Chaotic Sword God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1291

Jian Chen made Saint Item Item Spirit own find a place to hide, then he their simultaneously entered the Saint Item space therapy with Tie Ta, this time his injury heavy, if with Chaos Body own resiliency, to restore such as beginning also required period of not short time, must be able to restore completely healed with the aid of helping of Saint Item Item Spirit in the shortest time. Besides him, Tie Ta injury has not restored similarly, and finally displays the battling heavens deep meaning broken shape, has almost screened out he 50% strengths, he also requires some time to restore. With the help of Saint Item Item Spirit 8-Step 8-Step Radiant Saint Master, Jian Chen spent less than two double-hour time to restore the complete injury merely, revisited the peak, but the Tie Ta injury also restored similarly, because the strength consumed too big, in this moment hand was grasping an energy crystal restoration of 8-Step Black and Yellow Beast. Jian Chen has not alarmed Tie Ta, is quietly left the Saint Item space, at this moment that was just only cut 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast that kills still also to lie down by them on the ground, the blood incarnadine the earth. Jian Chen spent the tremendous strength to take a 10-Step energy crystal from Black and Yellow Beast within the body, saw only this is smaller than on an energy crystal the egg, the great strength of energy inside contained, let Jian Chen for it discoloration, compared with 9-Step Demon Core, the disparity between this can only describe with the natural moat gap. What Jian Chen does not know, the energy in this energy crystal containing, has surmounted common 10-Step Demon Core, because this is his first time sees 10-Step Demon Core, has lacked the frame of reference, therefore does not have the accurate judgment. Jian Chen received this energy crystal, naturally linked the Black and Yellow Beast corpse not to let off, was received in the Saint Item space to bite by him is Item Spirit preserves well, in his heart has decided that gave Tie Ta this energy crystal, his own wanted the body of Black and Yellow Beast. Jian Chen arrived by the Mortal Yuan Fruit fruit tree, puts out 360 work rough wooden boxes to come out from the Saint Item space, picked to pick 360 Mortal Yuan Fruit on fruit tree completely, then completely poached that piece of Purple Pole Spirit Bamboo. The Purple Pole Spirit Bamboo juice treats the Primordial Spirit best-quality immortal material, meanwhile can play concise Primordial Spirit, and strengthens the Primordial Spirit wonderful effectiveness, its value by far above Mortal Yuan Fruit. However what only regret is, this piece of Purple Pole Spirit Bamboo quantity are not many, altogether also on more than 100 bamboos, a bamboo also can only refine drop of Purple Pole Spirit Bamboo juice, treats the Primordial Spirit wound, actually must take one drop according to the damage degree even is more than ten drops of juice, although more than 100 Purple Pole Spirit Bamboo have brought equal number of juice to Jian Chen, but actually cannot withstand several consumptions. Besides Mortal Yuan Fruit and Purple Pole Spirit Bamboo, Jian Chen had found point heavenly material treasure in the, but the grade has achieved without a single exception Immortal Level.

Jian Chen continues to go forward, he explores along the trail that only 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast leaves, finally had discovered beyond dozens li (0.5km) a Black and Yellow Beast corpse, the body covered entirely the wound of ferocious name, the blood dyed the whole body, the blood that by that matter been dried up, can clear saw on this only Black and Yellow Beast that by the burned black skin of electricity, in the air to be filled burnt smell. Jian Chen reveals the pleasantly surprised color immediately, because this only Black and Yellow Beast similarly is a 10-Step ominous beast, and its body inside energy crystal had not been taken evidently. Jian Chen observed under all around, determined after not having the crisis of ambush, quickly arrives in front of this only Black and Yellow Beast corpse, has spent the tremendous strength finally in its within the body took out one to be smaller than on several energy crystals the egg. Looked in the hand this to moisten the energy crystal of blood, on the face of Jian Chen has shown the happy smiling face completely, that although this energy crystal inside energy might as well formerly harvest, but after all was also a 10-Step energy crystal, the energy that inside contained formidable still made the Jian Chen heart startled. What is most important, this 10-Step energy crystal it can be said that picks completely. The Jian Chen feeling pleased accepting energy crystal as well as the body of this only 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast, looked around to look that had not found any heavenly material treasure in neighbor. Thinks that here is not this only 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast territory, it does not know where from runs over, wants to seize the growth to have Mortal Yuan Fruit and Purple Pole Spirit Bamboo domain, finally the strength was inferior that was cut to kill by another stronger Black and Yellow Beast here.” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly that vision observed the situation for one week, quick had found another trace. There because of should be the route that this only Black and Yellow Beast comes, because of this can arrive at its original territory through this road, does not know that its original territory has any treasure.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, has hesitated slightly the meeting, immediately follows this road to overtake. Jian Chen is restraining aura advance of own cautiously in the jungle, in climbing mountains and crossing rivers over a thousand kilometers distance, has solved beside several 9-Step Black and Yellow Beast all the way, finally arrived in this only 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast original territory.

