Chaotic Sword God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1385

The middle-aged man looks to opposite Jian Chen and Little Spirit, complexion is indifferent, the vision is profound, in looking to Jian Chen that moment, the eyeground deep place flashes through a surprised color, he has not thought actually that this World besides Little Spirit that initially he met, hides a strength to endure compared with Origin Realm powerhouse unexpectedly, has not thought that this person also has stepped unexpectedly into the Dao of Sword boundary similarly, although the boundary is lower than own, but only in his heart is clear, actually to step into the Dao of Sword boundary to have difficulty how. Even if in Abandoned Saint World, are innumerable with powerhouse of sword, steps into the Origin Realm person many, but without a single exception, has not stepped into Dao of Sword. Let alone, this comprehends the Dao of Sword boundary person at present, did not have the strength of Highest Origin in this, in Origin Realm powerhouse incomparably scarce world. At once, the vision of middle-aged man looks to under foot that huge planet, stares at the Tian Yuan Continent direction, the brow immediately a wrinkle, twittering said in a low voice: I have misplaced your here strengths actually.” Who are you?” The Jian Chen sinking sound asked that although he saw the opposite person came was not its true body, was only together the strength and Primordial Spirit, even if so, the opposite party also has brought to him like the mountain pressure. If the opposite party true body kisses, that will be a how fearful match? You can call me Holy Spirit King.” Middle-aged man expression light saying. In Jian Chen heart one cold, said: Holy Spirit King, the Abandoned Saint World ruler, is really you. However this stretch of world is our world, is not the place that you should come.” This place we must come, no one is able to prevent.” Expression of Holy Spirit King speech is still very light, but disclosed a firm determination. Jian Chen vision one cold, the opposite party strength somewhat is freely scary, but is not true body/this senior kisses to eventually, he pours fearlessly, cold voice said: Since this, that has to fight.” Jian Chen grips tightly Zi Ying Sword, the whole body condenses frightening sword qi, sends out dazzling white rays of light to cover his whole body, making this piece void in the violent shake, but Zi Ying Sword erupts unprecedented intense rays of light, shakes terrifying fluctuations of energy, then Jian Chen seems with the body sword, the person the sword unites, changes into together the purple glow with the speed thorn like lightning to Holy Spirit King.

He has not kept the hand, this strikes is he sends out fully, 4-layer Chaos Force or the Dao of Sword boundary was displayed peak by him, Chaos Force becomes through the Zi Ying Sword oscillation amplitude more formidable, coordinated Dao of Sword is being the might multiplies, the strength of the striking made has far exceeded the Saint Emperor boundary, has been the Origin Realm powerhouse attack intensity. The purple glow from out of the blue, the void disruption, was cut open one several hundred meters, more than ten meters wide giant void cracks, the might of Jian Chen this sword was too strong, if hits on Tian Yuan Continent, even can cut a scrap Tian Yuan Continent. Holy Spirit King immovability, is calm and calm, is bringing an incomparably formidable self-confidence on his body, that great body as if becomes incomparably big, can alone haunch a stretch of world. His right hand grips Flowing Cloud Sword, on Flowing Cloud Sword the black light sparkle, as formidable gathers not to send in Flowing Cloud Sword as the peak strength, then by the most basic straight thrust point to Zi Ying Sword that the front surface shoots. This is the straight thrust of ordinary swordsmanship most foundation, however this strikes actually to show the outstanding might in the Holy Spirit King hand, a simple straight thrust, seemingly contained unsurpassed divine ability, making this strike looks like does not have in the surface to be so simple, the strength of implication world, melts with. Bang!” Flowing Cloud Sword and Zi Ying Sword sword sharp violent clicked in together, erupts a deafening bellow immediately, powerful energy fallout changed into terrifying energy storm volume seats to all directions, let tremble void, the group star was low-spirited. Before Zi Ying Sword , the tendency of flushing stops suddenly, but the Jian Chen personal appearance has also revealed that his whole body is covered by the purple light that Zi Ying Sword sends out, seems as if has combined with Zi Ying Sword. Zi Ying Sword and Flowing Cloud Sword are not the separations, two Divine Sword swords touch sharp, has refused to compromise in void, the huge energy divulges from two Divine Sword, wants to struggle high under.

