Chaotic Sword God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1380
Suddenly, in several Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor eyes glitters is soaring to the heavens fighting intent, hits by the swiftest and fiercest attack to companion. Puff!” Unexpected, made into the severe wound by Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor of companion sneak attack suddenly immediately, the mouth spat flying upside down of blood. Similar also occurred in various battlefield places, more than 30 Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor wield the weapon in hand suddenly chops to companion. These people no one has thought that the own companion will begin to own unexpectedly suddenly, therefore under does not guard, made into the severe wound in abundance, even also bad luck Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor suffered several companions to collaborate to besiege, had only insisted several time of breath, hit flesh body smashing, escaped Primordial Spirit to run away to the distant place. However when this Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor Primordial Spirit just departed the battlefield, had is similar to mighty bell Lu's zither's music passed on together greatly, this zither's music fell in his ear, was similar to the startling thunderclap crack, the formidable sound wave aroused layer upon layer the space ripples, shook the smashing this Saint Emperor Primordial Spirit. After this one noisy, in the Abandoned Saint World camp presented a disturbance, tight in a minute, several Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor die in the companion hand of own, was collaborated to attack by several people completely, nurses a grievance dead. They were affected by zither's music, had been controlled by zither's music, discovers the person who plays a stringed musical instrument quickly, has cut him.” In the Abandoned Saint World camp, Saint Emperor powerhouse face upwards drinks greatly, the sound like the thunder, shakes the world to be violent trembles. This is powerful Saint Emperor, has reached the Saint Emperor peak, this drinks greatly, immediately nearly must awaken by the person who zither's music controls some. At this moment, powerful sword qi transmits from his behind, terrifying killing intent covers his whole body instantaneously, making this strength reach the Saint Emperor peak Abandoned Saint World powerhouse to hit one to tremble unrestrainedly, without hesitation, moved aside toward side by quickest speed immediately.

Sees only handle Divine Sword to be wrapped by rich purple light, bringing radiant sword light the position that just stood from him to pass through like lightning, sword glow touches with his clothing, the clothing was changed into one group of powder in being quietly. Jian Chen grasps Zi Ying Sword to kill, saw this Saint Emperor to shunt him to strike unexpectedly, in the vision revealed one to be astonished immediately however, but in the hand the movement has not actually hesitated, a wrist|skill revolution, Qing Suo Sword changed into purple long rainbow to puncture together, mixed in also dazzling white light, sword qi that after this was Jian Chen comprehended Dao of Sword, displays. This sword qi, is the regular condensation, has gone beyond the common sword qi range, at this moment melts with Purple Azure Dual Swords, its might was obviously stronger. powerhouse of Abandoned Saint World this Saint Emperor peak displays no fear, he drinks one lowly, the whole body energy was similar to the Tsunami seethes, from within the body turbulent divulging, formed a guard shield to cover his whole body, the hand grasps a handle broadsword to cut to Jian Chen. The broadsword jumps projects grey rays of light, has filled the dead air/Qi, forms a prison to cover Jian Chen instantaneously. In prison that deep place grey dead air/Qi forms, Jian Chen felt immediately own received a suppression of mysterious strength, and surroundings whether there is grey rays of light completely invades his within the body, is obliterating his within the body vitality rapidly. The Jian Chen vision concentrates, Chaos Force billowing flowing of within the body, will invade the within the body death air/Qi to obliterate rapidly, disregards a dusky prison, Zi Ying Sword in hand is bringing the unprecedented potential thorn at present to the front.

ding~ only hears a steel and iron junction called the sound to transmit, Zi Ying Sword broke through the prison that the grey dead air/Qi has formed, shelled in the Abandoned Saint World that most peak Saint Emperor broadsword together, saw only the broadsword to be cut two by a Zi Ying Sword sword, shivering that the knife kept, exuded humming sound the sound, seemed at the wail. Abandoned Saint World that most peak Saint Emperor vision foolishly looked in the hand to break two sections of broadswords, on the face has been full of the shock, this followed his several thousand years the broadsword, in this period went on an expedition innumerably, grew along with him, even if now with the same rank powerhouse life and death war, will not make his weapon be injured tiny bit, but at this moment could not block in front of Jian Chen unexpectedly strikes, such as bean curd cut off. You... Are you Origin Realm powerhouse?” Perhaps this most peak Saint Emperor color in great surprise, in his cognition, only had Origin Realm powerhouse to achieve so the situation, but he has not felt that oppression of Origin Realm powerhouse from Jian Chen. Jian Chen unemotionally, the vision is indifferent, Zi Ying Sword after cutting off broadsword, remaining power does not reduce in the slightest, finally pricked the chest of this most peak Saint Emperor, contains formidable sword qi in immortal sword to erupt immediately, not only in instantaneous destruction his five main internal organs (entrails), pure sword qi counter flushed on, entered the forehead from his within the body, extinguished his Primordial Spirit. In Jian Chen not far away, azure sword light in shuttle fast, pesters with dozens Saint Emperor together, is Jian Chen by Spiritual Consciousness control Qing Suo Sword. Qing Suo Sword in the Jian Chen hand, the might that can play is not inferior to Zi Ying Sword to be formidable, but it was a handle has had mystical powers after all the immortal sword, the sword qi lasing, nobody dares to work as, in the short time has cut to add up totals Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor, caused heavy losses to dozens Saint Emperor, now, many Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor united, jointly coped with this hard to deal with Qing Suo Sword. Little Gold has also gotten rid, although he has the Origin Realm strength, but he not slaughters Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor like Jian Chen and Little Spirit wantonly, but is small hand one stroke, surrounds several Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor by golden barrier, then on standing of foolishly there, a face curious looks when Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor that in golden barrier shouts and wrangles, often only then, in Changyang Zu Xiao several people encounter the danger, Little Gold will get rid to help, to repel the archenemy.

Little Gold does not get rid already, gets rid , then amazes the world with a single brilliant feat, the direct fist explodes the body that Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor hits, body and soul completely eliminated, the fist was verve and overbearing, has feared all Human Race Saint King. These 500 Saint Emperor overwhelming majorities that came from Abandoned Saint World they constrains by Jian Chen and Little Spirit, only then Saint Emperor of small part attacks to four clan people, now died in Jian Chen and Saint Emperor in Little Spirit two people of hand has achieved hundred, but in four clans the falls person has achieved several hundred people, the severely wounded person was countless. In this period, Elf Ancient Divine Tree blossomed in radiant splendor, the prestige that it showed can make Elf Clan powerhouse be surprised, although its success and Jian Chen as well as Little Spirit compared to be really nothing to speak, but died Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor on this old tree has pressed up to ten, without a single exception, all Abandoned Saint World Saint Emperor by Elf Ancient Divine Tree by the branch winding, then extinction complete vitality died, only left behind skinny corpses. However after absorbing several Saint Emperor within the body boundless vitality, Elf Ancient Divine Tree sent out to fill is life aura green rays of light was even more dazzling, boundless vitality covered the entire battlefield, provided the help for the injured people. The performance of Elf Ancient Divine Tree, lets think that to Elf Clan powerhouse of this Divine Tree extremely understanding extremely curious, the years that this Divine Tree has are indeed remote, have spread since the antiquity time, are never dried up, have been very strong, the strength that but show now actually records with the old book is not quite same. Because the Elf Ancient Divine Tree main body is unable to leave the Elf Clan territory, this time they bring is not the Elf Ancient Divine Tree main body, but is a branch of Elf Ancient Divine Tree.