Chaotic Sword God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1374
Ming Dong, Bi Hai, Huang Luan their themselves has the Saint Ruler strength, and has achieved this boundary high-end, therefore builds up the blood as well as Spirit Sea Holy Water of Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master speed must quickly in other people, wakes first. Later, broke through Saint Ruler boundary soon You Yue also to build up to melt the Saint Emperor blood and Spirit Sea Holy Water, flesh body, in Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master under the blood quenchinged has promoted, their practice natural talent as well as Primordial Spirit in Spirit Sea Holy Water to enter to carry on one to be reborn, from has inside and outside carried on a significant transformation. Jian Chen, this is any blood, inside actually contained such formidable energy, by my present strength, builds up this fist big one group of blood also to make me suffer loss unexpectedly.” Ming Dong surprised saying, then looked that to already placed in surrounding passes Heavenly Flower as well as that pot has boiled, is fluttering rich tea fragrance grasping principles tea, in the heart to the Jian Chen proliferation endless puts out these treasures to deeply feel shocking. Does not know really in these years that I close up, Jian Chen goes to any danger place to obtain these many Heaven Defying heavenly material treasure.” In Ming Dong heart secretly thought, although he does not recognize passes Heavenly Flower as well as the grasping principles tea, but depends on the fragrance to conclude these things merely the uncommonness. This is the blood of Saint Emperor, some time ago I caused heavy losses to Saint Emperor in Sea Region, collected some of his blood conveniently, this Saint Emperor main body is the deep sea flood dragon, his blood has very big function regarding you.” Jian Chen said that then and has gotten tea ready the tea has delivered to front of them Immortal Level 5-Tier Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, said: This is Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, can increase 2000 years of strength for you, this grasping principles tea can help you to comprehend profound truth of the world, their together clothing/taking under.” The blood of Saint Emperor has made Ming Dong be startled incomparably, when he hears Purple Cloud Immortal Peach as well as the grasping principles tea that almost Heaven Defying effect, immediately was startled dumbfoundedly. Bi Hai and You Yue they are also similarly so, the peach that can increase 2000 years of strength, one bowl can help them to comprehend the profound truth of the world tea, such mysterious thing let alone they have not seen, listens not to hear. Ming Dong, Bi Hai, You Yue three people somewhat numb is according to biting of Jian Chen Purple Cloud Immortal Peach and under the grasping principles tea together clothing/taking, Purple Cloud Immortal Peach just entered shortly after the abdomen, changes into a vast and boundless vitality floods in their all the limbs and bones, they who made started to build up this energy immediately fully. The Jian Chen vision looks to Bi Lian and Dugu Feng, now the Bi Lian strength also stays in the Earth Saint Master boundary, Dugu Feng is also Heaven Saint Master, they want to compare to the incoming messenger away to be big with You Yue, although he gave their Saint Emperor blood to reduce many components, but built up to melt difficultly still incomparable. Their expressions are very dignified, often is bringing several points of painful look, the body in slight trembling, is bearing the huge pain very much obviously. Jian Chen is paying close attention to their situation, has completed had the situation not to be right, immediately sends in the preparation of Saint Item space them, preventing them when building up the Saint Emperor blood the bitter experience anything mishap.

After half double-hour, Dugu Feng sobered finally, after building up the Saint Emperor blood, the advantage that he obtains is very huge, did not say that flesh body became formidable, his strength was increased from Second Cycle Heaven Saint Master to Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. Jian Chen has not made Dugu Feng rest, immediately under makes him take Purple Cloud Immortal Peach and grasping principles tea, carries on the final strength promotion. After a double-hour, Bi Lian also finally sobered, complexion is somewhat pale, exhausted of face. Her strength is weakest, only then Earth Saint Master, therefore builds up the Saint Emperor blood is the incomparable difficulty, the advantage that obtains is unquestionable, promoted from Third Cycle Earth Saint Master to the Sixth Cycle peak directly. However fortunately the wild strength in Saint Emperor blood had rubbed off all, otherwise, let alone built up by the Bi Lian strength radically, perhaps took the next Saint Emperor blood, sufficiently let her falls. Blood of some formidable immortals can kill Saint Emperor, similarly, a blood of Saint Emperor can also killing Earth Saint Master easily. Quick, Bi Lian also took Purple Cloud Immortal Peach as well as the grasping principles tea, entered during the practice of deep level. Although in Immortal Level 5-Tier Purple Cloud Immortal Peach implication has with the huge vitality that its volume does not tally completely, but if wants to absorb these vitalities completely, is actually not the common person can achieve, must determines according to individual talent as well as the strength. What Jian Chen practice is Chaos Body, to the demand of energy is incomparable huge, and he builds up speed of energy is not the average man can, therefore Immortal Level 5-Tier Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, he can absorb completely. But the present these people are not good, even if the talent originally very outstanding Ming Dong as well as You Yue also can only absorb some energies in Purple Cloud Immortal Peach. At this moment, on they several people of bodies, by pure vitality the white fog scatters from within the body, then dissipates in the world. By vitality white fog very thick, has covered up they several people of personal appearance, looks from afar that their bodies as if wrap in a white great cocoon.

