Chaotic Sword God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1475

In this dense fog ominous spirit are many, the dense fog ominous spirit that Jian Chen this meets all the way reached over a thousand much, ominous spirit strength also from initial Saint Ruler until now Saint King, even also some Saint King complete. However without a single exception, these ominous spirit is unable to cause that to fear an injury to Jian Chen, even blocks the step of Jian Chen advance unable to achieve continually, around the body of Jian Chen, is filling light sword glow, he protects the body by sword glow, even if the strength achieves the Saint King complete ominous spirit, is unable to penetrate the sword glow body of Jian Chen to invade in his body, the body that their comprised of the dense fog moves sword glow, then immediately seems like by this weak sword glow strangles to death, changes into the same white fog to merge into one organic whole with all around this boundless white fog. At this moment, walks Jian Chen personal appearance sudden in dense fog, however the next quarter, his form then suddenly disappears in the distant place, when he appears again, has been in beyond hundred meters. In Jian Chen just vanished, the position that he just stood, there space vibrated fiercely, time of only one breath then restored, once more before becoming such as, like that tranquil, is the dense fog winds around as before. But if carefully looks that is not difficult to discover dense fog at this moment, became and formerly was slightly different. In this Hopeless Sea, here space is extremely unstable, often will have the space transmission, Yin-Yang inverts, will have a conveying capacity in any place suddenly, transmits in any place you to Hopeless Sea, or in you, changes the direction that you go forward. Jian Chen when vanguard that in Hopeless Sea flaneries, initially his first time came to here to seek for Sea God Supreme Temple , because had Blue Deep Water Crystal in the direction direction, enabling him throughout to maintain a straight line toward the position advance of Supreme Temple, but this time, he came to here not to look for Sea God Supreme Temple, but sought does not know that hid where Huan Zhen Tower, therefore in this was hard to distinguish the direction in Hopeless Sea, Jian Chen must want to find Huan Zhen Tower, only had to try one's luck. Huan Zhen Tower, is boundary of Saint Realm Highest Beginning given name Divine Item of Huan Zhen Highest Beginning, the Huan Zhen Highest Beginning strength, even if places in Saint Realm the boundary of Highest Beginning , is first three powerhouse extremely, in that age of past years, only had battling heavens God Clan Highest Beginning to be able constant voltage Huan Zhen Highest Beginning. But in Huan Zhen Tower is, is very likely to leave behind the collection of imaginary Highest Beginning, this makes Jian Chen move. Highest Beginning the thing of collection, puts out one casually, even can be as good as all harvests of Jian Chen in yellow and black Small Heaven, therefore at this important moment, Jian Chen , to promote the own strength as soon as possible, has the idea in Huan Zhen Tower menstruates.

Huan Zhen Tower had Item Spirit, if this tower is perfect, Jian Chen naturally does not dare to produce any improper ambition, but present Huan Zhen Tower, not only caused heavy losses by Nirvana Immortal Senior, and on the broken tower, is remains to have the seal that Nirvana Immortal Senior left behind in the past, not only keeps this tower from restoring in this innumerable years, and under the Nirvana Immortal Senior seal even more weak. In the past Purple Azure Sword Spirits said that only has to achieve Chaos Body 7-layer, may enter Huan Zhen Tower, Chaos Body 5-layer is Saint Emperor 3-layer, according to my calculation, 6-layer because of should in Saint Emperor 6-layer to 7-layer about, 7-layer be Origin Receiving Realm, although my present Chaos Body also stays in 5-layer, but adds on comprehension on Purple Azure Dual Swords as well as the Dao of Sword, the true strength was not weak in Origin Receiving, was equal to having the Chaos Body 7-layer battle efficiency, therefore met enough requirement to enter Huan Zhen Tower.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, in the heart has filled with the anticipation. Enters the Huan Zhen Tower standard and absorbs the Yin-Yang Saint Stone standard to be completely different, the Huan Zhen Tower entry standard is individual battle efficiency, at present Jian Chen has attained a designated standard, because Yin-Yang Saint Stone is the strength of as well as Yang strength of practice absorption Yin, this with battle strength irrelevant, needs Chaos Force as well as Chaos Body is the corresponding degree to withstand. Suddenly, the Jian Chen front thick fog fluctuated fiercely, at once a pair is the dense fog ominous spirit eye to appear in the Jian Chen line of sight, this ominous spirit eye extremely bright, just like two gems in sparkling, appears in the dense fog extremely dazzling. Saint Emperor is ominous!” Eye of Jian Chen one bright, flashing eyes stares at this dense fog to be ominous at present, this is this time enters Hopeless Sea, the first strength that meets reaches the Saint Emperor level the ominous spirit, is indistinct, he even can see this only Saint Emperor ominous spirit that incomparably to congeal at present the solid body. That when this only Saint Emperor ominous spirit obviously is not Jian Chen previous and Ya Di Lan Mo arrived here to meet, as soon as it sees Jian Chen, many hesitations, have not exuded one to whoosh immediately fire into Jian Chen. Step of Jian Chen advance is invariable, two fingers the sword, has four feet sword qi to condense immediately together instantaneously, rays of light dazzling, sword qi fills the air, made the sword qi surrounding dense fog unexpectedly thin several points.

The Jian Chen finger concentrates sword qi, to worrying ominous spirit to cut to Saint Emperor that comes gently, under this cuts, the Saint Emperor ominous spirit in a sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, the body was cut two halves immediately, this sword qi has caused very big damage to it obviously, its is condensed by the dense fog, nearly immediately becomes in the body of substantializing very light. When Jian Chen cuts the second sword, at present this Saint Emperor ominous agile with a sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, the physique collapses, changes into white fog to dissipate. Walk that Jian Chen flaneries in Hopeless Sea, absolutely does not have the sense of direction, often will meet strength of the space transmissions, regarding the strength of these transmissions, the Jian Chen majority will avoid, in order to avoid being transmitted to the place that own passes through. But also has such several times, the range of strength of transmission is big, Jian Chen avoids without enough time, will transmit to Hopeless Sea immediately somewhere. Here, does not have daytime and dark night, could not feel completely passing of time, Jian Chen does not know how long own walked here, cuts the dense fog ominous spirit quantity of killing many to be innumerable, even if the ominous spirit of Saint Emperor level, he has also met several, was cut to kill by him all. Scattered Immortal Emperor flesh and blood in Hopeless Sea, Jian Chen has also met several, although these Immortal Emperor flesh and blood existed here the innumerable years, but the blood was not dry, the life was restless, contains fearful killing intent in flesh and blood, even if by the Jian Chen present strength, felt that a heart startled, is unable to approach. At this moment, the line of sight of Jian Chen informer suddenly sees the light, the boundless dense fog of blocking the sky vanished does not see, arrived at a Pure Brightness world, just like entering in another stretch of world.

In this Hopeless Sea, the dense fog is the thin place, is the danger, but the world that Jian Chen is at this moment, takes a broad view to look, in dozens li (0.5km) does not have the least bit dense fog to exist unexpectedly. When Jian Chen sees this, is actually not startled counter- happy, the vision in an instant became bright, because of regarding such world, he had come one time, here Huan Zhen Tower in it place. I finally found here.” Jian Chen muttered said that in this absolutely did not have in Hopeless Sea of sense of direction, to find here is is extremely not easy.