Chaotic Sword God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1576

This is impossible, your flesh and blood possibly so is how formidable, this returns stronger compared with the high-level Demonic Beast body.” A Changyang Xu face shocking is staring at Shangguan Aojian, the whole face is unbelievable look, at this moment, he suspected simply Shangguan Aojian is one turns into the human form actually high-level Demonic Beast, otherwise, how did that also explain this result? Although Changyang Xu is only Great Saint Master, but because was born in Changyang Mansion, this causes him, when is very small started with the powerhouse contact of Saint Realm, and in informer obviously, regarding the Saint Realm strength also fuzzy cognition, but in his cognition, even if Saint Ruler in not the suitable Saint Force situation, is impossible perfectly only with the flesh and blood withstands own strikes fully, even is the Saint King not line, only has the Beast Clan talented person to have such formidable body. very powerful big physique, so physique besides Beast Clan, perhaps only then Jian Chen Supreme had.” Stands the old men in crowd opens the mouth saying that has been full of the exclamation, but the strength of this old man, has achieved the Saint Emperor boundary impressively. Although cannot completely understand the Three Saints Island Young Island Master real strength, but only depends on this point to conclude that Young Island Master of strength, decides however surpasses our anticipation, stems from Three Saints Island worthily, the 23 or 24-year-old age has such formidable strength, even was not weak in Jian Chen Supreme in the past.” What speech is a middle-aged man, was Ancient Aristocratic Family first ancestor, the strength has also achieved Saint King 9-layer. Having god-given wisdom rare talent who this Young Island Master can indeed be called, but according to old man, Young Island Master, if wants with Jian Chen Supreme compared with, still to have very big disparity in the past. After all in the past the Jian Chen Supreme strength was to close right up against the own effort carefully is increased, but reason that not like Three Saints Island Young Island Master and Changyang Mansion Young Palace Master so, the strength such rapid of promotion, could not leave the help of family, moreover this Three Saints Island Young Island Master, feared that has taken also Purple Cloud Immortal Peach.” A crane sends old man expression light saying of young face. Sees this old man, surroundings many Human Race Saint Realm Martial Artist holds the fist in the other hand, among the manners somewhat is having a respect. This old man Roc Clan Saint Emperor Cang Qiong (vault of heaven), what is different from the people, Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) to become Emperor, depends the own effort completely, but is not likely other Saint Emperor, was almost promoted completely by Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, and afterward Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) also had taken Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, his present strength, has achieved Saint Emperor 9-layer. Saint Emperor 9-layer, this in now four clan all powerhouse, only then few several, besides Roc Clan Saint Emperor Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) and Sea Temple Palace Master Ya Di Lan Mo them, had A Da their four brothers.

And now is unable to step into the Origin Realm seal to vanish, powerhouse of these six Saint Emperor peak, might in the future becomes the Supreme characters. Younger brother, do you admit defeat.” Shangguan Aojian holds standing that the arm immovability there, expression light saying. Changyang Xu cold snort, said: You are Three Saints Island Young Island Master, does not have the qualifications to ride my Changyang Xu head, I must take a look but actually, in I display in front of Earth Tier battle skill, can your flesh and blood continue maintains sends without the wound.” The voice just fell, Changyang Xu then exudes one to drink greatly, within the body Saint Force does not have divulging that the least bit retains, making his whole person be wrapped by rich azure rays of light, this is wind attribute Saint Force color rays of light. As Earth Tier battle skill displays, in entire Changyang Mansion blew strong winds, in the ground was the blown sand walks the stone, mist and dust everywhere. At this time, Changyang Ba right hand optional wielded, under this wielded, without a trace that was curled up the sandstorm and mist and dust that then vanish by the strong winds in an instant, but his vision looked to Changyang Xu, was very satisfied nod, in the heart secretly thought: Good, has not thought that Xu'er comprehended this situation Earth Tier high-level battle skill unexpectedly.” Wind shade kills!” After moment fermentation, Changyang Xu Earth Tier high-level battle skill finally complete shows, his whole person as if integrated in the wind, surmounts Great Saint Master to have speed that by one type completely to fire into Shangguan Aojian like lightning, wind attribute Saint Force on Saint's Weapon, was compressed peak.

Bang!” As a sad dull thumping sound sound transmits, Earth Tier battle skill solid hitting of Changyang Xu on the body of Shangguan Aojian, and erupts not a weak fluctuation of energy, in this fluctuation of energy front, the Changyang Xu Great Saint Master strength is hard to withstand obviously, body attacked unceasing withdrawing, complexion became some blanches. Displays Earth Tier high-level battle skill, is not obviously relaxed regarding him. However Changyang Xu actually quite the same as cannot attend to own, his vision stubbornly is staring at the opposite, has been full of the color of anticipation, he anticipated Shangguan Aojian front own this strikes is injured, so long as is injured, even if only a point, that deferred to formerly agreement is also is him to win, Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, will then become his spoils of war. But the next quarter, the Changyang Xu whole person has tarried, look that in the vision completely cannot believe that sees only Shangguan Aojian after Earth Tier battle skill that the flesh and blood withstood him to do utmost to display, was still sends without the wound, Changyang Xu, even if displayed strongest battle strength, is unable to leave a wee bit traces on Shangguan Aojian. Is impossible, this is impossible, cheats, you cheat certainly.” Changyang Xu somewhat crazy yelling, he is unable to accept this fact, this Three Saints Island Young Island Master age also compares greatly 3 or 4-year-old, actually has the so terrifying strength, was the flesh and blood makes own how in the slightest merely, this let be always arrogant and complacent, being conceited Changyang Xu, was a very huge attack. Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, right, is Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, you ate certainly Purple Cloud Immortal Peach to have such strength, this was unfair, if I had Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, you absolutely were not my match.” Changyang Xu said loudly that this moment he, in the heart suddenly presented an envy, the eye of envy quick was red, at the same time, in his at heart regarding own Uncle is also more and more discontented, secretly thought: Uncle too eccentric, rather gives the bystander Purple Cloud Immortal Peach, is not willing to keep one to me.”

Shangguan Aojian, you do not have anything to be quite favorite, although you have won me, but you are depend own to have the Purple Cloud Immortal Peach promotion strength completely, otherwise, you will not be my match.” Changyang Xu is not convinced very much, at this moment, still very proud, does not know restraining. Shangguan Aojian has not been angry, said: Younger brother, you do not think, if not your behind has a family to cultivate you fully, you can also achieve today this achievement? If using all resources on you places other people, everybody can achieve your present achievement in your this age. I acknowledged that my strength can go to today this situation, cannot leave Purple Cloud Immortal Peach and many heavenly material treasure, but you? This is not worth proudly.” „Since you......” Changyang Xu for it illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy, complexion azure white, he have been conceited, being proud quite, even never pays attention to the contemporaries, the achievement that however now, he takes it as an honor actually by not being worth a red cent that Shangguan Aojian said that but he also speechless thinks.