Chaotic Sword God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1264

One hear of some people must suppress the seal with Bright Moon Temple unexpectedly, Changyang Zu Yunxiao complexion immediately slightly changes, now Bright Moon Temple was almost is the You Yue private thing, but You Yue was the Jian Chen unmarried wife, if made them bringing to stop up the seal Bright Moon Temple , to continue with, perhaps was not that simple. Because Bright Moon Temple similarly is one including Saint Emperor powerhouse the formidable temple that is hard to break, in the middle of ten big Guardian Clan some people to preserve own in the Tian Yuan Continent deterrent effect, do not allow a such formidable temple to exist absolutely. Once ten big Guardian Clan do not dare to having Bright Moon Temple You Yue begins, first is because You Yue, if hid into Bright Moon Temple, they how in the slightest, second was side You Yue also the strength not Jian Chen that allowed to look down upon, as well as three can with Beast Clan powerhouse of Saint Emperor powerhouse war, therefore ten big Guardian Clan, only then helplessly looks that formidable Bright Moon Temple fell in the hand of You Yue does not take any measure. But the situation is completely is now different, existence of Abandoned Saint World regarding Tian Yuan Continent is a very huge threat, even is one affects the entire world the disaster, they borrow the Bright Moon Temple suppression seal here are also justifiable, no one said anything, if Bright Moon Temple has destroyed, ten big Guardian Clan person naturally very pleasure will see this, but received is actually own this side that finally lost. Thinks of here, in the Changyang Zu Yunxiao heart has decided to prevent such matter occurrence in any event, said: Bright Moon Temple is indeed firm, the material of casting temple also extremely rare, is uses the material casting on Moon Star, but initially Bright Moon Fairy Maiden of casting temple after all was only a Saint Emperor peak, has not stepped into Origin Realm, she the temple of casting estimated that also can only block the attack of Saint Emperor powerhouse, perhaps in front of Highest Origin powerhouse, cannot play slightly role.” Listened to this saying, Extreme Sun Sect Supreme Elder Ji Tian to look to sneer, said: Now our Tian Yuan Continent already faced with life and death crisis, at this time, any method, so long as there is an opportunity to prevent Abandoned Saint World powerhouse, we must try to try. On having temple, our ten big Guardian Clan have many, but these temples can only resist the attack of Saint King powerhouse, does not have the strength of resistance in front of Saint Emperor, takes a broad view at Tian Yuan Continent, only had Mercenary City Supreme Temple and Bright Moon Temple can block the attack of Origin Realm powerhouse.” Good that said that now when arrives, but also is fastidious about individual benefit, now the Tian Yuan Continent disaster approaches, guards Tian Yuan Continent everybody has a responsibility, the Ji Tian brother, I accompany you to walk Raging Flame City, goes to borrow Bright Moon Temple, if opposite party not, since, we also only then adopted the extremity.” Yi Yuan Sect saying of Supreme Elder righteousness words, in the surface is an affectedly virtuous appearance, but in his heart is actually one sneers at this moment, secretly thought: Jian Chen, initially you killed my Yi Yuan Sect Supreme Elder, making my Yi Yuan Sect honor not save, although now our Yi Yuan Sect cannot ask you to revenge directly, but if at this time wants to take away your daughter's Bright Moon Temple, you cannot prevent in any event.” Had the support of Yi Yuan Sect Supreme Elder, in the Ji Tian Supreme Elder heart of Extreme Sun Sect immediately one happy, the vision observes the situation for one week, said: „, Does not know that also who is willing to go to Raging Flame City to use, to guard our Tian Yuan Continent safety taking advantage of Bright Moon Temple with us.”

