Chaotic Sword God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1740

The Bright Moon Fairy Maiden voice just fell, Jian Chen and other people then at the same time fully get rid, several God form formation similarly, unifies to send out the strength of people most strikes. An Dao Fu and Mo Ling they, then has used the strength of nursing, displays strongest battle skill that grasps respectively to hit to the formation weakness. Around body of Shen Jian, then a little selects the stars to transform, along with Flowing Cloud Sword in hand is puncturing fully, immediately the galaxy transforms, everywhere daylight twinkle, strength of the pure and formidable galaxy emerges to come, in addition holds on Flowing Cloud Sword, changed into formidable sword qi to shoot. Shen Jian without hesitation displays the One Thought to Open the Heavens second type sword that own comprehended a short time ago to refer to the galaxy being imaginary. These time displays the sword to refer to galaxy being imaginary, obviously when be bigger than initially coped with Evil Spirit stronger, in the face of Shen Jian this move, even if Heavenly God late-stage, must cherish hatred in this, only if the opposite party is also having battle strength of supreme talent level. Above the Jian Chen top of the head, two only have finger size silver-white sword qi suspended, sends out sword qi that soars to the heavens, moves along with his thought that these two Profound Sword Qi have simultaneously shot, the speed rapidness, as if has surmounted the lightning, the flash has then shelled in formation weakness that in Bright Moon Fairy Maiden points out. People strikes fully almost sends out at the same time, in the thundering bang sound, Mo Ling, An Dao Fu as well as several God Realm elders by the repetitive backlash of this terrifying energy fallout impact, especially that several God Realm elders, all were spouted a blood, complexion becomes turns white. Because Jian Chen two Profound Sword Qi also send out, causing the intensity that this strikes to be the God Lord level, is energy fallout shakes several God Realm elders to experience personally the heavy losses merely, even if Mo Ling and An Dao Fu also in the unceasing backlash. When wild energy fallout gradual proliferation, Jian Chen and the others complexion actually become exceptionally ugly, all of them held nothing back to send out have most struck, even was the successive biggest card in a hand uses on, however formation had not actually been broken. Oh, it seems like we only then halted in this.” Sees this, Bright Moon sighs gently, has filled reluctantly.

Jian Chen is also somewhat disheartened, dives on the road of place of cultivating to Duan Mu God King, formation formidable is also is above the imagination, although he strength in this Immortal Cave has promoted, but the distance breaks here formation, is still far from. Bang!” At this moment, almost caused a stir in the entire Immortal Cave bang sound to transmit from the exit, wild energy turbulent flow distant transmitting, making Jian Chen and the others complexion very ugly. In this energy fallout, including Jian Chen, all people felt an intense pressure, in front of this energy fallout, perhaps even if were Heavenly God late-stage must cherish hatred. After all, this was collects dozens God Lord Level powerhouse all attacks to form, even if its formidable degree were God Lord must yield and withdraw. Strength of the rich Highest Origin fast emerged from the Immortal Cave exit, lets Duan Mu God King Immortal Cave, from now henceforth changes not to have the environment of strength of Highest Origin, causes here, became same has been full of the strength of rich Highest Origin with the outside. „The Immortal Cave entrance was broken.” The Jian Chen sinking sound said that complexion becomes the unprecedented dignity, the hand turns, a white jade bottle appears in the hand, cannot attend to loving dearly, poured grain of Soul Returning Pill to swallow from inside directly, the strength of Primordial Spirit restored to lose. Then, what he must face is numerous God Lord Realm powerhouse, therefore he must make the own strength restore to most peak! We enter Bright Moon Temple.” The Bright Moon Fairy Maiden sinking sound said that at once her illusory body vanishes suddenly, entered in the temple, then controlled the temple to fly from Jian Chen Space Ring, fell transforms on the ground is a palatial temple, the front door of temple is big wide open.

Does not want dead comes, remember, in this Fairy temple, all of you must seal own cultivation level.” The Bright Moon Fairy Maiden sound conveys from the temple. Mo Ling, An Dao Fu as well as several God Realm elders knew in the heart that the frailty of Bright Moon Temple, slightly opinions, in abundance the seal has not lived in own cultivation level, restrained the whole body aura fast to enter in Bright Moon Temple. Shen Jian, later comes is God Lord Realm powerhouse, you also go to Bright Moon Temple.” Sees Shen Jian to reveal the indecisive color, Jian Chen opens the mouth to say. Shen Jian cultivation level in Heavenly God Initial Stage, the Dao of Sword sensibility is equal to Heavenly God late-stage, still has very big disparity from God Lord. Shen Jian also understands this point obviously, hesitates slightly, after letting Jian Chen is voluntarily careful, entered in Bright Moon Temple. After all people entered in the temple, the Bright Moon Temple build is also reduction fast, then has drilled into Jian Chen Space Ring. In an instant, in Duan Mu God King Immortal Cave, only remained a Jian Chen person outside. Although Duan Mu God King Immortal Cave is very big, but does not have the hiding place, cannot escape the search of God Lord, therefore Jian Chen has not avoided, fortunately same place is sitting cross-legged to sit down, awaits calmly outside person to enter. But he just displayed the strength of Primordial Spirit two Profound Sword Qi lose, at this moment also restoration fast under the help of Soul Returning Pill. After several breath, huge aura appear in the Duan Mu God King entrance, outside God Lord Realm powerhouse entered in Immortal Cave, dozens formidable Spiritual Consciousness are unscrupulous takes a fast look around in Immortal Cave in all directions, then completely condenses on Jian Chen. Well! Does inside really have the person?”

Heard that some people of this Immortal Cave before the several years has come, is it possible that is this person?” The Immortal Cave entrance, hears has filled surprisedly lightly well the sound, at once collects in entrance God Lord, turns toward the Jian Chen direction to graze in abundance. speed rapidness of God Lord how, merely several time of breath, these God Lord Realm powerhouse then appear in the line of sight of Jian Chen, has formidable aura sending out, such as the vast ocean is boundless. What stands in the forefront is an old man of features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, the hand holds the Yin-Yang Eight Diagrams plate, is Chan Long Grandmaster. Sat cross-legged to sit in ground Jian Chen slowly has also opened the eye, has stood from the ground, after then the restoration of moment, the strength of Primordial Spirit he lost already restored such as beginning, his vision slowly from collection God Lord here has swept, saying of unemotionally: Has not thought that more than 60 God Lord, this point has gone beyond my expectation unexpectedly actually, has not thought of enticement unexpectedly such big of Duan Mu God King Immortal Cave.” Facing so many God Lord, although in the Jian Chen heart is bearing very strong pressure, but the surface still immovability, does not see slightly the scared look. Indeed, arrived here God Lord quantity, reached sixty from the initial more than 50 growth, collected top powerhouse in peripheral several Divine Country, among them everyone, is representing Old Ancestor of side influence, in respective Divine Country, is few top powerhouse, is that type to sit existence on clouds. Little brother, who are you? Is which family sect?” Coiling dragon Grandmaster vision light is looking at Jian Chen. In their these God Lord, almost unmanned knows the story that the Duan Mu God King jade spreads, did not know the Duan Mu God King jade once only to have the small family that Heavenly God assumed to control by three, at this moment saw Jian Chen in Duan Mu God King Immortal Cave, this naturally made them suspect that Jian Chen had any big background, big origin. ( This is the second chapter, additional chapter of time is late.)