Chaotic Sword God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1754

Jian Chen, gives up any idea of the inheritance of monopoly Duan Mu God King......” Jian Chen, fast makes way, otherwise makes you die without the burial ground today......” Six fire into Jian Chen God Lord Initial Stage to send out drinks coldly, each one murderous aura are steaming, the person has not arrived, then has sent out the formidable power supply to hit to look like Jian Chen. Jian Chen wears the broken armor, protects body that one-third did not arrive , the body long gown is calm, the black hair brandishes carelessly, these six God Lord that in its, astonishing sword intent sending out, this sword intent, made the front surface that clashes, among look was to also reveal the dignified color. Heaven-Splitting Sword!” Jian Chen drinks lowly, Flying Snow Sword had been lifted the top of the head by him, immediately the hundred zhang (333m) long huge sword glow condenses in an instant, with snow in big flakes that everywhere dances in the air, huge sword glow directly is cutting under fast. In process that in this cuts, all around void as if coagulated in this moment, has formed sword domain, covers the energy attack that six God Lord make. Bang!” Both bump into, erupt a thundering bang, hundred zhang (333m) long sword qi also dissipate with the attack that six God Lord make, fearful energy fallout mixes with everywhere fragmentary sword qi to splash in all directions, curls the seat in the world. The Jian Chen body shakes fiercely, complexion was faint becomes pale several points, the five main internal organs (entrails), was such as the overwhelming common ebullition. However his not strong body is actually still tall and straight, such as a solid protecting shield, motionless standing erect there, is resisting from front energy fallout gorgeously, protects the completeness of Bright Moon Fairy Maiden. Meanwhile, in his top of the head, two Profound Sword Qi reappeared, rays of light is eye-catching, sword qi soars to the heavens, sends out the terror the pressure. Profound Sword Qi, besieged Jian Chen six God Lord complexion immediately changed, in the vision revealed wipes alarmed and afraid and deep dreading, the Profound Sword Qi might, all of them may with own eyes experience, can cutting easily kill God Lord Initial Stage. speed that does not want dead draws back, otherwise, does not take it ill me to get rid heartlessly.” Jian Chen sonic boom drinks, the body imposing manner soars to the heavens, has one man guards the pass greatly, Yorozuo opens the stance.

Now the time passed by two breath. That six God Lord looked at each other eye in abundance, among look has revealed the color of hesitation. Fears anything, we are six people, although his secret technique is fierce, our six people collaborate, does not believe unable to resist, everybody on together.” Finally, along with God Lord Initial Stage cold loudly shout, six God Lord no longer hesitates finally, encircles one group, takes care of mutually, firing into Jian Chen fast. In the Jian Chen eye the cold brightness dodges, the thought moves, suspended in Profound Sword Qi of top of the head, changes into a white light immediately, to surmount speed like lightning to have shot, attacks to God Lord. In that flash that Profound Sword Qi projects, six God Lord also in abundance hovering lived in the personal appearance, gets rid to resist this together Profound Sword Qi fully, the strength of turbulent fluctuation whole body Highest Origin, is correct saying that the strength of Principle forms sharp sword very Profound Sword Qi. But Profound Sword Qi speed was really too quick, quick almost must surpass their response, speed that although they began is quick, but thinks with Profound Sword Qi that was still far from, when the attack that they made has not moved this together Profound Sword Qi, Profound Sword Qi has then approached before God Lord forehead. Puff!” Sees only the blood splash, before God Lord forehead, left a bloodstain, pricked in this God Lord forehead that Profound Sword Qi does not hinder, extinguished his Primordial Spirit. After another five God Lord are used resists the attack of Profound Sword Qi to fail, at the same time hits on rear Jian Chen. The Jian Chen body megascism, the corners of the mouth had blood to flow out, see only left four ferocious names on his body, but terrifying wound, bright red blood incarnadine that white long gown. As for the fifth attack, then hit on that broken armor.

But this armor also worthily is the Divine Item level magic weapon, although damaged seriously, but the material quality is actually firm incomparable, after withstanding an attack of God Lord, unexpectedly has not left a wee bit traces above. However the strength of that formidable counter- shaking, was actually many exerting on Jian Chen. The Jian Chen footsteps finally were the backlash that could not bear one step, the strength of counter- shaking but transmitted from the broken armor was really too strong, step regressing, was unable to download this strength obviously, when he must withdraw from second, he was actually fierce clenching teeth, has inserted the ground Flying Snow Sword in hand, has stopped the own body stiffly, was only so the action, made on him the injury even more serious, the yawn on was a blood has spurted coming out. He cannot draw back, draws back again one step, must collide to the Primordial Spirit body of Bright Moon Fairy Maiden! Jian Chen has scratched the blood of corners of the mouth, although experiences personally the heavy losses, but in his manners is not to actually be able to see slightly weak look, turns the hand, has put out from Space Ring from Medicine Pill indoor acquisition the therapy wondrous medicines of Real Level 7-Tier comes back to life pill, has swallowed together with grain of Soul Returning Pill together. As Medicine Pill enters the abdomen, his within the body injury immediately was to heal fast, has displayed Profound Sword Qi Primordial Spirit of loss, melted along with the Soul Returning Pill efficacy, started fast to restore. Meanwhile, the Chaos Force crazy revolution of Jian Chen within the body, the Chaos Body superiority was displayed peak by him, treasures any a wee bit time full speed therapy. Under Chaos Force as well as therapy wondrous medicines dual cure, the injury that Jian Chen just suffered, immediately is restoring by very astonishing speed, restores the rapidness of speed, if makes here any God Lord see, can be startled stares dumbfounded. Now, the time passed by five breath. Bi Hai Cang Qiong (vault of heaven)!” At this time, drank to transmit greatly, in five God Lord, including person started to display Real Level battle skill, in its behind, reappeared the vast expanse of water sea, resembled and world as one, the strength of rolling up and pushing along entire world embezzles to go toward Jian Chen continually. Fire god refers to!” Also is God Lord starts to display battle skill, the body roaring flame is torrential, condenses a giant finger to go toward the Jian Chen point. Darkness does not have up!”

Extinguishes the palm greatly!” God of death bewitches to cut!” Five God Lord display Real Level battle skill, the terrifying pressure fills the air in the world, five incomparably fearful attacks are easily accomplished, are having the destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth might toward the Jian Chen billowing crush. Jian Chen complexion becomes the unprecedented dignity, read, second Profound Sword Qi was sent out by him, launched to thunder to clash with opposite five God Lord battle skill. Profound Sword Qi changes into a lightning, in an instant helps first Dao of Sword Qi bump into, in the bellow, first battle skill did not have routing of suspense by Profound Sword Qi, then Profound Sword Qi speed does not reduce in the slightest, sends out soaring to the heavens sword qi to continue direction of fire second, third, fourth, fifth battle skill. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! As the first successive fleeing bellow transmits, battle skill that five God Lord send out was broken by Profound Sword Qi all, but Profound Sword Qi has not dissipated, is glittering gloomy rays of light, the person ready dead who such as fierce does not fear, fires into God Lord directly. That God Lord look incomparable dignity, sends out immediately drinks greatly, the whole body strength rushes, grasps a handle giant sickle to bring cutting that the strength of Principle is doing utmost on Profound Sword Qi. Sends out this to strike, he has been at cost of the life obviously! PS: Asked everybody to listen to free public prestige, micro-signal: xinxingxiaoyao110, heart star free pen name sur- warning telephone, direct searchheart star ramble „ can also find.