Chaotic Sword God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1676

After several double-hour, the breakthrough finally smooth conclusion of Shen Jian, along with formidable imposing manner restraining that slowly his whole body sent out, eye that his shut tightly, opened in this moment suddenly. In instant, has from his eyes dodges to pass just like the substantive bright that the eye of Shen Jian opens together, is bringing swift and fierce sword intent, when the Mo Mansion six big God Realm elders look at each other with it, without a single exception, the mind of all people are uncontrolled violent shake. From the Shen Jian this vision, their six people felt an invisible oppression strength merely together. The pupil of Mo Mansion Palace Master also suddenly shrinks, looks to the Shen Jian vision, immediately had the huge change, is faint also brings several to segregate the heavy color. This person of strength is not weak, although just broke through to God Initial Stage, perhaps in God Initial Stage, the unusual person could be his match.” In the Mo Mansion Palace Master heart secretly thought, then does not wait for Shen Jian to speak, is all smiles has been holding holding the fist in the other hand to Shen Jian, said: „Below Mo Mansion Palace Master Mo Yan, congratulates the Shen Jian brother to break through Origin Realm, strides in God Realm smoothly, from now, our Anton also will be many God level powerhouse.” Mo Mansion Palace Master expression extremely polite, especially is joined to his present expression and manner again, the person who if not know, (Huan Zhen) really thinks that Mo Mansion Palace Master and Shen Jian they already knew general, and relations are significant. Shen Jian is also holding the fist in the other hand to say to Mo Mansion Palace Master: Mo Mansion has spoken discreetly, in Anton God Realm powerhouse has many, I then just stepped into the God Realm new person, is really nothing to speak. Actually these day our two brothers therapy in your home, has increased many troubles to your home.” A Mo Mansion Palace Master pendulum, saying of not caring a whoop: „Is anything troublesome, the Shen Jian brother was really too polite, was only my daughter Yan'er is innocent, the Shen Jian brother came my Mo Mansion to be a guest, the daughter did not inform my one unexpectedly beforehand, making me quite receive cordially the Shen Jian brother.” Saying, Mo Mansion Palace Master also staring Mo Yan maliciously. Mo Yan spits the tongue, mischievous looks like Mo Mansion Palace Master has made an ugly face, in the heart, but blossomed happily, has not thought that own is also unexpectedly same as the father, rescued God Realm Expert to come back from outside.

After Shen Jian and Mo Mansion Palace Master exchanged greetings several, Mo Mansion Palace Master complexion one positive, said: This my Mo Mansion entertainment inconsiderately, in some flame heart really feels sorry, does not know that which sect family the Shen Jian brother stems from, another day the flame some will certainly pay a visit, apologized to the Shen Jian brother personally.” Hears here, Jian Chen or Shen Jian, in the heart understand that Mo Mansion Palace Master this was must inquire the own two people of backgrounds. Perhaps must disappoint patriarch, our two brothers initially to Saint Realm shortly, is not any influence.” Shen Jian said. hearing that, in Mo Mansion Palace Master heart one startled, saying of face surprise: Initially to Saint Realm shortly after? Is it possible that do you come up from Lower Realm?” „!” Shen Jian replied. The Xi Yu vision also concentrates, is having color of the suspicion obviously, but several other God Realm elders, looked that is also having color of the surprise to the Shen Jian vision. Mo Mansion Palace Master is overjoyed, has held holding the fist in the other hand to Jian Chen and Shen Jian, said: If two you look the flame some, might as well for the time being keep my Mo Mansion, although my Mo Mansion is small, actually also Heavenly God Realm Old Ancestor assumes personal command, has the foothold in this Anton.”

Jian Chen has not thought must keep Mo Mansion, this moment Shen Jian injury restoration, and strength has also stepped into God Realm, in his heart has prepared for with Shen Jian leaves Mo Mansion together, when listened to detaining of Mo Mansion Palace Master, Jian Chen just wants to reject immediately, Shen Jian first one step speaks: Happen to our two brothers do not have what destination, is also unfamiliar with the people and place in this Saint Realm, if Palace Master does not shut out, our two brothers have to disturb several day.” In the Mo Mansion Palace Master heart the great happiness, beckoning with the hand of not caring a whoop said: Does not disturb, does not disturb, how long the Shen Jian brother and Jian Chen brother wants to stay not to have the issue in my Mo Mansion......” Then, Shen Jian and Jian Chen two people lived in Mo Mansion for the time being, now steps into God Realm along with Shen Jian cultivation level, he status in Mo Mansion and formerly naturally may not another day the language. Mo Mansion Palace Master to express attaching great importance to Shen Jian, constructed the seventh imposing manner broad palace to take Shen Jian the place of practice in Mo Mansion, but this palace, in Mo Mansion usually only then the elder can have. In addition, Mo Mansion Palace Master also arranges to Shen Jian one guard who comprised of Origin Realm Expert waits for around the palace, naturally this is not the surveillance, but serves as contrast that aloof status of God Realm powerhouse in this way in Mo Mansion. At this moment, in the Mo Mansion seventh palace, Jian Chen and Shen Jian two people sits facing each other. I planned after you injured is good, leave Mo Mansion, goes to outside the wanderer, but why you must choose to remain. Our Principle sensibility by far have surpassed strength, so long as there is enough practice resources, our strengths can rapidly grow, keep Mo Mansion, will delay our practice.” Jian Chen puzzled asking. After God Realm, every time promotes one step, needs the corresponding Principle sensibility, but he and Shen Jian Dao of Sword have achieved the Sword Primary big accomplishment boundary, such boundary, lets the practice that they open access sufficiently Heavenly God Realm, is short, is only huge practice resources. Although they can also through absorbing world the strength between of Highest Origin promote the strength, but such speed actually on slow many.

Reason that Jian Chen, I the choice keeps Mo Mansion , because in some Lower Realm also people in waiting for us, we in this Saint Realm 10,000 years, besides must promote the own strength, meanwhile wants the coming to a stop foot, paves the way for the following person, but Mo Mansion, is a good choice.” Shen Jian said that the vision looks to Jian Chen, said: Moreover on you also has hidden danger not to eliminate, once you lose the reason, that will unable to distinguish friend and foe, I cannot trig you, even I will die in your hands.” hearing that, Jian Chen was silent, in his brain has thought Lower Realm waits for his person, not only there are his wife, his parents as well as numerous good friends. Although the wanderer will obtain some opportunities outside, but also is in danger, has the falls possibility anytime. He refuses stubbornly importantly, but he, if died, after that when his wife and children, his parents arrive at Saint Realm, that will not survive easily. In addition, in Bright Moon Temple, Shangguan Mu'er, Nubisi, Little Spirit, Little Gold, small white tiger, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu and the others lives, was the hitch on his waist, he fell, that here all people, might be able falls. In the Jian Chen heart secret sighed, the hand turned, Space Ring appeared in his hands, he gives all low-grade God Realm that obtained from Lu Fei with, said: My Chaos Body, if must be promoted once more, the energy of needing is very huge, these Divine Crystals completely are for me useless, you take away, now we must as soon as possible promotion our strengths.” Shen Jian is taking thumb big or medium low-grade Divine Crystals, feels inside implication the strength of pure Highest Origin, in the vision is revealing the bright color immediately, said: If there are enough many Divine Crystals, I can arrive at God middle-stage in the shortest time.” ps: Over the two days had the matter to delay, two of owing records free, will make up slowly.