Chaotic Sword God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1362

In the Jian Chen eye Divine Light dodges, he sits cross-legged the body on Zi Ying Sword not to move, the hand pinched Sword Art, suspended changes into azure rays of light to pursue in Qing Suo Sword of top of the head immediately together. This is similar to With Soul Imperial Sword one Sword Art, With Soul Imperial Sword divine ability that but once grasped him wants to be fiercer, so long as covers the range in his Spiritual Consciousness, can control the immortal sword to take the enemy severed head absolutely in beside. Now Jian Chen Spiritual Consciousness after undergoing the juice strengthening of Purple Pole Spirit Bamboo, strengthened, Spiritual Consciousness covered the range more than 200,000 li (0.5km), so long as Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master has not escaped from this range, cannot get rid of the pursuit of Qing Suo Sword. Qing Suo Sword holds in Jian Chen Spiritual Consciousness, speed seemed has surmounted the lightning, flickered the thousand li(500 km), bountiful by Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master already in escaping of doing utmost, but still quickly Qing Suo Sword speed, Qing Suo Sword sent out azure sword glow fast to pursue. Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master had also discovered following pursues Qing Suo Sword that comes, saw own unable to cast off the pursuit of Qing Suo Sword, in the eye flashes through severe light immediately, in the heart secretly thought: This can display in the Jian Chen hand Divine Sword is above the might of imagination, can break Great Emperor level formation with ease, but here was away from Jian Chen to be so far, moreover this nobody controlled Divine Sword, I did not believe by Divine Sword that my strength how a nobody to control, this time I must take this surely Divine Sword, had this sword in the hand, even if were Ya Di Lan Mo also has nothing to fear, as for Jian Chen, lost these two Divine Sword, the strength has been inferior to me.” The blood of Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master both hands wound place has stopped, that lost the two arms of double palm to paddle before the body slowly, immediately the energy of rushing divulged, swiftly condensed the diameter to have two meters shield on the left hand at the same time fully, on his body reappeared a close scale, covered his whole body, each piece of scale supervised to sparkle to shine, had the formidable energy to fluctuate. In his right hand, condenses the palm that becomes to take shape at the energy completely, nearly substantializes, he keeps off the shield before the body, grasps by the energy great hand to Qing Suo Sword. However Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master underestimated the Qing Suo Sword might, Qing Suo Sword had just refined, may injure Saint Emperor in the situation that nobody controlled, let alone this time Qing Suo Sword had Jian Chen Spiritual Consciousness to control in secret, its might was by far initially. The when energy great hand and Qing Suo Sword of Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master touch, is similar to the bean curd generally is frail, was pierced a transparent hole by Qing Suo Sword by the easily accomplished potential, then speed does not reduce in the slightest , to continue direction of fire following Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master.

Puff!” Shield disruption in Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master hand, Qing Suo Sword brings to wipe azure light to put from his body, is unable to prevent in the slightest by defense of body of his flood dragon. Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master body suddenly one stiff, complexion instantaneously becomes a paleness, then opens mouth to spout a big blood to change into blood fog to float from the upper air, mixes in some also many internal organs powder. When Qing Suo Sword pierces his body, incomparably intense sword qi erupt in his within the body, the flash twists one group of powder dust the five main internal organs (entrails) of his within the body merely, flesh body suffered the wound of destruction nature. The massive blood leave to flow from the Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master whole body pore, dyed a blood person him, body of his suspended in upper air creakied, is injured the heaviness, has been hard to support. Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master has tarried completely, is hard to believe that own will receive the so serious injury, now his flesh body was almost destroyed half, is rent with grief, the within the body flesh and blood had most changed into the powder dust, had Primordial Spirit also to preserve completely. The Jian Chen foot stepped on the Zi Ying Sword imperial sword to fly from the distant place, his has raised Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master, then the round trip flew, said: Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master, nobody can prevent the modelling body of Sea God, you go back to await punishing of Sea God with me, this opportunity of your perhaps also life. Naturally, if you try to escape Primordial Spirit to escape, that do not blame me to scatter your Primordial Spirit.” hearing that, Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master surface, if dying embers, in the vision have filled desperately.

Control formation that another side, Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master concentrated on copes with Ya Di Lan Mo, sees only that piece before his body void in the fierce distortion, fearful fluctuations of energy proliferate from inside, the piece of space that made was trembling. At this moment, azure light dodges to pass together, Qing Suo Sword changes into long rainbow to fly together from the distant place, puts from the back of Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master like lightning, is located on front formation directly. Bang!” As a deafening bellow resounds, eight heavy formation of Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master arrangement were broken three instantaneously, other five heavy formation also by seriously affect, became somewhat broken. Puff!” Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master spouts a blood, a face inconceivable stared at front Qing Suo Sword, the body has been swaying two in the midair, then dropped straightly. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...... formation is damaged, did not have formerly might like that again, Ya Di Lan Mo to break the formation, was hearing fierce bellows fully, afterward finally erupted along with formidable energy fallout, Ya Di Lan Mo has broken remaining five heavy formation to be separated. Sees only her to send out dazzling blue rays of light to cast light upon the world, the terrifying fluctuation of energy shook the surrounding space to produce layer upon layer ripples, lent the extremely terrifying aura, but in her behind, merpeople Idol Statue reappeared, ups and downs there, seemed combines with Ya Di Lan Mo.

Ya Di Lan Mo grasped the trident to clash, although the trident was not the Sea God weapon, but sent out to make the person palpitation prestige energy similarly, brandished gently, actually had a faint trace tiny heavy line, this was the crack that in the space produced. Ya Di Lan Mo that just got out of trouble has not discovered Jian Chen, she just flushed in formation to come out to discover toward Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master that on the earth fell, without demur, in the hand a trident finger, had the formidable energy light beam to shoot at Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master immediately together. your highness, holds on a minute to begin!” The Jian Chen sound spread to Ya Di Lan Mo, but in ear, at the same time, azure light dodges to pass together, after Qing Suo Sword, sends, dives from the upper air first, kept off with the sword blade in that energy light beam. The energy light beam hits on Qing Suo Sword, erupted a bang sound, Qing Suo Sword is actually entirely still, azure rays of light that sent out still such as formerly like that powerfully, but Ya Di Lan Mo vanishes by that energy light beam that the trident sent out does not see. Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master escaped, his body drops from several kilometers upper air on the ground, avalanche that a mountain peak pounds, then lies down in the cyclopian riprap the binocular delay is staring airborne, quite a while is unable to recover. Until at this moment, Ya Di Lan Mo had discovered Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master experienced personally the heavy losses, in the eye flashes through immediately.