rogue cultivator Saint King has stood, stern [say / way]: Although the old man living in seclusion wooded mountain, did not ask the humans affair, did not participate in any dispute on Tian Yuan Continent, but this matter actually related to my Tian Yuan Continent life and death, the old man naturally cannot stay out, made the old man accompany you to borrow this Bright Moon Temple, if Bright Moon Temple can prevent the powerhouse invasion of Abandoned Saint World, that Bright Moon Temple master has also performed the huge merit.” After this rogue cultivator Saint King, several Saint King powerhouse have stood, these people are almost some all the year round living in seclusion wooded mountain rogue cultivator, did not ask the humans affair. Finally, Extreme Sun Sect and Yi Yuan Sect set out two Saint King powerhouse respectively, together with five rogue cultivator Saint King, altogether built up nine big Saint King powerhouse simultaneously to rush to Raging Flame City. Sees this, in the Changyang Zu Yunxiao heart is secret anxious, just wants to say anything, however actually by Changyang Zu Xiao stopping, to pass on the tone channel: Yunxiao, you could not prevent at this time, Extreme Sun Sect and Yi Yuan Sect person has very big prejudice to Jian Chen, if you insist to prevent, be careful was added inflammatory details by them, making you are the target of public criticism.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao silent meeting, at once sighs secretly, he wants to help You Yue preserve Bright Moon Temple very much, but is helpless. Mercenary City Great Elder opens the mouth saying: „, Existence of Abandoned Saint World has not only threatened our Tian Yuan Continent, Sea Clan, Beast Clan, Hundred Clans similarly is facing the huge threat, I think that we because of should send out the messenger to go to three clans, making them send out powerhouse to come to protect, even if our strengths also appear very meager to Abandoned Saint World, but must prevent Abandoned Saint World powerhouse to come with all might and main.” „The side that Great Elder said is, but the relations of our Tian Yuan Continent and another three clans not how friendly, even also had some not to be quick with Beast Clan as well as Hundred Clans, I think that this matter must need further consideration.” Guardian Clan Supreme Elder said.

That invited to our Mercenary City Small World in a to chat, we then discussed the countermeasure......” Yellow and black Small Heaven, Jian Chen does not know quite the same as the seal of Mercenary City bottom deep place was broken, at this moment, he and Tie Ta are going forward, directly soar the yellow and black Small Heaven central area, often meeting has the place of life the plant has on the way, the place of each life inevitably has the spring of life to exist, and has the Black and Yellow Beast survival in side. The place of life, Jian Chen will take the springs of 50% life at every place of visit, and takes away spring of breeding life, but essence, these essences are the genuine good things, advantage to Primordial Spirit, simultaneously when Sea God models the body also needs these essences. This walks, Jian Chen places the Saint Item space spring of life is also more and more, already enough more than 80,000 jin (0.5 kg), the springs of 50% life are Immortal Level 1-Tier, more than 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) Immortal Level 2-Tier, the remaining more than 10,000 [gold/metal] are Immortal Level 3-Tier. Immortal Level 3-Tier, is the spring of quality highest life Jian Chen until now meets. Besides the spring of life, all kinds of heavenly material treasure Jian Chen had also found much, has he most familiar ginseng, the ganoderma lucidum, polygonum multiflorum and other heavenly material treasure, each is over 100,000 years years, because they grow in yellow and black Small Heaven, has contaminated the air/Qi of some light yellow and blacks, the value is big increase. Moreover Jian Chen sees what one never saw before, hearing something never heard of before extraordinary quality heavenly material treasure had also found several, but grade highest is Immortal Level 2-Tier, Jian Chen also knows that Purple Azure Sword Spirits does not spare a glance regarding these Immortal Level 2-Tier heavenly material treasure , because is useful to own, makes own collect. Grasping Dao Tea Tree Jian Chen also met three, had been taken all leaves by him, what only regret is he meets Grasping Dao Tea Tree that is Immortal Level 1-Tier.

In addition, 7-Step and 8-Step Black and Yellow Beast Jian Chen also cut to kill dozens, harvested dozens to be equal to 7-Step and 8-Step Demon Core energy crystal. Although Jian Chen entered the yellow and black Small Heaven time just to be full for seven days, but these seven days of harvests, let Jian Chen unusual satisfaction. But Tie Ta is so, the mouth that for these days has smiled cannot close up similarly, because he has harvested dozens Black and Yellow Beast within the body energy crystals in these days time similarly, completely is 7-Step and 8-Step. When Jian Chen has surmounted dozens li (0.5km) far bleak region, when arrives at place of life again, discovered that a three meters high peach tree is growing there, above tied completely the purple peach of fist size, the size of each peach completely was unexpectedly consistent. Master, this is Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, in 9000 will bear every other time fruit, one time will grow 108 peach, will take Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, can increase cultivation level of person directly, Purple Cloud Immortal Peach highest Immortal Level 9-Tier, peach can increase 4500 cultivation level, at present this may Purple Cloud Immortal Peach be only Immortal Level 1-Tier, will take peach to increase 500 years of cultivation level.”