Chaotic Sword God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1371

Kai Luo Tribe under everybody's burning down, became changes beyond all recognition, the ground by a darkness that burns down fiercely, occasionally obviously some jet black skeletons scatter in all around. From the trace, Kai Luo Tribe had exterminated the clan for many days, entire ruins deathly stillness heavy, does not have least bit vitality, the autumn wind dreary, moves the ashes of tread to dance against the wind, is flooding several points of misery. The Zi Ying Sword purple light twinkle, by a rich purple sword qi package, can only see one group of purple glow from outside, cannot see the sword body, it drops under the control of Jian Chen slowly, suspended is takeoffing 20 meters upper air stay still. On Zi Ying Sword, Jian Chen hugs Huang Luan lightly, the vision takes a fast look around in the Kai Luo Tribe ruins slowly, for a very long time is speechless. Now when he also clear remembering, initially he bestowed Ba Huang Great Emperor Cultivation Technique to Kai Ya, here is a liveliness, the entire tribe is one piece a babel of voices, is very lively, but now, past that piece of lively and powerful tribe looked to disappear, changed into at present this stretch of miserable ruins. Oh!” Partly after making a sound, Jian Chen has sighed deeply the tone, initially he granted Kai Ya Ba Huang Great Emperor Cultivation Technique, on the one hand was thanks Kai Ya initially to his help, on the other hand, was the hope is Ba Huang Great Emperor found the successor, enabling Kai Ya in the future to become second Ba Huang Great Emperor, is the present...... Does not know that Kai Ya is also living?” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, he does not have what moved, this is a world of law of the jungle, thinks Kai Ya tribe such tragedy, in Sea Region, often occurred in Tian Yuan Continent. Dust, does here have your friend?” Huang Luan pair of beautiful eyes is taking a fast look around, then has turned the head to look that asked to Jian Chen. Jian Chen said: Here once was a family of friend, but has not thought that this tribe suffered a disaster, does not know that my friend was lives dies.” At once, Jian Chen Spiritual Consciousness spreads fully, covers the range to press up to 300,000 li (0.5km), starts to search fully, but he has not sought Kai Ya finally. We walk!” Jian Chen has not continued to seek, bringing Huang Luan to leave here, flies to Tian Yuan Continent. In the Tian Yuan Continent coastal area, Jian Chen is bringing Huang Luan Imperial Sword Flight, finally arrived at Huo Sang Country Tian Yuan Continent Eight Great Powerful Countries, directly entered Huo Sang Country Imperial Palace. Huo Sang Country, the strength is not weaker than Qin Country, similarly has four Saint Ruler to assume personal command, is Huo Sang Country four big Imperial Protector.

The sudden arrival of Jian Chen, has created the huge stir in Huo Sang Country Imperial Palace, the Huo Sang Country kings and four big Imperial Protector comes out to greet personally, they who usually keeps aloof in reverential awe in front of Jian Chen displaying , the speech is respectful, the atmosphere does not dare to leave one. Jian Chen explained the purpose in coming directly, wants to return to Raging Flame City taking advantage of Huo Sang Country Space Gate, although he has practiced Purple Azure Dual Swords now, Imperial Sword Flight speed is similarly quick, but has several millions in this coastal area from the Raging Flame City distance fully even is more than ten million li (0.5km) remote, uses the Space Gate nature to want on quickly compared with Imperial Sword Flight many. Regarding the request of Jian Chen, the Huo Sang Country kings and four big Imperial Protector do not dare not to have, since, was Jian Chen opened Space Gate respectfully, the manner Jian Chen sends off personally. As Jian Chen and Huang Luan their forms disappear in Space Gate, the Huo Sang Country kings and four big Imperial Protector relaxed immediately, although Jian Chen has not sent out slightly the imposing manner, but stands in front of Jian Chen, their five people actually felt one like the mountain huge pressure, this was their pressure. How many Imperial Protector, this is Jian Chen really Saint Emperor? Since is Saint Emperor, why that can also borrow Space Gate?” The Huo Sang Country king has wiped the beads of sweat on forehead, centripetal four Imperial Protector consult. Four Imperial Protector hesitate, a little cannot answer, partly after making a sound, the person said in the affirmative expression: I have an old friend to practice in west extremely place volcanic cluster all the year round, I obtained the conclusive news from his there, Jian Chen indeed became Saint Emperor, in addition that two Divine Sword that became by world breeding, Saint Emperor is not the Jian Chen match, initially in the volcanic cluster of west extremely place, Jian Chen merely one move on rout Beast Clan two big Saint Emperor, Human Race Saint Emperor Human's Desire Daoist Master directly ran away, present Jian Chen, the strength strongly is not common Saint Emperor can. Why must return to Raging Flame City as for him taking advantage of Space Gate, this I do not know.” The Huo Sang Country king holds breath cold air, merely one move on rout two Saint Emperor, this was startled his heart nearly to collapse. However changes mind he thinks that own just unexpectedly with the contact of such top powerhouse so short distance, this makes his mood rushes excitedly, immediately ordered: Comes the person, immediately spreads news, just Jian Chen Saint Emperor arrived my Huo Sang Country Imperial Palace......” King Huo Sang Country immediately ordering to publicize this matter, now Jian Chen was almost passed on first Saint Emperor on Tian Yuan Continent, so the character arrives Huo Sang Country Imperial Palace, this to Huo Sang Country, is a greatest honor, can enhance their Huo Sang Country status and prestige. Outside the Raging Flame City city 20 kilometer, there space twisted fiercely, finally split void, has formed five colors variegated Space Gate. After Jian Chen and Huang Luan their steps go out of Space Gate, Space Gate also starts disappearance slowly, quick there restores as usual.

