Chaotic Sword God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1418

Although Nubisi has not used Space Gate, but speed of imperial spatial flight is still quick, the body and space melt, the whole body sends out dazzling golden rays of light such as the meteor to cut the expansive sky generally, by toward Three Saints Island that extremely quick speed is quietly flies. When Nubisi just approached Three Saints Island beyond hundred li (0.5km), Jian Chen and Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress on Three Saints Island they had then detected his arrival, the vision looks to the distant place. The Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress vision is indifferent, unemotionally, only the surprise dodges to pass. But the corners of the mouth of Jian Chen show the light smiling face, looked to sit cross-legged to sit in own front wholly-absorbed practice Xiao Bao, set out to move toward outside the hole. By Nubisi speed, hundred li (0.5km) distance passes in an instant, then has golden rays of light to appear in the horizon end quickly together, to be quicker much speed toward here close, finally arrives directly on Three Saints Island, has revealed golden clothes, leaves leeway Nubisi of elegant golden long hair. But also at this time, Jian Chen also one step took, this step he surmounted several hundred meters distance to appear in front of Nubisi directly, has sized up under Nubisi earnestly, said \; Your aura was more formidable than much before, this time the tour of Beast God Continent, harvests well.” Nubisi smiles, proudly said: That is natural, my great Nubisi goes into action personally, matter that could not have completed, the tour of this Beast God Continent, the significance indeed is for me great, after having swallowed the Highest Origin essence of that old snake, I felt that my great Nubisi bloodlines were also purer, although has not had the obvious transformation, but the distance next transformation was nearer one step.” The words just said that Nubisi has as if realized anything, looked that brings to wipe to the Jian Chen vision immediately strangely, said: Jian Chen, actually this Three Saints Island has what worth to make you accept as a memento, made you stay unexpectedly such a long time on this tattered island, is it possible that can you have a liking for that seductively attractive girl really? Right, how to see that seductively attractive girl?” About Nubisi looked, has not discovered the Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress trail, but his body shakes at once, on the face reveals look of shock, calls out in alarm said: I have discovered anything! Age ten -year-old children, actually have the Saint Ruler strength, this... Is this really?” The words have not said that Nubisi then changes into together the remnant shade rapid grazes to go toward the Shangguan Aojian closing up cavern. In place distance here that although Shangguan Aojian closes up knows how things stand far, the mountain road winds on the way, the naked eye cannot look at that place, but Nubisi after is Saint Emperor, on entire Three Saints Island, absolutely did not have any matter to hide the truth from him, only if the strength strong were too many in him, let his sensation. Sees Nubisi directly soars Shangguan Aojian closes up points out to go, Jian Chen wants to stop, but has actually hesitated, because he thinks that the antiquity proud sword status was impossible such to be hidden, finally has not blocked Nubisi, but tagged along after Nubisi behind to follow.

Nubisi speed is quick, suddenly arrives at outside the cavern that Shangguan Aojian has closed up, just about when goes, however actually some people of speed also want on quick many compared with him, sees only the purple form to dodge to pass together, wears the purple long skirt, embraces Zither of the Demonic Cry Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress then suddenly to appear in cave mouth, has blocked the Nubisi way. Immediately leaves here!” Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress back to Nubisi, indifferent start to talk. Her that devil stature seems like very delicate, but stands there, actually gives the feeling that the person one type is unable to surmount, at this moment, her body as if became at the same time isolates the entire world the day wall, the hole is divided into two stretches of world with the hole outside. In the Nubisi eye the fine glow dodges, although he felt that Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress and initially compared, seemed somewhat different, but he cannot see the Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress strength, but defers to his heart to think, even if the Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress strength has the promotion, but also promotion limited of , basic on threat own, therefore has not cared, but is careless saying: Seductively attractive girl, it seems like these years your strength also has promoted much, my great Nubisi one does not pay attention, made you rush to my front unexpectedly. However the seductively attractive girl, once I was very much dreaded to you, but now, you in my great Nubisi eye, already small and weakly like ants, knowing the limitation hurried to make way, be not keeping off the road, making me have a look at inside that kid.” Name Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress of Nubisi seductively attractive girl, made the Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress vision immediately even more indifferent, was faint severe light to glitter, cold voice that did not return to said: Three Saints Island does not welcome you, immediately leaves Three Saints Island, otherwise......” Did not wait for Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress to say the words that Nubisi has interrupted her words, hey said with a smile: Otherwise what kind, must get rid heartlessly to me, come comes, my great Nubisi then, why I but actually must have a look at you to be able entirely.” Jian Chen arrived here, is standing in the distant place waits and sees, he has not gone forward to intervene, but looks at Nubisi by the vision of sympathy. Now Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress has taken Immortal Level 5-Tier Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, her strength is actually strong to any situation, even if Jian Chen is not clear, what can affirm, present Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress, is far from Nubisi can contend. Jian Chen, you admire to this seductively attractive girl for a long time, but you could rest assured that this matter your brothers I will help your, my this seizes this seductively attractive girl, is your bed good person.” Nubisi careless saying, has not noted in the Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress vision to reappear quite the same as light murderous intention. The Nubisi following those words, almost touch Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress reverse scale. ding~

