Chaotic Sword God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1774

This python is not very good to kill, attainments of this Chan Long Grandmaster on formation, indeed went to very profound situation, to the utilization of formation, is makes me broaden the outlook, can form a strength so formidable product with the flag unexpectedly.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, does not pay attention to this python, but flies in the Bright Moon Fairy Maiden direction. However this python will actually not let off him, although condenses by formation, but actually very nimble and resourceful, the tail sweeps, sees only the remnant shade to dodge to pass together, to speed have pulled out as quick as a flash. bang!” The tail of python brings to unable to imagine the strength that brushes after Jian Chen huge to carry on the back, the formidable strength was lets the Jian Chen back clothing changed into the powder brush, the Jian Chen whole person fly directly, the back was one covered with blood. Jian Chen vision one cold, Chaos Force revolves, the back injury is restoring in according to quick inconceivable speed immediately, just also covered with blood wound, in an instant then to heal. very powerful big flesh body, I first time see such formidable flesh body.” At this time, a thought fluctuation transmitted from python within the body, has been full of the meaning of exclamation. But at once, this thought then once more exudes the screams: Anything! This is how possible, your injury fully restored unexpectedly, I certainly was the vertigo, right, I certainly was the eye flower, was I have misread, possibly restoration speed of some people so were how abnormal, definitely was I have misread, the eye was colored, presented the illusion. Yeah, I weakly to so the situation, unexpectedly presented the illusion now, moreover this illusion also such real, with is really simply same.” The Jian Chen vision concentrates suddenly, looking at steadily stares at this whole body to glitter at present the formation runes python, in the eye gradual is revealing an astonished color. He suddenly discovered that at present this giant python, is not only comprised of formation runes, in within the body of this python, but also the hideaway has not weak Primordial Spirit. This Primordial Spirit intensity, according to the estimate of Jian Chen, because of should be God Lord late-stage. Is one is imprisoned trapped|sleepy God Lord Primordial Spirit unexpectedly?” Saying of Jian Chen face surprise, he saw this God Lord late-stage Primordial Spirit, was imprisoned to be stranded in this formation, is used to strengthen this might, is leading also this formation, is equal to became spirit of same existence formation. However, hears Jian Chen these words, was imprisoned to be stranded that Primordial Spirit in formation seems stepped on tail to result, exclaimed loudly: Was imprisoned to be stranded that to be also what kind of? The boys, warned you, be not looking down upon is imprisoned trapped|sleepy Primordial Spirit, was imprisoned trapped|sleepy Primordial Spirit also to have the dignity.”

You were imprisoned to be stranded in this formation, can only become the puppet in Chan Long Grandmaster hand, ends up to turn out so is out, wants to come not to be your wish, and you draw back, I do not want to begin with you.” Saying of Jian Chen coldly. What? Your does a young fellow of being wet behind the ears, dare to ask me to draw back unexpectedly? Snort, I do not draw back, must block your way, look at you to be able my what, has the skill to hit me.” Primordial Spirit in formation clamored to Jian Chen, very insolent. Another side, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden is avoiding the attack of Chan Long Grandmaster difficultly, every time is the danger dangerous evading, the situation already the unusual crisis. But among her manners has actually filled calmly, did not see flurriedly, has prepared momentarily combustion Primordial Spirit slightly in secret. The price incomparable seriousness that combustion Primordial Spirit, she must pay, does not arrive at the crucial moment, she does not want to use this move. The Jian Chen vision looked at the eye to fall into Bright Moon Fairy Maiden in difficult position, the manner immediately one cold, the thought moved, two Profound Sword Qi reappeared, in his top of the head ups and downs, sent out one, even if were God Lord Realm powerhouse feels incomparable heart startled formidable sword qi. Jian Chen Profound Sword Qi, captured. the attention of all people immediately, at this moment, copes with Bright Moon Fairy Maiden Chan Long Grandmaster, God Lord Realm powerhouse that several are in hot pursuit to Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, in abundance an attention centralized on Jian Chen, in the vision revealed one to dread the color, in the heart has been vigilant Jian Chen Profound Sword Qi, in these God Lord nobody did not dread, even if God Lord late-stage is also so. Although Profound Sword Qi may not kill together God Lord late-stage, but can actually bring the fatal crisis to them. Boy, this... This is any thing, you... You must do... The words that does not want dead quickly receive this thing...” Was imprisoned to be stranded that Primordial Spirit expression in formation has somewhat stuttered, everyone can feel his fearing at this moment. After all, he now is only a small and weak Primordial Spirit body, can only help to display the God Lord late-stage strength to come through formation, once does not have the help of this formation, lost flesh body him, incomparable frailty. In the Jian Chen vision is glittering ice-cold killing intent, flickers stares is preventing own the giant python, will project first Profound Sword Qi. This giant python comprised of formation was controlled by that Primordial Spirit, if Yixin (wholeheartedly) must tie down Jian Chen, not being able to withdraw body of Jian Chen (Huan Zhen) really, therefore he only has to use Profound Sword Qi.