Along with the competion of energy, making there space start to disrupt, two Divine Sword sword sharp places, even presented black hole, fast was expanding, when two Divine Sword competions energy fallout that produced entered in this black hole to vanish in abundance does not see. Jian Chen and Holy Spirit King like this have refused to compromise, although Holy Spirit King has the Highest Origin Realm strength, what how this time him to come is not true body/this senior, has only left behind a strength in Flowing Cloud Sword, a strength is unable to display completely. At this time, Little Spirit has also gotten rid, she has depressed timid in innermost feelings, quietly appeared behind Holy Spirit King, raised the small fist maliciously to pound, the fist just made, let the surrounding void avalanche. The might of Little Spirit this fist is too strong, this strikes to compare to go beyond with Jian Chen. Holy Spirit King is not flurried, in an instant, his left hand condenses together formidable sword qi, sends out the dazzling white light, is shining surrounding void. This is he by sword qi that the Dao of Sword boundary displays, is not the pure energy, is the regular condensation, is bigger than sword qi stronger that Jian Chen displays. Holy Spirit King does not return, left hand holds the sword to cut the rearward like lightning, compelling Little Spirit to take back the fist, then resists the attack of sword qi. peng~! transmits with a sad sound, sword qi dissipates, Little Spirit has blocked Holy Spirit King successfully the strikes, but she was also compelled to draw back several kilometers far. Quite fierce!” Little Spirit expresses an exclamation, look that in that simple-hearted big eye completely cannot believe that her strength has achieved Origin Returning Realm, clone that however Holy Spirit King true body/this senior , the energy has not condensed merely together compels to draw back her. Broken!” Holy Spirit King light tai, the arm shakes suddenly, immediately the powerful strength erupts from Flowing Cloud Sword, undermined the balance of Zi Ying Sword instantaneously, the flash suppressed Jian Chen completely, shook with the sword Jian Chen distant has flown upside down.

Jian Chen look becomes unprecedented dignity, Holy Spirit King far exceeds him to anticipate formidable that has not thought continually together clone becomes so fierce. Jian Chen lives in the personal appearance in the distant place stably, the hand pinches Sword Art, both hands fast is transforming various tedious hand imprints, then greatly drinks: Heaven-Splitting Sword!” In an instant, Zi Ying Sword turns into one to have hundred meters Divine Sword fully, purple sword qi ascends, cuts like lightning to Holy Spirit King. This is Zi Ying Sword teaches to one of the Jian Chen Sword Art spirit, although in the Purple Azure Sword Spirits eye is the foundation, but this moment Jian Chen displays, can actually erupt to surmount his strength the might, just likes Saint Ruler displays Saint Tier battle skill, can cause heavy losses to Saint King powerhouse. And, this Sword Art might greatly were too more than Saint Tier battle skill stronger are too many. The Holy Spirit King vision concentrates, he had been locked the aura, is unable to fend, only has hard resisting, moreover in process that cuts under Zi Ying Sword, he is felt that the body of own seemed by a mysterious strength imprisoning, became heavy like the mountain. This is sword domain!” Holy Spirit King muttered said that in the eye the fine glow dodged, but did not have the least bit to dread, instead fighting intent soared to the heavens, drank lowly: Broken!” Flowing Cloud Sword has not erupted how formidable prestige energy, sees only its black light to dodge, clicks in void, immediately lives in his invisible strength to rout restraint. Broken sword!” Holy Spirit King drinks once more lowly, grasps Flowing Cloud Sword to fire into hundred meters Zi Ying Sword directly, on Flowing Cloud Sword has a strange strength to past, on Zi Ying Sword. ding~ transmits with a clear junction whining noise, the rubber ball that Jian Chen displays Heaven-Splitting Sword to erupt the power and influence of such as was discouraged immediately, starts the rapid feebleness, in a minute, Zi Ying Sword regained the normal state to fly back to his hand.