However Jian Chen has not actually approached, but stopped in very far distance, the extremely careful backlash, is far away from this place, he induced to the front has a very formidable aura, this territory had been seized by another 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast. Although does not know that only 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast accurate strength, even if is strength weakest 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast, Jian Chen does not want to provoke, formerly he coped with one to be seriously battered 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast nearly to be killed solitarily, if complete condition Black and Yellow Beast, even if the strength were inferior that only Giant Elephant, perhaps is not he and Tie Ta can deal with. Moreover this matter superficially, has Black and Yellow Beast in possibility territory is a successor, drove away has seized the original master in this territory, had the original master with the aspect that only Giant Elephant fought. Then for several days the time, Jian Chen and Tie Ta they wander around in this jungle, had found massive heavenly material treasure, not only there is [gold/metal] Mushui the fire clay and other Five Elements spirit fruits, Grasping Dao Tea Tree and Purple Cloud Immortal Peach had found several, the harvest is rich. The materials of various types of refiners had found much, these material Jian Chen did not know that is Purple Azure Sword Spirits distinguishes completely, although refines Purple Azure Dual Swords not to need, but actually refines other Immortal Item important materials. However Purple Cloud Immortal Peach and Grasping Dao Tea Tree grade highest is only Immortal Level 5-Tier, is not he has not discovered grade higher existence, but is these grade higher Grasping Dao Tea Tree as well as Purple Cloud Immortal Peach is protected by powerful 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast, enabling Jian Chen only to look to sigh. Jian Chen entered the yellow and black Small Heaven time to have enough two months, only remaining last month of he must leave here, now Jian Chen is each one day, must be next time, in order to avoid has missed the deadline of departure. I can also continue stay here for half a month, must step the road of return trip half a month later, the remaining that half a month time let the place that I hurry back to sufficiently.” Jian Chen is calculating in the brain, then cautiously continues thoroughly. In this piece does not know in the big jungle, not only there is 9-Step Black and Yellow Beast, 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast also has many, lets condition that Jian Chen has been is careful, will meet 9-Step Black and Yellow Beast striking to kill, once will meet 10-Step, will then be distant avoidance. Although is impossible to discover that by his strength has restrained aura 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast, but because has Purple Azure Sword Spirits to assist, therefore Jian Chen was not worried own incautiously will appear suddenly in the line of sight of 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta they continue the thorough over ten thousand li (0.5km), finally Tian Mu that is condensed by the air/Qi of yellow and black is prevented by one piece completely outside, on this Tian Mu meets the horizon, below enters the nether world, seems a day wall is divided into two world this stretch of world. In Tian Mu the air/Qi of yellow and black winds around, just likes the smog flutters, from time to time is rich, from time to time is thin, can vaguely visible inside scenery, a fuzziness, dim heavy, as if Smoke and mirrors. This looked that the eye of Jian Chen was straight immediately, the heart uncontrolled beat fiercely, fuzzy Purple Cloud Immortal Peach appears in his line of sight, and by his cognition to the Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, saw that this Purple Cloud Immortal Peach grade any Purple Cloud Immortal Peach is higher than he has seen. Zi Ying, Qing Suo, that is best-quality Purple Cloud Immortal Peach.” The breath of Jian Chen became somewhat loud, now he has been able to distinguish Immortal Level 6-Tier heavenly material treasure, surpassed 6-Tier he unable to see the grade, but the Purple Cloud Immortal Peach of growth in Tian Mu, he could not distinguish the grade unexpectedly completely, this can only explain that this may the Purple Cloud Immortal Peach grade surpass Immortal Level 6-Tier. Purple Azure Sword Spirits obviously melts from the Jian Chen top of the head, they saw to prevent this together Tian Mu of their way similarly, revealed the color of pleasantly surprised occurring simultaneously, at once the vision then falls on Tian Mu that Purple Cloud Immortal Peach Tree, first was pleasantly surprised, but at once look is one gloomy, said: Master, this is Immortal Level 9-Tier Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, can grow in 4500 cultivation level, can make the mortal become an immortal, but this Purple Cloud Immortal Peach we cannot attain.” In the Zi Ying expression has been full of regret. Hears Immortal Level 9-Tier Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, in the Jian Chen heart immediately wild with joy, but the Zi Ying following words make his look be startled: Can't attain? Why can't attain?” Master, you saw this before your body together Tian Mu that by the air/Qi of yellow and black condensed, this Tian Mu was called the domain by us, yellow and black Small Heaven that once presented that overwhelming majorities did not have the domain to exist, have yellow and black Small Heaven of domain scarcely, the quantity. But without a single exception, all has yellow and black Small Heaven of domain, is Small Heaven of most high-grade level. Moreover in our World of Immortals regarding the yellow and black Small Heaven also view, outside the domain is every, in the domain is World of Immortals, because in the domain, is one with the high-grade space that World of Immortals same level has, inside Black and Yellow Beast strength, is almost Immortal Level, is not outside the domain can compare, even the strengths of some Black and Yellow Beast kings have achieved Immortal Lord, even was the Immortal Emperor boundary.” Zi Ying expression dignified answered. hearing that, Jian Chen holds breath cold air, in the heart secretly panic-stricken, he could not have coped including 10-Step Black and Yellow Beast now, was raised Immortal Lord even is the Black and Yellow Beast king of Immortal Emperor level, perhaps this Rank Black and Yellow Beast king, blows the one breath to let not remain the dregs that own dies.