Chaotic Sword God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1596

Is listening to Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yang Wen these two's speech, forms formation Abandoned Saint World many Origin Receiving boundary Custodian, some Origin Returning elders, in the heart are send painstakingly, feels very aggrieved. Thinks that 20 years ago, the Tian Yuan Continent overall strength is really in their eyes nothing to speak, if not emits an exceptionally formidable temple to come out finally suddenly, their Abandoned Saint World another world seizing, who can think, 20 years later, their Abandoned Saint World unexpectedly by a person who Tian Yuan Continent comes compelling so the situation, must unify unexpectedly all people compose great formation to be able temporary copes with him, if great formation collapse, Holy Spirit King if not appear, their here all Origin Realm powerhouse, are perhaps difficult to run away dies. From all sides was about 20 years of matter, the transformation of matter had the so huge contrast, this let Abandoned Saint World many Origin Realm powerhouse, until now was unable to accept. In Abandoned Saint World Holy Spirit Palace, the 3-layer deep place, the giant statues stand erect here, the both eyes of statue broke, are remaining two deep sword marks, but in the both eyes of this statue, the hideaway has one to be similar to the Space Gate gateway, in the gateway, is one piece just like paradise general Small World, the strength of inside Highest Origin is rich, is the several fold of outside. At this moment, in this just like Small World of paradise , the middle-aged man sits cross-legged to sit in the place of center cultivates, the middle-aged man appearance is average, he sits cross-legged to sit here, the body has one formidable to making the world unknowingly spreads for the terrifying aura that it trembles, dominates above Cang Qiong (vault of heaven), waves, can collapse a side to be void, formidable to fearful. This middle-aged man Holy Spirit King, Abandoned Saint World in history most formidable existence! At this time, Holy Spirit King has opened the eye slowly, complexion was tranquil, cannot see the laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness, his vision took a fast look around eye side world lightly, after silent has partly made a sound, in a low voice twittering said: „The this World rule not entire, dark has from the limit in world, isn't able to break through God Realm in this World really? Even if comprehended the rule, grasped turned on the key of God Realm front door, isn't able to visit that domain truly?” In the twenty years closes up, my strength has achieved Highest Origin late-stage, is in Highest Origin Realm most peak the position, may unable to break through God Realm throughout, God Realm, only then after going to Saint Realm, can true cross-over?” This Abandoned Saint World, is not a real world, I after opening the hideaway Spirit Immortal Clan secret here, I promise the Guo Hetu senior, bringing Spirit Immortal Clan to return to Saint Realm, but passage to Saint Realm, then in another world. Since my strength is unable to break through, that continues to close up does not have, no matter what what meaning righteousness, was the time leaves.” Holy Spirit King twittering, at this moment, his look is moving in a low voice suddenly, the hand turns, fills with the plain aura the token then to appear in his hands, at this moment, this token is glittering rapidly dazzling red rays of light.

A Holy Spirit King brow wrinkle, said: This is most urgent summon, usually when coming across very serious matter, will send out such rank summon, outside what happened?” The voice falls, the Holy Spirit King form disappeared in this piece of Small World, just like flickering to move general, appears in Holy Spirit Palace instantaneously. The summit of world mountain, in the formation space, around the body of Jian Chen, nine incomparably swift and fierce sword qi condense instantaneously, in his thought moves, these nine Dao of Sword Qi change into together long rainbow in abundance, all around shoots at that to belong to sword qi that God Beheader Formation sends out like lightning. In the thundering bang, altogether ten eight Dao of Sword Qi bump into, erupts the terror the power and influence, shook the entire formation space to shiver fiercely. Collaborates to display this formation numerous Abandoned Saint World Origin Realm powerhouse, the body shakes in this moment simultaneously, stuffy snort|hum transmit from their throat, these Origin Receiving boundary Custodian, the corners of the mouth of all people have the blood to overflow. Quick, second strikes!” Ouyang Yang Wen look becomes unprecedented dignity, immediately ordered to launch the second attack, now Holy Spirit King not here, if did not block Jian Chen, all of them will be facing the true life and death crisis. All Origin Realm powerhouse clench teeth in abundance, in vision reveals wipes the crazy meaning, immediately injects the strength of Highest Origin, launches the second attack. However, Jian Chen does not start the time that second strikes to them, sees only in the formation space, Jian Chen uses Chaos Force and Dao of Sword strength, condensed handle four feet sword qi to shoot at the nihility of top of the head like lightning. Bang!”