Almost in the Nubisi voice just fell, Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress fluctuated the string, although only makes a sound, but this zither's music falls into the ear of Nubisi together, just likes the startled day thunderclap generally loudly crack, making his body tremble fiercely, Primordial Spirit shivers. The Nubisi complexion big change, a face does not dare to believe is staring at Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress, the whole face is inconceivable look, now he is Saint Emperor, although Primordial Spirit is unable compared with Human Race Saint Emperor, but stronger when 7-Step greatly were too without a doubt more than him, however he shocking discovery own that expanded many Primordial Spirit at this moment, still somewhat is actually hard to resist the Primordial Spirit attack of Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress. I seized you, I thought how you also play!” In the Nubisi heart makes a determined effort, the finger, a golden silk thread like lightning projects, forms a big net to cover toward Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress. If the Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress surface the cold frost, that pair seems can bewitch to seize the soul in the eye pupil to flash through the faint trace quiet glow, made one be afraid unexpectedly, she only handled gently by one caresses the string, sent out ding ding~ thump the sound, the sound listens to be wonderful, but also seemed is similar to is from time to time sad in the battle drum, unpredictable, was played along with each tonality, produced layer upon layer naked eye obvious sound wave to proliferate to all around. Nubisi just touched this layer upon layer sound wave by big net that golden silk thread formed, then by greatly the resistance, unexpectedly was opened unable to cover in the midair, and was also flushed unceasing backing up of level by this layer upon layer sound wave. Sees this, Nubisi look in great surprise, such result wants to differ far more than long distance with his heart, he has not thought that Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress in does not drop the wind with the own frontage resistance in unexpectedly. However does not wait for Nubisi to have the time of response, Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress plays the zither sound hand signal changes, simultaneously draws seven strings, exudes seven to listen to be wonderful, but is actually similar to battle drum sound general sad zither's music, each zither's music remembers, follows a naked eye to see sound wave, shook void has been producing the faint trace ripples. But these seven zither's music fall into the ear of Nubisi, makes his body shake greatly, complexion instantaneously became pale. These seven zither's music, are similar to day thunder-like in the Nubisi brain crack, when the fourth sound in the Nubisi brain crack, his body uncontrolled staggering backlash.

The fifth sound, making Nubisi exude one to remain silent, has been damaged, the footsteps stagger withdrew dozens meters far. The sixth sound, making the corners of the mouth of Nubisi overflow the blood, retarding that the footsteps staggered to several hundred meters beyond. The seventh sound, making the Nubisi yawn spout a blood, the body shivers, the consciousness is fuzzy, has somewhat stood is not steady. Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress vision ice-cold, Nubisi offends her reverse scale, she does not plan such easily bountiful Su obviously she, her finger has placed eighth with the string, must fluctuate. Jian Chen complexion changes, although he knows that Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress is very fierce, but has not thought that unexpectedly fierce to so situation, Nubisi defeats by the Saint Emperor strength unexpectedly so thoroughly, this point stems from him to anticipate greatly that at this moment sees Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress not to plan to let off Nubisi, immediately drinks lowly: Stop, do not injure Nubisi!” At once, the Jian Chen personal appearance dodges to arrive in front of Nubisi, holds body that he soon is pouring.