Chaotic Sword God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1650

At the same time, Sea Clan Sea God, Tian Yuan Continent Yang Lie, Gui Hai Yi Dao, Feng Xiao Tian, Xiu Si Dun as well as the A Da four brothers catch up from various places, gets together in Changyang Mansion completely, is Jian Chen congratulates. Although Jian Chen has not prepared to carry on all forms of congratulations for this matter, but Shangguan Aojian appears as child of Jian Chen in Changyang Mansion, according to the Tian Yuan Continent custom, is belongs to recognize the ancestor to return to the birth family one kind, even if will be the ordinary families will carry on a jubilation, let alone this matter will occur on Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er these two Supreme, therefore four clan mainland, Old Ancestor of many respected family big influences will be unsolicited, bringing the generous gift to come to congratulate, Tianqin Clan patriarch Qin Xiao, Tian Mu Clan patriarch Tian Mu Ling, King Qin Country Qin Ji, Radiant Saint Master Guild Quan Youcai, Kala Liwei as well as association president, Great Elder , etc., many. Person who has the friendship with Jian Chen comes, finally caused Changyang Ba and Bi Yun Tian husband and wife two people have to overrule Jian Chen not to carry on the proposition that the wedding breakfast celebrated, ordered to chat the banquet officially, entertained the guest. After the jubilation ended, all people depart in abundance, but the A Da four brothers remained. Jian Chen knows that A Da four brothers' goals, greeted their four brothers one, then together left Changyang Mansion with them, arrived at a piece of sparsely inhabited 100,000 mountain central area. In this huge mountain interior, is surviving some Demonic Beast, the strength is not very strong, highest is also only 6-Step, a continuously formidable aura that but along with Jian Chen several people of arrivals, often lends from the A Da four brothers proliferated, immediately frightened these Demonic Beast hastily runs away. The Jian Chen right hand stretches out, in his hands, only has the broken ancient tower of finger size suddenly to appear, has covered entirely the sword mark in the ancient tower, each Dao Sword mark was sparkling, has formed a formidable seal, the seal this small tower. This tower, Jian Chen in the Upper Realm magic weapon that in Sea Region Hopeless Sea obtains, Huan Zhen Highest Beginning Huan Zhen Tower. Along with the appearance of Huan Zhen Tower, the A Da four people of vision neat falling on Huan Zhen Tower, among look is bringing immediately curiously, is bringing a confusedness. Because on this Huan Zhen Tower, their four brothers has had one type not only familiar, and strange feeling. You seek my reason, because of this is this tower.” The Jian Chen vision is staring at the A Da four people, calm saying. The A Da four brothers have not spoken, the complete attention falls on Huan Zhen Tower, was attracted the complete mind. The Jian Chen right hand throws, finger size Huan Zhen Tower was thrown the upper air by him, then under the control of Jian Chen thought that only has finger size rapid expansion of Huan Zhen Tower in the midair, in an instant turned into a base diameter to have several thousand zhang (3.33 m) fully, the reaching to the sky great tower.

Bang!” Increases later Huan Zhen Tower pounding maliciously on the ground, exudes a sad bellow, shook the entire earth in violent trembling, Huan Zhen Tower left the palm of Jian Chen, its weight exposed immediately incomparably, pressed the earth unceasing submersion. Looks that at present this sank dozens zhang (3.33 m) deep Huan Zhen Tower, Jian Chen somewhat helpless shaking the head, this Huan Zhen Tower he has not built up completely, every time is placed in the ground is terrible business, because Huan Zhen Tower in his hands is light as a swan's feather, but once left his hand, then its weight revealed without doubt, must therefore make Huan Zhen Tower increase, the bigger the better, making a large area of ground support the Huan Zhen Tower weight, otherwise, if continued maintains the finger size, then at this Huan Zhen Tower weight, (Huan Zhen) really might sink to this planet core. You come in along with me!” Jian Chen greeted A Da four brothers, the lunch has flown into Huan Zhen Tower that broken front door first. Wear a look of the A Da four brothers shock looked at eye this to reach to the sky the broken ancient tower that also flew along with Jian Chen. Huan Zhen Tower altogether has the 9-layer space, the 9-layer space is the shatter condition completely, all around most border position, huge sword qi suppression there. Jian Chen leads the A Da four brothers to arrive at the suppression in front of first that Dao of Sword Qi, the vision stares at that to put in shatter void huge sword qi, said: Your four people because of this felt an attraction from Huan Zhen Tower, the secret on these sword qi, this sword qi master named Nirvana Immortal Senior, was another world stands in most peak peerless powerhouse, but Cultivation Technique that you cultivated although I do not know from where came, but also was inevitably related with Nirvana Immortal Senior, or was creates by Nirvana Immortal Senior, but this Huan Zhen Tower inside and outside residual had Nirvana Immortal Senior sword qi, perhaps as a result of sword qi with your a common origin, for these reasons, will have an attraction by you.” Nirvana Immortal Senior has four handle Divine Sword, is divided into Mundane Sword, Future Life Sword, Immortal Execution Sword, Soul Extinguishing Sword, four handle Divine Sword have its shape respectively, in Divine Sword with your four people of hand has some similarities in the outlook exactly......” You can simultaneously in the war break through Origin Realm, sword qi that also initially left behind with Nirvana Immortal Senior is related, initially when I subdued this tower, four Dao of Sword Qi help one another, in the past when these four Dao of Sword Qi conceal in my arm, your four brothers fought World's Great Calamity, these four Dao of Sword Qi independent from my arm flew, fuses with you, made your four people be able in then that condition simultaneously to break through......” Jian Chen is the A Da four brothers explained at the same time. Jian Chen, is Nirvana Immortal Senior the Upper Realm person?” A Da asked. Jian Chen nodded, said: Good, Nirvana Immortal Senior indeed is the Upper Realm person, but does not belong to Saint Realm, but is in the hostile position with Saint Realm the person of World of Immortals, is World of Immortals first powerhouse, strength, the far superegos imagine.” Said here, Jian Chen face upwarded the deep sigh, fills saying that regretted: Was a pity that the magnificence of Nirvana Immortal Senior became the past, because of him already falls, died in World of Immortals and Saint Realm battlefield.”

