Chaotic Sword God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1575

In the Changyang Xu eye reveals a stunned color, present Three Saints Island Young Island Master actually said that stands makes own hit there, does not hit back, so long as own can injure to his soft body hair loses, this makes Changyang Xu suspect very own misunderstood. Young Island Master, how long may I ask you to practice, if you have practiced for over a hundred years, even was for a long time, I could not hit you also because to should.” Saying that Changyang Xu unemotionally, if Three Saints Island Young Island Master has practiced for several hundred years, he indeed cannot injure an opposite party soft body hair, after all he now is also only 20 years old. Good that Xu'er said that Young Island Master own also acknowledged that is older than Xu'er, the time of practice definitely is not Xu'er can compare, Xu'er lost in the Young Island Master hand, that was also very normal matter.” Changyang Xu mother Xie Yan came from the distance, on the face is hanging a smile, to person an affable feeling. Under this father-in-law numerous situations, Xie Yan takes the Changyang Ke father, she has to ship out this kind of expression. Shangguan Aojian smiles, said: Younger brother, although the elder brother is older than you, but greatly is also 3 or 4-year-old than you, if you thought that this is unfair, that this, the elder brother I stand do not hide here do not dodge, similarly does not make any defense and resisting, but you are Kai Ya demonstrated that your complete strength, including battle skill that you comprehend, if can lacerate on an elder brother skin, the elder brother lost, how?” Heard the Shangguan Aojian age, Changyang Xu has felt relieved immediately, but the Shangguan Aojian following these words, made his complexion very ugly, cold voice said: Your (Huan Zhen) really is extremely arrogant, is it possible that you think really your body is the strong physique is inadequate? Moreover is the strong physique before me, with soil not big difference, but you, since is so confident, my Changyang Xu accompanies today. However I thought that our today's ratios fight, if increases some good luck, that may interesting.” Said behind, on the face of Changyang Xu revealed wipes the meaningful smiling face. Gambling stake?” Revealing that Shangguan Aojian twittering, on face can not help in a low voice wipes smiles craftily, said: Ok, does not know that you can put out any thing.” Changyang Xu turns, in the hand left five wooden boxes to come out, said: I take heavenly material treasure of five ten thousand years of years as the gambling stake, you have won, these things turn over to you, if you lost, I want you to leave behind all Cultivation Technique and battle skill on Three Saints Island.” The gambling stake that Changyang Xu said falls into the surrounding these person of ears, immediately gave to amuse all people, although heavenly material treasure of five ten thousand years of years were very precious, but was not the rare thing, even on Tian Yuan Continent on some large-scale auction rooms, can buy by Purple Coin, but Three Saints Island Cultivation Technique and battle skill, this was the genuine priceless treasure, even if will be Saint Emperor will drool. Almost all people concluded that Three Saints Island Young Island Master will not comply with Changyang Xu decidedly this absurdly, and extremely unfair stopping up.

He He, by heavenly material treasure of five ten thousand years of years, wants to trade all Cultivation Technique and battle skill on my Three Saints Island, this idea is really good, but, I promised you.” Shangguan Aojian Ha Ha said with a smile. Collected sees Shangguan Aojian to comply in surrounding these Saint Realm Martial Artist unexpectedly, look simultaneously gawked, reveals cannot believe the color, at this moment, all of them do not know that because of should say any was good, does not know really at present this Three Saints Island Young Island Master is extremely in the arrogance, had such formidable strength. Even some people started to peep at the Shangguan Aojian strength, but Shangguan Aojian is innate Chaos Body, cultivates the system and Tian Yuan Continent is completely different, in adding on his strength compares in the field many person stronger, this causes in the field in these people, even if Saint Emperor cannot see the Shangguan Aojian accurate strength. At this time, Shangguan Aojian not anxiously not slow put out a style extremely rough wooden box to come out from Space Ring, said: Younger brother, if you have won , the elder brother not only accepts your request, and also grants you this thing, if you lost, I do not want your heavenly material treasure, but you must be in front of here all people to call me an brother.” When speech, Shangguan Aojian turned on the wooden box, immediately the purple peach of fist size appear in the line of sight of people. When sees this peach, collection all Saint Realm Martial Artist breath here suddenly stagnate, stared in a big way the eye, revealed look of shock, the vision of many people became fiery, mixed in, side deep greedy of hideaway. Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, this unexpectedly is Purple Cloud Immortal Peach......” Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, can make Saint King break through Saint Emperor, this Three Saints Island Young Island Master actually takes Purple Cloud Immortal Peach to make the gambling stake, this was really too the ruined family......”

Purple Cloud Immortal Peach except for Jian Chen Supreme, does not have the second person to take all over the world, this belongs to the incomparable items most precious object, each is the priceless treasure, Young Island Master, how you can put out the so precious thing to make the gambling stake, your this was really too impulsive......” ...... The appearance of Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, just likes a powder keg explodes in the crowd immediately general, causes a sound in an uproar, in front of Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, the unusual person can keep cool. Meanwhile , some people after calming down, looked that was full of the dignified color to the Shangguan Aojian vision, Three Saints Island Young Island Master not only had Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, after he put out Purple Cloud Immortal Peach was the gambling stake, stands in his side two Island Master and three Island Master has not prevented, all these all were the clear explanation, two Island Master and three Island Master did not fear that Shangguan Aojian Purple Cloud Immortal Peach will lose, perhaps was does not think that Shangguan Aojian will lose. Xu'er lost.” In the Changyang Ba heart secretly thought, this ratio fights does not need to carry on, he knew the victory and loss, even he also thinks that Three Saints Island Young Island Master has taken Purple Cloud Immortal Peach. However Changyang Xu had not actually realized that this issue, he looks at Purple Cloud Immortal Peach in Shangguan Aojian hand, the eye changed red, although he knows that Purple Cloud Immortal Peach spread from his Uncle there, but he was Changyang Mansion Young Palace Master, although for these years has taken many heavenly material treasure, however in Purple Cloud Immortal Peach regarding this legend, he was actually sees has not seen, let alone obtained. Because of Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, even if his grandfathers does not have second!

This ratio fights me to win, regardless of pays any price I to win, Purple Cloud Immortal Peach I must obtain.” Changyang Xu roared in the heart, Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, this was the achievement Saint Realm only shortcut, if he obtained Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, how long that could not want, his Changyang Xu became side powerhouse. Changyang Xu begins immediately, he grasps Saint's Weapon, changes into firing into Shangguan Aojian that the remnant shade threatens together, his Saint's Weapon similarly is handle two fingers of wide long swords, above is twining wind attribute Saint Force, can achieve the quickest speed thorn by him to the chest of Shangguan Aojian. Smile that on the Shangguan Aojian face is hanging teasing, stands does not dodge there does not evade, similarly has not used any strength defense, results in just like living target. However, the strength when the Changyang Xu long sword belt is striking fully punctures when the body of Shangguan Aojian, Shangguan Aojian vigor installs to crush immediately, however his body, is actually sends without the wound, Changyang Xu strikes fully, shears on not a broken Shangguan Aojian skin radically.