Chaotic Sword God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1473
Following time, the research of investment of Jian Chen total involvement to the Martial Soul strength during, to expect that in the shortest time found to the utilization skill of Martial Soul strength, thus plays peak the might of Martial Soul strength. Regarding Jian Chen, the Martial Soul strength is a giant buried treasure, he had this buried treasure, what is defective is only opens the buried treasure the key, So long as he had found the key, opens this buried treasure, he will have extinguishes easily kills the Origin Returning powerhouse strength, even if faces Origin Returning powerhouse, even if several Origin Returning powerhouse, he also can definitely in a breath these Origin Returning powerhouse heavy losses. Because his present Primordial Spirit has achieved the Origin Returning boundary, according to description of Bright Moon Fairy Maiden to Martial Soul, he completely is capable of achieving such magnificent success, by that time, in Abandoned Saint World can pose the threat to him only, only has Holy Spirit King. The Martial Soul strength, is the way of most shortcut Jian Chen can think of now, is not like that difficult like the promotion of Dao of Sword and Chaos Body, as for Dao of Sword , he although had Purple Azure Dual Swords, but each promotion of Dao of Sword very difficult, even if he has Grasping Dao Tea Tree, but he knows own, even if uses up Grasping Dao Tea Tree completely, but promotion on Dao of Sword, is hard to achieve with Holy Spirit King altitude like that. Even if on his Dao of Sword and Holy Spirit King are in the similar altitude, but merely with Dao of Sword, is still not the Holy Spirit King match, specifically attacks the Primordial Spirit Martial Soul strength, is the biggest sharp weapon. At his Origin Returning Primordial Spirit intensity, the Martial Soul strength may not injure to the boundary in Holy Spirit King that he is higher, but can also have certain influence to it, but in fierce battle, often a negligence, will then turn around the situation. When Jian Chen is busy studying diligently the Martial Soul strength, Yang Lie, Gui Hai Yi Dao, Feng Xiao Tian they have not been idling, is led by them, convened Tian Yuan Continent successively, Barren Continent, Beast God Continent as well as Sea Region all Saint Emperor powerhouse, the instruction came from Saint Realm formation, the guidance they train group by group.

Although these formation Saint Realm most preliminary formation, but places on Tian Yuan Continent, its Rank by far has also surpassed Saint Tier battle skill, several Saint Emperor collaborate to form formation, although is unable to injure to Origin Receiving powerhouse, but surrounds some date and time definitely to achieve, if forms the formation population more, that formation might is stronger. But Yang Lie, Gui Hai Yi Dao, Feng Xiao Tian three people frequently appears in the Saint Emperor eye, causes their real status, gradually was known by powerhouse of four clans, immediately made the Tian Yuan Continent ten big Guardian Clan status is rapid increasing, became top influence that Raging Flames Mercenaries that was next to Jian Chen leads. Beast God Continent, small white tiger is still carrying on the inheritance of Beast God in Beast God Temple 99th-layer, inside situation outside is unknown, present Beast God Continent, is still leading by Péng emperor Cang Qiong (vault of heaven), even if Beast God Continent presented many Saint Emperor now, status that but is unable to shake the Péng emperor. Barren Continent, the summit of War God Mountain, Tie Ta big Markin dao sitting on the throne in War God Temple, the whole body has intense rays of light to send out, with belonging to War God Temple rays of light interwines, seems is carrying on some fusion. But at this moment, the imposing manner of Tie Ta sending out, several years ago compares, was obviously stronger, his strength during this several years, then made a rapid breakthrough. Although the Tie Ta strength weighs in the Tian Yuan Continent standard now, still also stays in Origin Receiving Realm, but has actually achieved Origin Receiving late-stage, as for battle strength, is stronger, even had with the strength of Origin Returning war. ` If I can control this War God Temple to be good completely, this War God Temple makes me shock firmly, only needs to put the space passage entrance this temple to put, blocks the entrance, that Abandoned Saint World these people could not come, but was a pity that by my current strength, can only practice with the aid of the strength of temple.”

Has this War God Temple, Uncle Arukins can definitely avoid dying, so long as hides in War God Temple, even if that Heavenly Winged Tiger God of antiquity time has only surpassed restraint of predestined time of death, has achieved with the boundary of world same longevity, it is estimated that is unable to break this temple in a short time, is only the pride of battling heavens God Clan, making Uncle Arukins disdain in the avoidance, rather died in battle.” Tie Ta sits on the throne exudes twittering the sound, after into Hundred Clans War God, the Tie Ta whole person also just like experiencing a baptism, making him maturer. His freely he, but his mental actually transformed, was not the past is like that gruff, from time to time foolishly silly appearance. Mercenary City Supreme Elder Tian Jian has not come, still in building up that Supreme Temple that is left behind by Mo Tianyun, this temple is obviously out of the ordinary, when by the Tian Jian Saint Emperor strength, builds up such hard sledding. Radiant Saint Master Guild, the association president and Great Elder are also closing up, by the own 8-Step Radiant Saint Master strength, went to resurrection initially Jian Chen to leave their Ruler Armament fully already King Armament, in order, in made war before Abandoned Saint World on a large scale, was Tian Yuan Continent increases one point of strength. Tian Yuan Continent, Beast God Continent, Barren Continent, is deep sea Sea Region, all powerhouse to next time fight to be preparing, will only have these strengths to be mean, in fought Martial Artist that could not help completely like that to pass such as the past with Abandoned Saint World to be idle. These Martial Artist, the unusual person knows the great strength of Abandoned Saint World, they only knew own this side powerhouse to block an invasion of Abandoned Saint World, cut to kill Abandoned Saint World several hundred Saint Emperor, rushed to an incomparably magnificent success, therefore in the heart then thinks that Abandoned Saint World could not threaten the world that they survived, the time was long, then caused impressions of Abandoned Saint World these three characters in their heart, from initial shock, scared and other in mood, gradual became light, until finally became a topic of their spare time discussion.

In an instant, five years passed, at this time cut to kill Abandoned Saint World Origin Receiving powerhouse from Jian Chen already the past six -and-a-half years, in these six years half time, Jian Chen completely vanished in the people field of vision, have stayed in being away from the Mercenary City not far that piece of mountain close up. In six -and-a-half years of time, Jian Chen besides just started half time to be used for resurrection Emperor Armament that year, the other five years, were all invested by him greatly to the Martial Soul strength during the research. But was a pity that perhaps he high looked at the own perception, or he underestimated the mystery of Martial Soul strength, in these five years time that he invested, not only has not studied to be able truly to play the Martial Soul strength might the method, instead had also been wasted some Immortal Level 5-Tier Grasping Dao Tea Tree by him. This Martial Soul strength is extremely mysterious and mysterious, to study the law of displaying, needs the long years, was not can complete in several years. Now, collapse space passage has formed once more, although has not consolidated, but longest only takes three years, can make Origin Returning powerhouse pass.” In the dim cavern, Jian Chen has opened the eye, his is flashing the bright color like the sharp sword sharp vision, in this dim cavern just like two gems of illumination. Three years, longest, only then three years, I cannot continue to waste the other this precious time in the Martial Soul strength.” Jian Chen has stood, in a low voice twittering, but his vision, actually looked to Sea Region of distant place. Now I can think that can perhaps the method of strength, only have Sea Region.” Jian Chen was saying in a low voice, then changed into the remnant shade to leave together occupied six caves of years, hurried to toward Sea Region.