One hear of Nirvana Immortal Senior falls, A Da four brothers look have revealed one complex with the feeling generally, they knew own cultivates Cultivation Technique some origins, but was a pity that the original master fell. You noticed at present, is belongs to Soul Extinguishing Sword sword qi, A Da, I think your sword in the contour, is somewhat similar to Nirvana Immortal Senior Soul Extinguishing Sword, you have a look whether to have the induction with this Dao of Sword Qi, if can absorb these sword qi strengths, that was better.” Jian Chen flashing eyes stares at A Da, among look is having color of the anticipation, this time he brings A Da to enter Huan Zhen Tower, besides solving the doubts of A Da four brothers, other single layer reason, that tries the A Da four brothers whether has the means to make this several sword qi vanish. Because of these sword qi, was seals, the seal the Huan Zhen Tower strength, if the seal did not relieve, even if were he builds up to melt Huan Zhen Tower completely, is unable to play the Huan Zhen Tower true might. A Da stared at Soul Extinguishing Sword sword qi to stare at the moment, then shook the head, said: These sword qi, I felt that familiar and strange, as for absorbing these sword qi strengths, this is impossible, because of me can the clear feeling the great strength of these sword qi, even if my present strength stands here, feels fearful and apprehensive, if absorbs, perhaps I will be ripped the fragment instantaneously, body and soul completely eliminated.” In the Jian Chen eye reveals disappointed look, but is not discouraged, has their four people to arrive in front of second Dao of Sword Qi, this second Dao of Sword Qi, is Immortal Execution Sword remains, corresponds the sword in A Er hand. But the result and A Da are the same, this Dao of Sword Qi, A Er can feel some familiar, but is still not able to absorb this sword qi strength. Then, Jian Chen led the A Da four brothers to go all over the first east , south , west and north, finally did not have to attain, until he brought four people to walk 9-layer Huan Zhen Tower, this has to return disappointedly, withdrew from Huan Zhen Tower. Outside that these sword qi? Do you have the means to control? Is the absorption?” Jian Chen stands outside Huan Zhen Tower, looks at that together Dao Sword mark on Huan Zhen Tower, although in his heart had the result, but still wants to try. The A Da four brothers stared at these sword qi, quick have been closing the eye, but they four people of imposing manners, suddenly changed in this moment. Has gazed at their four brothers' Jian Chen, the pupil is shrinking suddenly, at this moment, he felt that the present A Da four brothers, as if the whole person melts with these sword qi for a body. Their this is drawing support from these sword marks to sense Dao of Sword!” In the Jian Chen heart moves, initially when his first time saw these sword marks, has experienced such scene, but was a pity because finally own boundary is too low, not only does not have to attain, instead almost by intensely backlash.

„The A Da four brothers cultivate Cultivation Technique because to should be Nirvana Immortal Senior hand down, leaves a source with these sword qi, does not know whether their four brothers can sense smoothly.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought. However, when his heart just had such idea, the A Da four brothers' aura immediately became the disorder, simultaneously spouted a blood, complexion became pale incomparable. Jian Chen arrives in front of four brothers, lifts the hand is Radiant Saint Force, therapy for their four people. Although the A Da four people received backlash, the wound of but fortunately receiving is not very serious, by the Jian Chen 9-Step Radiant Saint Master ability, how long has not spent, then made the A Da four brothers restore completely healed. very powerful big sword qi, I have not felt so intense sword qi, has not thought that by my Origin Realm strength, actually does not have including the qualifications of sensibility.” A Da long implored the tone, had a lingering fear looked at sword mark on the Huan Zhen Tower, immediately has put at once then aside the vision, does not dare to attempt to sense. Jian Chen is staring at the above these sword marks, he has not told the A Da four brothers, actually these sword qi in carry on the resistance of long years after Huan Zhen Tower, now became small and weak. Afterward, five people paced back and forth outside Huan Zhen Tower several, but the A Da four people have also flown the Huan Zhen Tower roof, seeing that four not to have the sword qi sword mark, but the final several people did not have any harvest. Jian Chen, doubts in our heart have untied, if from now on you have the place that the need our four brothers help, opens the mouth freely, so long as in our four brothers' scopes in one's power, we decides however will not shirk, says goodbye!” The A Da four brothers have been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Jian Chen, simultaneously left here.