Chaotic Sword God - Volume 17 - Chapter 1678

First puts out to come to see these two flying swords.” Jian Chen calm saying. In this Saint Realm, his Purple Azure Dual Swords is unable to use, therefore he must seperately prepare a flying sword, only by doing so, his strength can display peak. Although Purple Azure Dual Swords the origin is out of the ordinary, when but because the refinement material is short, making the Purple Azure Dual Swords grade not high, can only has been the middle-grade Immortal Item degree reluctantly, if he with other middle-grade Saint Item, will not weaken to his strength constitution. This customer, middle-grade Saint Item our maple leaf pavilion, although has, but that price......” stands that old man in counter somewhat scruple looks at Jian Chen, Jian Chen and Shen Jian two people are trading including Real Level 1-Tier Cultivation Technique and battle skill, can see at present two people from this point is not the rich Lord, the middle-grade Saint Item price, can it be that they can withstand, even if looked, that also in vain looks. What is most important is this matter he cannot take responsibility, but must ask for instructions the manager Sir in maple leaf pavilion. Jian Chen complexion sinks, the vision immediately became swift and fierce, asked: Is it possible that to have a look at middle-grade Saint Item of your maple leaf pavilion, what also needs to achieve to request inadequately?” Under Jian Chen this swift and fierce vision gaze, this old man body trembles immediately, complexion also in this moment suddenly big change, is passing several points of pale color, he felt that Jian Chen vision, is two incomparably sharp Divine Sword results on seemingly, is the vision condenses merely on him, makes him have seemingly own already by the feeling that the innumerable sharp swords surround, faintly has the pricking to transmit from top to bottom, so long as if own moves, must face Wan Jianchuan the body only tribulation. Customer appeases anger, the customer appeases anger, small this asked for instructions is always in charge, was laid aside the topmost level in our maple leaf pavilion because of middle-grade Saint Item, above had layer on layer the formation protection, only had is always in charge has the qualifications to lead you to come up.” The old men flutter saying that on the forehead has covered entirely the cold sweat, looked that filled to the Jian Chen vision dreaded the color, his own strength has achieved Origin Receiving Initial Stage, even if facing Expert of Highest Origin peak, were impossible only to take to him with together the vision the so huge pressure. God Realm, this person certainly is God Realm powerhouse.” In old man heart secretly panic-stricken, has not hesitated, immediately runs always being in charge of notice maple leaf pavilion. Quick, the old man then and wore the white clothing, the middle-aged man of appearance scholarly walked. The Jian Chen vision falls on this middle-aged man, then saw that the strength of this person has achieved the Highest Origin Initial Stage boundary. „Below Chu Fei, is always being in charge of maple leaf pavilion, does not know whether is two customers wants to purchase middle-grade Saint Item?” A middle-aged man face warm said to Jian Chen and Shen Jian two people, trace is taking a look at them, discovered that own cannot see Jian Chen and Shen Jian strength unexpectedly, this lets in his heart immediately one cold, manner also respectful. First leads us to have a look.” Jian Chen said. Two customers please come along with me.” The middle-aged man to the hand signal that Jian Chen and Shen Jian have made invitation, then brought Jian Chen they to arrive at the most top layer of maple leaf pavilion directly.

The protection of maple leaf pavilion most top layer does very strict, was surrounded by layer on layer great formation, imaginary, killing formation and defense interwines Jian Chen that made could not bear looked at several. At these formation intensities, even if suffered the powerhouse attack of God Realm, can insist the moment time, if were stranded in inside, although was unable to threaten the God Realm powerhouse life, but if wants to run away, is actually not that simple.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought. At this time, middle-aged man opened formation by secret skill, was leading Jian Chen and Shen Jian two people walked directly. Maple leaf pavilion 4-layer appears very spacious, in the tranquil hall, is placing six goods merely, not like first, dazzling has chocked up various 5-Tier. The Jian Chen vision sweeps, discovered that these six goods are almost weapon one kind, achieves middle-grade Saint Item has three, other three are low-grade Saint Item, infinite close middle-grade Saint Item. Jian Chen not many pays attention to other Saint Item, his vision falls, in that two handle grade achieve on the middle-grade Saint Item immortal sword, resembled is attracted all mind. Sees only these two sword length four feet, extends two fingers, a handle is all over the body fiery red, and has red rays of light to bloom, as if there is flaming roaring flame to burn. This is handle Fire Attribute Saint Item, if comprehends Divine Fire Principle powerhouse to use this sword, the strength will obtain the enormous promotion, naturally, even if comprehended other attribute Principle, similarly can use this sword, but is unable to play completely the might of this sword.” The maple leaf pavilion is always in charge in the one side said that ten points enthusiasm. In fact, after knowing Jian Chen and Shen Jian they may be God Realm powerhouse extremely, his manner has had the huge transformation. The Jian Chen vision stayed the moment then to lose the interest on this handle Fire Attribute immortal sword merely, looked to the second handle immortal sword. The second handle immortal sword all over the body silver white, sends out dim white sword glow, but its grade, has been the Saint Item 5-Tier degree impressively, reviews that red flying sword, although with is middle-grade Saint Item, but is actually 4-Tier.