Jian Chen in takeoffing in ten meters upper air looks into the city of distant place at the back of Purple Azure Dual Swords suspended, front Raging Flame City city wall all over the body pitch-black, is similar to giant beast static crawling there, invisible in sends out an aggression, has a dignity. But sky over the city, golden barrier opens, will put in order a city to cover, only has to pass the city wall only then such as. The Jian Chen vision falls on that together golden barrier, the pupil shrinks suddenly, the vision in an instant became the front sharp, came out of the sheath just like two peerless Divine Sword, jumped projects radiant sword light. The fluctuation of energy that because in that golden barrier sends out, makes him feel that unexpectedly heart startled, this energy was too formidable, completely has really surmounted Saint Emperor. Origin Realm powerhouse? On Tian Yuan Continent besides North Pole Ice Temple Imperial Guardian Shui as well as Little Spirit, but also who has achieved so the boundary? And also arranges so strong barrier to protect Raging Flame City together?” In the Jian Chen heart has been full of the doubts, then hugs Huang Luan to fly directly to Raging Flame City. At this moment, in Raging Flame City City Lord's Mansion, Bi Lian and You Yue they are encircling on a desk taught personally an age seems like, only then 3 or 4-year-old, is longer much the young boy to write. The young boy is very lovable, wears golden clothes, the light the head, the whole body flesh is being the golden color, has light golden rays of light to past under the skin, seems just like the person who a golden casting becomes, his big eye is bright, is glittering simple-hearted rays of light, face earnest practicing writing. Little Gold, told the elder sister, what character this was?” In You Yue takes to the young boy who a paper is smiling was saying. Day.” The young boy is full of the childish sound to reply with that somewhat speaks in an infantile tone of voice. This?” In the Bi Lian hand also takes a white paper of writing to ask likely the young boy.

Emperor.” The young boy answered accurately. Little Gold is really intelligent, simply is the photographic memory, how long could not want, Little Gold can learn the complete knowledge.” Bi Lian hee hee said with a smile, looked that has been full of the concern to the vision of young boy. At this time, put on Bi Hai of white long gown to walk from outside, drew Little Gold outward to walk, saying with a laugh: Little Gold, later some are the time is literate, first follows the grandfather, the grandfather teaches your new divine ability, for example this barrier, um, is indeed formidable, but the places of many minor defect in something otherwise perfect, for example Mercenary City that protects barrier, the energy permeates in the bottom completely, making the ground hard like the steel and iron, walks, goes with the grandfather, the grandfather teaches your new wondrous use to the energy.” The young boy has not revolted, very amenable was pulled to go out by Bi Hai outside, only then You Yue and Bi Lian they make the discontented sound in behind. You understand anything, after being literate, some are the time, now the urgent matter becomes Raging Flame City impregnable, can make Little Gold more familiar to the wondrous use of energy.” Saying of Bi Hai righteousness words, does not give a thought to two female oppositions, drew Little Gold to walk. However at this moment, Little Gold has a sleep, the vision looks suddenly to the city gate direction, then changes into a golden light to dodge to pass together, in an instant then vanishes does not see.