Regarding such situation, Jian Chen has no alternative, only then helplessly looks, because he currently still did not have formidable the enough strength to go to seal huge vitality. He had known from the Purple Azure Sword Spirits mouth that the seal Purple Cloud Immortal Peach vitality, needs the dwelling place of celestial beings method. As Purple Cloud Immortal Peach energy the vitality flutters in the world, quick, this piece of mountain range world vitality became rich, and still constantly was increasing. Jian Chen sits cross-legged to sit at the back of Purple Azure Dual Swords on a not far away mountain top, takes all around the Spiritual Consciousness observation for several people of Custodian, while becomes aware the sword, Purple Azure Sword Spirits teaches his several Sword Art, he has not thoroughly comprehended completely. Several days later, three vast and boundless aura transmit suddenly, Ming Dong, Huang Luan, the Bi Hai three people of simultaneously breakthroughs to the Saint King boundary, inspire seven colors auspicious cloud to cover the sky, covers hundreds of thousands of li (0.5km). And, this seven colors auspicious cloud is the tertiary overlay, seven color rays of light that sends out are radiant and bright, shines the entire world, the trim world is exaggerated one piece seven colored. Sits cross-legged to sit on a mountain top becomes aware the Jian Chen long body of sword, waves, immediately the gentle energies come, are wrapping Dugu Feng and Bi Lian their personal appearance, has delivered to another place them, in order to avoid being alarmed because of Ming Dong their breakthroughs. The day fell seven color auspicious cloud to create very big stir on Tian Yuan Continent, the appearance of Saint King regarding Tian Yuan Continent all powerhouse, was still a very serious matter, after all the present was the Saint Emperor scarce age, the Saint King value has manifested. Some people became Saint King, good, we just have needed the Saint King boundary strength now.” Mercenary City, many Saint King vision look to the Raging Flame City direction. „It is not right, these seven color auspicious cloud as if are three overlapped puts together, is it possible that has three people at the same time Saint King?” Roc Clan Saint Emperor Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) first had discovered the unusualities of seven color auspicious cloud, on the face reveal the surprised color.

Good, indeed is the tertiary auspicious cloud pack puts together, because although is away from us unable to see auspicious cloud, but I can actually the clear feeling.” powerhouse of Saint King complete boundary said that an astonishment of face, simultaneously three people become Saint King, this is the matter that is difficult to see. There seems the Raging Flame City direction, is it possible that did Raging Flames Mercenaries have Saint Ruler to break through?” Is uncertain, that direction also hidden world family as well as Ancient Aristocratic Family, may be their people.” Mercenary City, many Saint King are whooping, on Tian Yuan Continent has increased three Saint King all of a sudden, this is not a small matter, no one is able to be calm. But they also spoke thoughtlessly to discuss, this matter was unable to attract them to visit, only if were Saint Emperor breaks through. Ming Dong, Bi Hai, Huang Luan with the aid of Purple Cloud Immortal Peach as well as helping of grasping principles tea, already simultaneously to become king/emperor, the imposing manner of their three people sending out vast like the sea, curled seat stretch of world, in world that made strong winds writings, even if were seven color auspicious cloud in upper air is affected, the thick cloud layer was tumbling. They have not waked up, Immortal Level 5-Tier Purple Cloud Immortal Peach as well as the efficacy of grasping principles tea has not dissipated, made their strength that is similar to the rocket general rapid upward to rise, seemed does not have the end.