Chaotic Sword God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1420

Beast God Continent Beast God Temple situated in the central area, an imposing manner broad palace flies high suspended in ten thousand meters upper air, sends out ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) rays of light, this palace very huge, the length and breadth has achieved high ten thousand meters greatness, seems seems a small city. This temple named Beast God Temple, has the irreplaceable status on Beast God Continent, because it was taken the essence of casting earth in the antiquity years by antiquity divine beast Heavenly Winged Tiger God, was on Beast God Continent sacred places in all Demonic Beast minds, was the powerhouse practice of Beast God Continent place. Beast God Temple altogether has 99-layer, hundred meters are one, each area big, can step into besides 99th-layer nobody, nine 18-layer under other, are occupying by the Beast God Continent strength most formidable 98 people, 3-layer of most top layer, is Beast God Continent three 9-Step top powerhouse the place of practice. Now, the experience and a Abandoned Saint World war, Beast God Continent is also the vitality damages severely, in this 99-layer Beast God Temple was also at present more spacious, over two-thirds places nobody occupied. In Beast God Temple 96 th, 97 th, in the 98 th this 3-layer open spaces, everyone sits cross-legged to sit in inside, is Beast God Continent strength most formidable three Saint Emperor, Tiger Emperor, the Péng emperor as well as the king. However at this moment their these three top powerhouse complexion present a paleness of morbid state, the look dispirited, disclosed the weak color, during fought with Abandoned Saint World, they by the injury, had been lacked the treatment of Radiant Saint Master seriously, even if by their were the formidable breakthrough of 9-Step Demonic Beast, if wants completely healed not to be the short time can achieve. However at this moment, sat cross-legged to sit three top powerhouse that therapy in inside has opened the eye suddenly at the same time, flashing eyes was staring at outside same direction, their vision seemed can penetrate the hindrance of temple, clear visible outside world resulted. Meanwhile, in being away from Beast God Temple beyond hundred li (0.5km), the tranquil space had produced the faint trace ripples suddenly, at once sees only together the Space Gate rapid appearance, golden clothes Nubisi and wears one set of white long gown, at the back of Dual Swords Jian Chen shoulder to shoulder from inside steps.

Their suspended in ten thousand meters upper air, the field of vision is open, even if the Beast God Continent mountain range fluctuates, but is separated by hundred li (0.5km) distance , can still clear visible distant place that imposing manner broad huge temple. „Is this Beast God Temple? Although my great Nubisi is Beast Clan, but this is first time sees in all Beast Clan minds the supreme Supreme temple!” The Nubisi vision stares at the temple in distant place to exude in a low voice twittering the sound. He formerly had come here one time, because in the heart somewhat dreaded to Beast Clan three Saint Emperor, therefore has not visited here. Jian Chen also stares at Beast God Temple to size up, the front Beast God Temple length and breadth fully has ten thousand meters high, the volume of entire temple seems the reversed image is a cube, appears in the outlook with many temples is somewhat out of the ordinary. However although the contour is not outstanding, but the Jian Chen actually clear feeling has an extremely fearful fluctuation of energy in the Beast God Temple embodiment, this fluctuation of energy, making him feel that a heart is startled. This Beast God Temple absolutely compared with Sea God Supreme Temple stronger on many.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought, at this moment, in his heart Beast God Temple and compared with Mercenary City that Supreme Temple. Beast God Temple was among antiquity years of Heavenly Winged Tiger God casting four big top powerhouse, but Mercenary City Supreme Temple was stays behind by Human Race first powerhouse Mo Tianyun, in the mainland that these two temples in each one was at has the unusual significance, was Beast Clan and work of Human Race most peak. Initially I, although that temple that goes to the Mo Tianyun senior to leave behind, but how that time my strength to be too weak, although felt the uncommonness of temple, but is actually not able such as the present so clear saw details of temple.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought, in brain when reappears first time to see right in front of one Tian Jian that hanging temple that meets.

Jian Chen and Nubisi turn toward Beast God Temple to fly together, when has not waited for their close Beast God Temple, then simultaneously flutters from Beast God Temple three forms, the vision neatly is staring at them. These three people of Beast God Continent most powerhouse, are with smile on the face except for Roc Clan Saint Emperor Cang Qiong (vault of heaven), look indifferent outside, Wang He Tiger Emperor Lang Kangli complexion becomes very gloomy, is very ugly. If Jian Chen were initial Jian Chen, let alone he and Beast God Temple two big top powerhouse had hostility, merely was he is the Human Race status, was given meeting a cruel death that hit on the morning by them, body and soul completely eliminated. However now, the formidable strength brings to show disdain for world to Jian Chen the capital, even if once and Jian Chen had hostility, but this moment Wang He Tiger Emperor they saw Jian Chen close Beast God Temple swaggering, felt indignant but not daring to speak out, does not dare to get rid. Originally is Jian Chen Supreme, my Roc Clan welcome the arrival of Jian Chen Supreme on behalf of Beast God Continent, Jian Chen Supreme , if there is place that any need we help, although proposed that is.” Roc Clan Saint Emperor Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) is cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Jian Chen, smiling saying, non- throat not inferior, at once the vision took a fast look around complexion gloomy Wang He Tiger Emperor, look that reveals taking pleasure in others'misfortunes. Regarding the Péng emperor, the impression in Jian Chen heart is good, even has also had an admiration to the Péng emperor, because he is in three big Saint Emperor has not involved in Little Bai time only, simultaneously previous time on Tian Yuan Continent competes for Heaven and Earth Sacred Fruit, the Péng emperor similarly has not gotten rid to make things difficult for own, in fights with Abandoned Saint World, is in three Beast Clan Saint Emperor, only discarded the body of own dead, persists in fighting to finally great Saint Emperor. Jian Chen friendly and Péng emperor exchanged greetings several, then the vision then looks to Wang He Tiger Emperor Lang Kangli, said with a smile pale: Looks at two complexion, as if too does not welcome below arrival.” Wang He Tiger Emperor their iron tooth bites tightly, standing of complexion gloomy there, although in the heart arrived here to be very angry to Jian Chen, although in the heart does not welcome Jian Chen very much, but actually a few words do not dare saying that as for looking like Jian Chen admitted defeat, this was more impossible, because they were top powerhouse, they have the own lofty character.

Sees this, on the Nubisi face reveals to sneer immediately, proceeds a station, said: Two 9-Step do top powerhouse, is it possible that result in really does not welcome our two brothers to come here? According to the Beast God Continent custom, do you want to drive out our two brothers?” Along with the voice, a huge imposing manner sends out from Nubisi, his belongs to the 9-Step strength to be completely unmasked. The Péng emperor, Tiger Emperor and king complexion simultaneously change, the vision shifts from Jian Chen to Nubisi on finally, formerly their attention completely centralized on Jian Chen, subconscious has neglected existence of Nubisi, until this time, they surprised discovery Nubisi unexpectedly was also 9-Step Demonic Beast. Wang He the Tiger Emperor two people have looked at each other eye, saw the deep helplessness and aggrievedness from the opposite party eye, formerly was they humiliates others, never looked like this appearance, the archenemy arrives at their dens now, their actually words do not dare to say one much, for fear that was own provokes the total destruction. On this day under naturally cannot prevent the place of your footsteps, but Beast God Temple, you actually cannot go.” Tiger Emperor Lang Kangli braces oneself saying that complexion extreme non- nature.