Chaotic Sword God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1419
Since shames me, that must pay the price, I do not harm his life, but such easily will not forgive him.” Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress cold voice said that if in vain the racket of jade palm of mutton fat on Zither of the Demonic Cry, ancient zither has an incomparably formidable fluctuation of energy to shoot at Jian Chen immediately like lightning. When ancient zither flies horizontally, crushed void, ancient zither that made in process of flight, behind had a jet black space crack, was similar to black long-line hung there horizontally, but the intensity that this struck, has achieved unexpectedly also Saint Emperor, and also far exceeded common Saint Emperor. What although Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress excels is the [say / way] of zither's music, by temperament imperial enemy, but her great strength not only establishes in the temperament, similarly, even if the temperament that discards her to excel , the strength is also the extreme terror. Jian Chen complexion is dignified, zither's music Heavenly Enchantress the strikes to make him not dare to look down upon, although his present battle strength may fight with the Origin Receiving Realm Supreme character, but this is with the aid of battle strength that Purple Azure Dual Swords has, if discards Purple Azure Dual Swords, his strength will fall short greatly, but faces Zither of the Demonic Cry that the front surface hits, Jian Chen cannot use Purple Azure Dual Swords obviously. In the Jian Chen eye the god glow twinkle, Chaos Force revolves in within the body, simultaneously around his body, a dazzling white light condenses to come, to send out sword qi that in the world soars to the heavens, forms white light to cover Jian Chen covers. In does not draw support in the Purple Azure Dual Swords situation resists Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress strikes, Jian Chen has used the Dao of Sword boundary comprehension sword glow to protect the body. When Jian Chen just prepared to finish, Zither of the Demonic Cry was also having the vast and boundless energy has approached him, saw only Jian Chen right hand turns into a palm to rumble suddenly, shelled with Zither of the Demonic Cry together. peng~! Both bump into, immediately erupts a sad sound, even if they to respective energy management good of , let energy not many proliferation, thus ruins Three Saints Mountain, but on the rock cuns (2.5cm) chap in ground, entire Three Saints Mountain is still slight trembles. Firm of Zither of the Demonic Cry made one feel shocking, Jian Chen felt that own this palm as if hit in an incomparably firm fine iron, his entire right arm that the strength of intense counter- shaking made somewhat tingled with numbness, but his body under this fierce impulse, start was also hard the self-made retreat backward. Before Zither of the Demonic Cry , the tendency of flushing stops suddenly, had kept off by Jian Chen, but it has not actually flown back to the hand of Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress, but flies high stay still of suspended in the midair.

At this moment, Jian Chen felt that fragrant wind greets the nostrils to come, to see only Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress to change into the purple glow to appear in front of Nubisi together like lightning, a light palm hits on the chest of Nubisi. Her real objective to teach Nubisi, but launches the attack by Zither of the Demonic Cry to Jian Chen, to divert Jian Chen. Nubisi Primordial Spirit came under the influence of zither's music not to restore, standing of whole person foolishly there, a brain confusion, therefore faces Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress this palm, is unable to resist. His body under a Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress this light palm, directly hit flew by far, flew several hundred meters Yuan distance to fall on the ground, then followed the cliff get lost, distressed. Looks that follows Nubisi that under the mountain get lost, Jian Chen sighs lightly, quite helpless, whom this Nubisi offends not to be good, offends is unable to see the strength including own now accurately Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress, this asks for trouble simply. Jian Chen has not helped Nubisi, to golden clothes him, has been cracking-up the rock all the way, the crush the weed is rolling toward the foot, by the body of his 9-Step Demonic Beast, this degree of collision will not constitute the too big injury to him, but the image was really too distressed, harmed his Saint Emperor status. The strength that however Heavenly Enchantress shows makes Jian Chen be surprised, moreover he believes that this is also not her complete strength. The Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress calm face holds day demon crying sound to depart, leaves behind Jian Chen helpless standing there. Three Saints Mountain at the foot of the hill, Nubisi sobered, his injury is not serious, but his confidence is actually subject to the attack, dejected standing there, the eyeground deep place has reappeared the deep fear.

Especially when looks at before the summit assumes a straight line to spread to body these obviously the crush by the weed that crosses, the heart that his even/including Xiang dies simply had. Seductively attractive girl, seductively attractive girl, fearful seductively attractive girl!” Nubisi does not dare to stop over on Three Saints Island, just one sober, has not stopped, immediately fled Three Saints Island, simultaneously passes on the tone channel to Jian Chen: Brother, I walk first one step, I beyond ten thousand li (0.5km) you.” Looks Nubisi that flees to the wilderness, shaking the head of Jian Chen forced smile, then turns back the cave is Xiao Bao Custodian. Then, Jian Chen stopped over in Three Saints Mountain the several days, after Xiao Bao completely mastered the knowledge of own instruction, Jian Chen knows that own was the time leaves. Next day, Jian Chen then and Xiao Bao as well as Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress said goodbye, left behind a number of heavenly material treasure to practice to need for Xiao Bao once more, then resolutely left Three Saints Island, flew to the boundless sea. But Immortal Level 5-Tier Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, Jian Chen fully has also left behind ten to their mother and child, together with also has same number of Grasping Dao Tea Tree leaves, enough their 500 years of institute needed. Father, you must come back to see Xiao Bao earlier, Xiao Bao is waiting for you here.” Xiao Bao stands on Three Saints Mountain waves to shout toward Jian Chen. He has not obtained the reply of father, his father disappeared in the horizon end, lost the trail. Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress also looks at the direction that Jian Chen is vanishing to be lost in thought that look is complex, does not know that is thinking anything.

Beyond ten thousand li (0.5km), Jian Chen again and Nubisi convergence, although passed the several days, but Nubisi looks like somewhat is still dispirited, obviously has not restored from several other day attack. Jian Chen, my great Nubisi pledged that from now on will not go to Three Saints Island, does not want to see that seductively attractive girl.” Nubisi just saw Jian Chen, hates the sound saying that before several days dates , that experiences, remember with eternal gratitude to Nubisi absolutely, lifelong is unable to forget. Initially he went to Three Saints Island from Beast God Continent, it may be said that is the heroic spirit soars to the heavens, was confident, may finally actually be horrible to look. Listened to this saying, Jian Chen look to stare, at once then cannot help laughing, said: I must go to Beast God Continent, do you go?” Nubisi look is startled, immediately came the interest, said: Beast God Continent? Is it possible that is Beast God Temple? Can you make young Heavenly Winged Tiger God enter Beast God Temple to accept the inheritance?” Good!” Jian Chen affirmative replying, serene. Hey, my great Nubisi has not seen the Beast God Temple long anything appearance, happen to this time together goes with you, even if when the time comes encounters besieging of three 9-Step Demonic Beast, my great Nubisi does not fear.” Nubisi Ha Ha said with a smile. The tour of Beast God Temple, the time naturally the quicker the better, Jian Chen will certainly not hold the mentality of enjoying the beauties of nature to fly like Nubisi, then, Jian Chen makes Nubisi build Space Gate directly the central area to Beast God Temple, their personal appearance step into Space Gate to vanish do not see.