The might that Jian Chen this strikes has achieved Highest Origin late-stage, this struck obviously has exceeded this side formation space withstanding limit, with a bang sound, the entire formation space collapsed immediately. It is not the God Beheader Formation might is not strong, but was this Ouyang Yang Wen and the others only grasped ten 12, was adding on their strength to limit, therefore this was known as that God Beheader Formation of deicide, can only play the extremely limited might sufficiently in their hands, this might can extinguishing easily kill Highest Origin Initial Stage, even was Highest Origin middle-stage, once facing Highest Origin late-stage, that were helpless. formation one broken, Ouyang Yang Wen and other Origin Realm powerhouse by intensely backlash, all person simultaneously were also spouted a blood, is a face with amazement is staring at to break the formation, but Jian Chen. Jian Chen has flown the upper air, above his top of the head, ancient scroll suspended, lends the inexplicable aura, he held this ancient scroll, sees only on this ancient scroll, clear writing has God Beheader Formation three characters, displays God Beheader Formation, this ancient scroll is the essential goods. The Jian Chen careful research, has not received in ancient scroll Space Ring conveniently, he knows that this is a treasure, when stimulates the true might, can kill including the gods. At once, Jian Chen has not hesitated, hand gathers sword qi, murderous aura steaming firing into Ouyang Yang Wen. The Ouyang Yang Wen complexion disastrous incident, the personal appearance draws back anxiously, simultaneously behind him, a blood red world transforms, Blood Sun and waning moon take turn, display Bloody Sun Savage Moon secret skill. Xiong Zhong also at the same time began, is the same with Ouyang Yang Wen, being without hesitation displays Bloody Sun Savage Moon secret skill, this secret skill, is the strongest secret technique that they can grasp at present, at this moment faces Jian Chen, under the dead end, has life-and-death to wrestle. In a flash, Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yang Wen then simultaneously display the Bloody Sun Savage Moon three types, but displays this secret skill by their Highest Origin Initial Stage strength, is really nothing to speak in front of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen broke secret skill that Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yang Wen they displayed by the easily accomplished potential, in the hand sword qi blooms dazzling white rays of light, the thorn of being relentless to Ouyang Yang Wen forehead. Jian Chen!” At this moment, an abundant sound conveys from the world, just likes thunderous generally the continuous reverberation in the sky, along with the voice, terrifying sword qi fills the trim world, in the horizon end, a handle pitch-black iron sword pierced void, the wind spreading electricity holds up toward world mountain Shelai, the speed quick being hard imagination, the previous quarter still in remote incomparably horizon end, the next instance, then arrived at the summit of world mountain, sends out the earthshaking fearful power and influence to shoot at Jian Chen directly. And, in this black iron sword place visited, the behind space changed into a jet black gap, collapses directly, looks from afar that in the sky seemingly presented one to pass through the heavy line of entire world. Holy Spirit King!” In the Jian Chen heart moves, complexion became has enforced immediately, along with Holy Spirit King caught up, caused the Jian Chen thorn to Ouyang Yang Wen the sword, for it, but quick restored, then continued to puncture, killed the heart of Ouyang Yang Wen, was very firm. But under this, Ouyang Yang Wen also puts forth the whole body posture in martial arts avoidance, finally danger and danger shunted fatally has struck, but his arm, actually by Jian Chen sword qi cutting off. Jian Chen vision ice-cold, in the eye killing intent does not reduce in the slightest, the hand pinches Sword Art, the back makes sound of the sword cry in Zi Ying Sword that he carries on the back, bloomed dazzling purple rays of light to fly, changes into welcoming that purple long rainbow did not dread together to pitch-black iron sword, along with attack of Zi Ying Sword, the sky transmitted the sound of thundering immediately, in the Zi Ying Sword place visited, the space was also the collapse, powerful sword qi fills the air in the world, meets as an equal with sword intent that the Holy Spirit King proliferation came, that vast momentum, was not unexpectedly weaker than the iron sword on in the slightest.