Chaotic Sword God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1238

In Death Nest Yin energy fills the air, black fog tuck dive, often devil's face that transforms ferocious name terrors opens the big mouth to roar toward outside, wants to run out of Death Nest, but was actually covered entire Death Nest huge barrier as well as formation being stranded stubbornly by one in inside, regardless of Yin energy in Death Nest has how intensely fearful, is unable to reveal the least bit. Now Xiu Si Dun has restrained the own Saint Emperor aura completely, he wears the hemp cotton garment air/Qi to calm down idle standing outside Death Nest, a pair of old eyes none remaining sparkles stares at the Death Nest deep place, in the vision is passing for several points to be confused and curious, in his brain, the summon that Heavenly Demon Saint Bead transmits is more and more intense, was urging anxiously Xiu Si Dun enters Death Nest, as if in Death Nest has any thing deep attraction he. Xiu Si Dun had not been given the influence by Heavenly Demon Saint Bead, from Heavenly Demon Saint Bead transmits, but summon, he can definitely suppress, but his these many, he had not actually known the excellence of Heavenly Demon Saint Bead, reason that he today can to become Emperor, be able saying that is Heavenly Demon Saint Bead grants completely. Xiu Si Dun stood outside Death Nest has hesitated the meeting, finally strided to enter in Death Nest that Yin energy has filled, he now has become Saint Emperor, the formidable strength has brought the incomparable self-confidence, he believed in Death Nest, even if had any danger, he also had the full assurance whole body to draw back. In Death Nest has not changed, Yin energy is inexhaustible, the tuck dive black fog continuously, a somewhat soft earth redness, as if by the blood irrigation, the scattered big tree as well as the plant swings in the black fog, seems seems ghosts and demons is making threatening gestures, gloomy terror. Xiu Si Dun complexion is usual, incomparably calm walk in Death Nest, he maintains a straight line is going forward throughout, according to summon that Heavenly Demon Saint Bead spreads, straight walks toward Death Nest most deep place. At this time, together cloudy and cold aura from tuck dive black fog ** left, in permeating Xiu Si Dun brain of being quietly. Although Xiu Si Dun realized, but has not actually resisted, whatever this cloudy and cold aura drilled into own Primordial Spirit, he wanted to try this cloudy and cold aura the might. However the next quarter, the Xiu Si Dun personal appearance is, at once on the face reveals a startled color, said: This Yin energy can be swallowed by devouring god strength together unexpectedly, is helpful to the practice of devouring god strength.” devouring god strength, is cloudy evil energy, this is Xiu Si Dun the information that obtains from Heavenly Demon Saint Bead. Formerly Cultivation Technique of Xiu Si Dun practice was Blood Demon Great Emperor according to deriving Heavenly Demon Saint Bead inside Heavenly Demon Art reorganization, was incomplete, therefore devouring god strength must produce through slaughter, and with little. But now Xiu Si Dun obtained complete Heavenly Demon Art from Heavenly Demon Saint Bead, the within the body energy transformed devouring god strength completely, cloudy evil energy stronger that not only once grasped him is bigger, and does not need to depend upon slaughter to produce, only need buy in the world vitality to be able through the Heavenly Demon Art transformation. No wonder Heavenly Demon Saint Bead makes me come to here, originally Death Nest regarding cultivating the Heavenly Demon Art person, simply is together treasure lands.” Xiu Si Dun then wants to understand quickly, speed that immediately goes forward is quicker and quicker.

Tian Yuan Continent or Beast God Continent, once after achieving Saint Emperor, the promotion of strength will become very difficult, not only this will be because in the world did not have source energy, simultaneously came under the influence of source energy flaw, the world vitality was well below the past years, few people can reach the Saint Emperor peak. Xiu Si Dun has been able to expect, if own had Death Nest this type to practice sacred place, his future strength will progress by leaps and bounds similarly. speed of Xiu Si Dun advance is getting quicker and quicker, although he still strolls superficially unhurriedly walk, but he every step takes to be able a stepping number of pages kilometer distance. speed that because he hurries along is quick, therefore has not met Saint Ruler Resentment Spirit in the Death Nest first region, quick arrived at the second region. After entering the second region, here Resentment Spirit strength weakest was the Saint King level, Xiu Si Dun just had not walked far, met Saint King Resentment Spirit to change into a shadow to be quietly from one side raided. speed of Xiu Si Dun advance does not reduce in the slightest, counts on the fingers, the red glow like lightning projects, accurate hitting on that Saint King Resentment Spirit, this is devouring god strength. If before, Xiu Si Dun decidedly not so use easily devouring god strength, because that time devouring god strength used for him little, was extremely difficult to supplement. But now after cultivating Heavenly Demon Art becomes Saint Emperor, his within the body energy completely transformed devouring god strength, for him, devouring god strength became the ordinary strength, restores to be easy, naturally did not care about the consumption of devouring god strength. That only Saint King Resentment Spirit directly by dissipation that baseless this devouring god strength hits together, changes into gloomy black fog, was unable to condense the physique. Xiu Si Dun went forward, has encountered repeatedly the attack of Saint King Resentment Spirit, but every time to together devouring god strength be scattered by him without a single exception, is unable to condense the physique again. But in this all the way , many cloudy and cold aura try to attack Xiu Si Dun Primordial Spirit, but by his within the body devouring god strength building up, changed into devouring god strength part. Although in Death Nest danger numerous, but cannot pose the slight threat to Xiu Si Dun, quick passed through the second region, arrived in the third region. Just stepped into the third region, an incomparably intense cloudy and cold aura from all directions wrapped toward Xiu Si Dun, in this third region, even if were Saint King complete boundary powerhouse must agglutinate the energy guard shield to resist in outside the body using Saint Force together, but Xiu Si Dun has still not made any protection, still permeated in own flesh body and Primordial Spirit by the cloudy and cold aura that from came in all directions, not only had not felt that the slight illness, instead also revealed a very comfortable feeling.

