disappointed, to become Emperor unexpectedly is not Tian Jian Supreme Elder. Congratulates Xiu Si Dun Sect Master to reach the position of Saint Emperor, aspires to seize the Tian Yuan Continent peak, our Tian Yuan Continent after Human's Desire Daoist Master, finally presented second Saint Emperor.” Pure Heart Pavilion Pavilion Lord Wu Chenzi is with smile on the face, first is Xiu Si Dun congratulates. Congratulates Xiu Si Dun Sect Master......” Then, Saint King powerhouse from all influence comes is Xiu Si Dun congratulates, be with smile on the face, is polite. In this Saint Emperor scarce age, even if background deep ten big Guardian Clan does not hope offending easily. Old Sect Master, you... Did you really become Saint Emperor?” Is full of the excited sound to transmit from crowd together, Bloody Sword Sect vice- Sect Master Jiang Wang furiously has pushed from outside, facial expression excited is looking at Xiu Si Dun. After knowing the to become Emperor person is Xiu Si Dun, the excitement in Jiang Wang heart has been the degree in the extreme. Sat cross-legged to sit Xiu Si Dun in void finally had opened the eye at this time, first was nodding to Jiang Wang, then to all around was cuping one hand in the other across the chest saying: Xiu Si Dun many thanks congratulation!” Xiu Si Dun expression extremely tranquil, slightly because of becoming Saint Emperor powerhouse, but proper is joyful and excited. Xiu Si Dun reached the position of Saint Emperor, becomes on our Tian Yuan Continent one of the only two big Saint Emperor, can maintain the so tranquil mentality unexpectedly, is only this point, in all people our field gave to be inferior, no wonder became the Saint Emperor person can be Xiu Si Dun, originally the Xiu Si Dun mood early has been the degree that we could not hold a candle.” A Saint King powerhouse loud praise, immediately arouses many person resonance.

Listened to this saying, Xiu Si Dun to give a calm smile, said: Practices a way, will be forever without limits, the Saint Emperor boundary also only started, has nothing happily, outside the notice person has the person, beyond the heavens has the day, before we sat the well view day.” In the field that Xiu Si Dun these words, said all person look stare, did the Saint Emperor boundary only start unexpectedly? If not these words said from the Xiu Si Dun mouth, perhaps some of them already shouted abuse. „, I have matter to manage, first said goodbye.” Xiu Si Dun did not give detailed explanation, tearing Space Gate left here together. This breakthrough, he obtained many information from Heavenly Demon Saint Bead, not only understood truth that Saint Emperor only started, and obtained has hit might astonishing secret skill, these secret skill, even if also can only display by his Saint Emperor strength reluctantly, its Rank has surpassed Saint Tier battle skill by far. After three day, Xiu Si Dun built firmly the Saint Emperor boundary, preliminary grasped that several secret skill, then all alone arrived at outside Death Nest. Was here, this was Death Nest, strange, the Heavenly Demon Saint Bead why unceasing transmission made me come the summon of Death Nest.” Xiu Si Dun stops to stay over beside Death Nest, in the heart has filled curiously.