Chaotic Sword God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1474
Deep sea Sea Region, the bottom of position Yu Dahai, is one piece by the world that extremely huge barrier covers, this barrier has haunched the endless sea water of seabed, became the Sea Region sky, will prevent as for the endless sea water of bottom of deep sea beside barrier, formed one piece to be covered by barrier the vacuum world. This world, is the Sea Region world, is the Sea Clan territory. In Sea Clan, has the inland sea and open sea division, inland sea, is this piece by the world that barrier covers, open sea, is beside barrier, is flooding the endless sea water region. In the open sea, the survival has Sea Clan similarly, as well as does not have deep sea ferocious beast of spirit wisdom. But the survival in these Sea Clan of open sea, majority is some are unable to transform adult, simultaneously within the build huge extremely race, is not they are unable to enter by barrier is covered the inland sea, but is they because of the huge build limit, is quite inconvenient in the inland sea survival, open sea mighty waves turbulent environment is more suitable they, therefore they live in the open sea for a long time, little enters the inland sea, this causes in the inland sea, little sees by Sea Clan that the main body shows. At this moment, by the inland sea that in barrier covers, is having radiant purple rays of light such as the meteor to cut the expansive sky together generally, flies in the upper air by extremely quick speed, suddenly then vanishes in the horizon end. This person arrives at Sea Region Jian Chen, Jian Chen stands on Zi Ying Sword, carries on the back at the back of Qing Suo Sword, looks below that stretch of familiar earth, a disconsolateness of face. At once, his Spiritual Consciousness is sending out, is better than Origin Returning Primordial Spirit by him, effortlessly covers entire Sea Region, although the area of Sea Region inland sea is not smaller than Tian Yuan Continent on many, but stands Jian Chen on Zi Ying Sword, the clarity that at this moment actually entire Sea Region has all that grasps, except for Divine Region as well as Hopeless Sea these two certainly. Through Spiritual Consciousness, Jian Chen saw Sea Temple, saw Flood Dragon Temple, saw Heavenly Spirit Hall, as well as is seriously injured, therapy Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master in the temple and Heavenly Spirit Hall Palace Master that.

Meanwhile, he also saw the lively Turtle Clan tribe, today's Turtle Clan, reappeared the past magnificence truly, the clansman has achieved 100,000 audiences, and besides them, several tens of thousands comes with admiration, goes for shelter also or attaches in Turtle Clan tribe Sea Clan warrior on own initiative, this causes Turtle Clan, even if not depend upon the Jian Chen fame, became the apex big influence in Sea Region, is next to three big temples. But in Turtle Clan center, Jian Chen saw has the hundred zhang (333m) high statue fully, is without change with own, lifelikeness of carving, just like the Jian Chen honorable person. In front of the statue, many Turtle Clan clansmen as well as afterward joined Sea Clan warrior face reverent worshipping on bended knees of Turtle Clan, all people look to the vision of Jian Chen statue, has filled frantically, just like this statue, is their beliefs, is their Spiritual God. In the rear area, dozens zhang (3.33 m) high tower stands erect there, this tower, completely is by the best-quality water crystal coin construction, the entire tower that made sent out the strength of water element rushed purely. This high tower only on the statue short several feet that the hundred zhang (333m) is higher, is built on behind the statue, when Jian Chen Primordial Spirit penetrates this tower, his clear sees highest one of the tower, consecrated to lend the Turtle Clan aura Inner Core. When sees this Inner Core, in the Jian Chen eye has revealed a complex color, this Inner Core has brought back his recollection, making thought that he can not help initially own just come Sea Region, was donated this Inner Core scene when by Sea God, as well as later meet Turtle Clan Great Elder, finally becomes Turtle Clan King. Jian Chen and Turtle Clan book does not have the least bit to relate, however all initially donated after Sea God his Turtle Clan King Inner Core, had the huge transformation, finally lets Turtle Clan of tribe, welcomed magnificent Era, this point, even if Sea God has not expected. Kai Ya, does not know that is the life and death dies, the Kai Luo Tribe great change, is it possible that was I initially granted him Ba Huang Great Emperor Cultivation Technique to cause, if were really so, that was my Jian Chen has harmed her.” Jian Chen thinks when own just came Sea Region, the person of first Sea Clan knows, in heart exudes one to sigh lightly.

Initially he donated Ba Huang Great Emperor Cultivation Technique to give Kai Ya, on the one hand wants to be Ba Huang Great Emperor seeks for a successor, making the inheritance of Ba Huang Great Emperor be insufficient to cut off, on the other hand, wants to help Kai Ya, after all at that time, acquaintance of Jian Chen in Sea Region were few, besides Evil King, perhaps only had Kai Ya one person. Harbored the complex as well as disconsolate state of mind, Jian Chen arrived at outside Hopeless Sea, stood looks in the distant place that Hopeless Sea was connected the Heaven and Earth boundless bad fog to cover by one, making entire Hopeless Sea be in covering up of dense fog. Hopeless Sea is an extremely special place, here is flooding a mysterious strength, this strength has prevented spying out of all Spiritual Consciousness, even if Jian Chen Origin Returning the strength of Primordial Spirit, is unable to penetrate. Jian Chen stands in beside Hopeless Sea is looking at the front boundless dense fog, in the brain reappears that to scatter the Immortal Emperor flesh and blood in Hopeless Sea, as well as Saint Realm Huan Zhen Highest Beginning Huan Zhen Tower, in the eye reveals the bright color immediately, mixes in, firm and anticipation. This enters Huan Zhen Tower the heart of resolution, as well as to the anticipation that this line of institutes attain! Jian Chen one step treads, this step, his body surmounted several hundred meters distance directly, after three, then vanished in the boundless dense fog, entered Hopeless Sea. In Hopeless Sea, the Jian Chen stride vanguard, every step is firm and powerful, fearless. These time comes Hopeless Sea, when he already not like first time with Sea Temple Palace Master Ya Di Lan Mo entered here that cautiously, but stepped the firm step to march forward courageously. The Jian Chen present white fog fills the air, this is not the ordinary mist, not only keeps the Jian Chen eyesight from forgetting to put on, and made his Spiritual Consciousness also lose the function.

Walks is walking, in Jian Chen behind, presented some ghost eyes gradually, they hide in the dense fog, following of being quietly in Jian Chen behind, but the quantity is also more and more. When the quantity of ghost eye is more than 30 even-numbered hours, they cannot repress finally, has fired into Jian Chen as if by prior agreement, has launched the attack to Jian Chen. Jian Chen as if had not discovered that the behind unusual form, steps the firm step to go forward gradually. speed of ghost eye is quick, suddenly then arrived at the Jian Chen back, bringing light white fog to sneak in the body of Jian Chen. When these ghost eye distance Jian Chen dorsal also three cuns (2.5cm) distances, suddenly sends out a sad and shrill pitiful yell, in an instant then changes into smog to dissipate. Follows close on after that the following ghost eye also hits in Jian Chen behind, immediately, the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound links up into a single stretch, all attacks the Jian Chen ghost eye, changes into a azure smoke to dissipate in this unexpectedly in an instant completely. Jian Chen as if has not heard pitiful yell sound that behind transmits to result, does not return, walk gradually in the dense fog, look is indifferent, if carefully looks that is not difficult to discover on his body, has light sword glow to protect the body. ps: Finally returned to Chengdu, can feel at ease the symbol, first renewed two chapters, continued the symbol to go, today will also renew.