Because all invades his within the body cloudy and cold aura completely is changed to devouring god strength part. Regarding cultivating Heavenly Demon Art Xiu Si Dun, these cloudy and cold aura not only do not have the slight harm to him, instead will also strengthen his strength, is similar to the rich world vitality. Front, two big latent evils reappear in tuck dive black fog slowly, at once changes into a shadow to clash toward Xiu Si Dun. Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit!” Xiu Si Dun saw the strengths of these two latent evils, this is he is in formidable existence of same boundary, immediately became serious, counted on the fingers, two big formidable devouring god strength changed into two sharp swords to shoot at two Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit like lightning. Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit will not avoid, welcomes devouring god strength to hit, when their statures just and devouring god strength touched, then started to shiver fiercely, the five senses unclear face started to twist, revealed the color of pain, their bodies in fast changed pale, was tight a breath the time, two powerful Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit forms disappeared, change into the gloomy black fog dispersion to come. But these two cloudy evil energy that Xiu Si Dun projects are formidable, after routing two Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit, remaining power does not reduce in the slightest to continue toward the Death Nest deep place to shoot unexpectedly, the place visited, that tuck dive black fog dissipates in abundance. This does devouring god strength have the restraint function to these Resentment Spirit?” Xiu Si Dun stares slightly, in the heart is surprised, he formerly struck to kill Saint King Resentment Spirit because of the absolute suppression of strength, therefore had not discovered that this situation, this moment match changed into Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit, the restraint function of devouring god strength has manifested all of a sudden. However what Xiu Si Dun does not know, he is used for that two devouring god strength that copes with Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit to project in the flight on the way in slow strength, the black fog that any it contacts on the way is given the absorption by these two devouring god strength unexpectedly, unceasing expands oneself. These two devouring god strength speed are quick, quick has flown the Death Nest 3-layer center position, has run then as if upon an invisible barrier, baseless dissipation. Meanwhile, entire Death Nest trembled slightly, in this flash, Death Nest as if had the subtle change. Xiu Si Dun naturally also felt, the summon that but spread from Heavenly Demon Saint Bead was more and more intense, this made him be hard to conceal the curiosity in heart, continued to walk toward the Death Nest deep place.

On the way, harassment of Xiu Si Dun often bitter experience Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit, but his devouring god strength has the restraint function to Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit, regardless of these Saint Emperor Resentment Spirit come many, cannot pose the slight threat to Xiu Si Dun. When are not many, Xiu Si Dun arrived at the Death Nest 3-layer most central position, he does not have to go forward, but is all around the glance that the static station keeps here, the brow wrinkled gradually, muttered: Here has formation to hide in void, as if... As if one formation that in Heavenly Demon Saint Bead records, but somewhat is also different.” Xiu Si Dun was lost in thought that after the moment, in his eyes the fine glow dodges, incomparably rich devouring god strength sends out from him, changed into one group of red fog to fill the air to go toward the front, in the Xiu Si Dun front, hid formation in void gradually has appeared slowly. formation just appeared, the continuous absorption devouring god strength that sends out from Xiu Si Dun, but this devouring god strength seems this formation power, after absorbing devouring god strength, formation starts to send out the dazzling blood light, then started fast to revolve. Bang!” Meanwhile, in Death Nest unceasing hears the sad bellow, the earth in slight shivered, but also presented great formation of hideaway in the ground, this formation very huge, occupied the entire Death Nest region. This... This seems the Practicing Blood Great Formation of record in Heavenly Demon Saint Bead, moreover is complete, how complete does Practicing Blood Great Formation possibly appear here?” Looks to present the huge formation in ground, on the Xiu Si Dun face reveals look of shock immediately.