Perhaps saw cold intention in Jian Chen vision, was imprisoned trapped|sleepy Primordial Spirit to be flurried immediately: You... You... Do not visit me with such vision, you... You must do... Do not shoot, do not shoot, little brother, do not shoot toward me, I let, I let, I make you not good, you have any resentment, asks Chan Long that old ordinary man to go directly, when has not seen me, I regard transparently on line.” Facing Profound Sword Qi that fearful power and influence, was imprisoned trapped|sleepy Primordial Spirit to be finally timid, rolls up and pushes along the tail to draw back directly by far, does not dare to stop Jian Chen. At this time, in Bright Moon Fairy Maiden of distant place a Chan Long Grandmaster palm, has spouted a blood, experienced personally the heavy losses. Jian Chen has not paid attention draws back the distant giant python, the vision swift and fierce is staring at Chan Long Grandmaster of distant place, slight hesitation, has not projected first Profound Sword Qi immediately. Whiz!” Profound Sword Qi changes into together the silver-white ray, has shot by quick inconceivable speed, in front of such speed, even if God Lord late-stage is unable by the naked eye capture, only has Spiritual Consciousness to see clearly the path that Profound Sword Qi projects. In front of such terror speed, even if has God Lord late-stage cultivation level, is unable to avoid, only has the frontage to face. Chan Long Grandmaster was already guarding against Jian Chen Profound Sword Qi, in that flash that Jian Chen Profound Sword Qi just projected, Chan Long Grandmaster also recalls has disturbed this piece of void Yin-Yang Eight Diagrams plate, the Yin-Yang Eight Diagrams plate is glittering mysterious formation runes, turns into the giant shield to keep off before the body of Chan Long Grandmaster at the same time. Bang!” Profound Sword Qi hits on the Yin-Yang Eight Diagrams plate, erupts a thundering bang sound, the terrifying strength transmission comes, making the Yin-Yang Eight Diagrams plate hit all of a sudden on the body of Chan Long Grandmaster. Puff!” The Chan Long Grandmaster yawn blowout blood, was flown by distant striking with the plate.

Loses disturbance that the Yin-Yang Eight Diagrams have feared, this side immediately returned to void normal, is not only Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, that several similarly fall in God Lord Realm powerhouse, restored proper speed in abundance. In an instant, the terrifying pressure fills the air, several God Lord get rid to Bright Moon Fairy Maiden completely, sends out the energy bolt of white silk to come toward the Bright Moon Fairy Maiden attack, simultaneously the hand grasps the magic weapon, is alerting Jian Chen second Profound Sword Qi in secret. Bright Moon Fairy Maiden does not have Jian Chen that formidable flesh body, had been hit a palm by Chan Long Grandmaster, she experiences personally the heavy losses, facing the attacks of several God Lord, has been incapable of avoiding. After all she now merely Heavenly God late-stage cultivation level. Whiz!” Silver-white rays of light dodges to pass, Jian Chen second Profound Sword Qi has also shot. However this second Profound Sword Qi, actually does not strike to one of them, the energy bolt of white silk that but directly soars several people of emanations goes. Bang! Bang! Bang!...... As first successive flees the sound of thundering to transmit, Profound Sword Qi routed the attacks of ten God Lord to dissipate directly, the energy bolt of white silk that but other also six Daolai sent out from God Lord middle-stage threatened. PS: Hence, moves chapter of that day to make up completely.