Manager Chu, does not know how this handle sword does sell?” The Jian Chen vision is staring at this handle immortal sword, asking that does not return. This handle sword named flying snow, is Dong An County refiner Grandmaster Xin Nong refines personally, is in our maple leaf pavilion the most precious thing, the treasures of some market towns were known as that the price is ten ten thousand middle-grade Divine Crystals.” The chief steward said. Jian Chen has hesitated the moment, then said: Manager Chu, this Flying Snow Sword whether to be remaining to me, I cross some date and time to purchase again.” Ten ten thousand middle-grade Divine Crystals are equal to surely low-grade Divine Crystals, now on Jian Chen all Divine Crystals add, ten ten thousand low-grade, the distance purchased this to differ the sword is really too far. However the Jian Chen good and evil is also God Realm powerhouse, even can with a Heavenly God Initial Stage war, to get so far as these ten ten thousand middle-grade Divine Crystals, is only a time issue. Naturally, this handle Flying Snow Sword has laid aside in our maple leaf pavilion in fact for over a thousand years, had not been bought, puts for dozens over a hundred years not to have the issue. Now looks like, this handle Flying Snow Sword can find the own master quickly.” Is always in charge very refreshed saying. Jian Chen and Shen Jian brought ten ten thousand low-grade Divine Crystals to leave Maple Leaf City, then rode the Mo Mansion flight magic weapon to return to Mo Mansion. In the flight magic weapon, Jian Chen has given Shen Jian all low-grade Divine Crystals, assists Shen Jian to promote the own strength fully, once Shen Jian has achieved God Initial Stage, or is God late-stage, he prepared to begin to Lu Family Old Ancestor. After the Jian Chen two people left Maple Leaf City, in Maple Leaf City City Lord's Mansion, maple leaf pavilion is always in charge face respectful standing in front of Maple Leaf City City Lord, will occur just in told Maple Leaf City City Lord that in maple leaf pavilion the matter has not concealed. Maple Leaf City City Lord is a deportment dignified middle-aged man, the body has one to belong to aura sending out of God Realm faintly, after listening to always effective reporting, was deep in the short thought. „Did they only look at Flying Snow Sword?” After the moment, Maple Leaf City City Lord face dignified saying.

Indeed, they only have the buying intention to Flying Snow Sword, probably does not have enough many Divine Crystals, therefore Flying Snow Sword they have not bought at the scene, but also makes me remain the sword this first, he crosses some date and time to purchase again.” The maple leaf pavilion is always in charge respectful voice to say. Maple Leaf City City Lord waved, said: Was good, I knew, you get down.” After the maple leaf pavilion chief steward draws back, Maple Leaf City City Lord turns, immediately the jade mirror appears in the hand, fluctuates along with his hand to hit seal definitely, on the jade mirror rays of light flashes immediately, after the moment, presents the Mo Mansion Palace Master appearance unexpectedly. „The two who the black ink brother, you said had a liking for Flying Snow Sword of my maple leaf pavilion, is only in the pouch shy, has not bought, does this you want Flying Snow Sword?” Maple Leaf City City Lord smiles to look at Mo Mansion Palace Master. Wants, I naturally want, my this comes to take the goods, but the maple tree brother, said that we several thousand years of friendship, your Flying Snow Sword price, you cannot gain my small advantage.” Mo Mansion Palace Master he he said with a smile. Said, says......” At the same time, appearance that the place of Lu Family Old Ancestor closing up, a shadow is quietly outside secret room, respectful voice said: Reported Old Ancestor, you made the two who I looked for have the news, some time ago, they just appeared in Maple Leaf City, what rode was the Mo Mansion flying boat.” peng~! in secret room has heard sound of the sad thundering, shakes the entire earth to shiver, Lu Family Old Ancestor that is full of the angry roaring sound to resound from inside: Mo Mansion, is really you, the old man guessed correctly that this matter is you do mostly, the old man will not let off you, the necessity extinguishes your Mo Mansion whole families not to be possible.”