Chaotic Sword God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1805
Besides ten thousand years of Divine Origin Pill and outside Soul Returning Pill these two Medicine Pill, four Medicine Pill are Jian Chen has not seen, pours does not know these Medicine Pill concrete uses. In addition, more than 20 empty bottle, look like from the trace, shortly after these jade bottles were opened obviously, inside Medicine Pill because of this by Bright Moon Fairy Maiden taking. All kinds of heavenly material treasure, in this still have many. And is most noticeable, is one has three meters fully, all over the body golden yellow ginseng. Big ginseng, seemed has been equal to a young tree. And this ginseng all over the body golden yellow, just like the golden irrigation, understands at a glance preciously.” Emanation exclamation that Jian Chen cannot bear. He has seen many ginsengs on Tian Yuan Continent, but has not actually seen at present a such big ginseng. Besides this golden ginseng, many heavenly material treasure as well as the raw materials for medicine, are Jian Chen could not have named character the type. But is a little indisputable, that is these heavenly material treasure is not the common thing. purple scaled stone, the master, here has purple scaled stone......” at this moment, in the brain of Jian Chen has broadcast the Purple Azure Sword Spirits sound. purple scaled stone? What is this?” Jian Chen look is startled, vision subconscious looks around to go. Master, purple scaled stone is refiner material, the grade has been the Immortal Level 9-Tier level, is the master refines one of the Purple Azure Dual Swords essential materials. The masters, Zi Ying of purple scaled stone 30 li (0.5km) place......” in front of you were saying to Jian Chen. Jian Chen Spiritual Consciousness immediately the spread in the past, really in that position that Zi Ying said that had discovered had one zhang (3.33 m) surrounding area giant stone fully. This stone, purple, above has the strange texture all over the body, seems is ordinary just like scales. „Is this purple scaled stone?” Jian Chen is sizing up this one zhang (3.33 m) surrounding area purple stone, curious goes to rap with the hand gently. His hand contacted with this stone merely, then knows that this stone is actually hard, even if own strikes fully, feared that cannot leave a wee bit traces on purple scaled stone.

Worthily is the Immortal Level 9-Tier refiner material.” Jian Chen expresses the exclamation. Master, has Mysterious Lightning Rock in your west side 20 li (0.5km), this is still the Immortal Level 9-Tier refiner material. Good, has not thought that this had found all of a sudden two refiner materials.” Qing Suo excited saying. Jian Chen had found Mysterious Lightning Rock immediately, Mysterious Lightning Rock is the same like purple scaled stone, is an ore, in the surface has the thunder and lightning to glitter, occasionally, the electricity snakes jump to shoot. And, jumps the thunder and lightning that projects also to have the greatly strengthened aggressivity from Mysterious Lightning Rock, even if Saint Emperor boundary Martial Artist, is almost touching must die, is very difficult to maintain a livelihood. If throws Tian Yuan Continent this stone, that who dares to move?” Looks at Mysterious Lightning Rock, the whisper that Jian Chen cannot bear at heart. Zi Ying, Qing Suo, you look again carefully, have a look here whether also has to refine the Purple Azure Dual Swords material.” Jian Chen was saying to Purple Azure Sword Spirits. In Duan Mu God King Space Ring, the material that various Jian Chen do not recognize is a big pile, but only has Purple Azure Sword Spirits, which just now knows is can be to build up sword. Um! We are looking to look carefully.” Qing Suo replied, then sought once more earnestly. But finally, they cannot discover that the third type can be used to refine the Purple Azure Dual Swords material. In these materials, can be used to build up the sword has many, even can be said as, but the grade cannot meet the requirements, therefore can only give up. Can find two types is the accident was also happy, the other materials, I slowly collect.” Jian Chen well satisfied saying, then receives Space Ring at once.

Then, Jian Chen called Mo Ling, him Cultivation Technique as well as battle skill that from Duan Mu God King Space Ring obtained , etc., selected the part to give Mo Ling, was used for packing Tianyuan Clan to teach Cultivation Technique that. Once some people have made the tremendous contribution to the family, can gain these Cultivation Technique the laws of practice with the merit. The other parts are better, Jian Chen is neat placing on a stone table in restricted area, when that batch are following him after Tian Yuan Continent the person who comes up to go out, can according to the own demand select. Afterward, Jian Chen bit has been Mo Ling and An Dao Fu after the matters concerned that Tianyuan Clan will develop from now on, then plenary powers has given Mo Ling and An Dao Fu the family they handles, during his own entered has closed up. In the secret room, Jian Chen sits cross-legged to sit, in his body side, is lying down that he in the golden great ginseng that in Duan Mu God King Space Ring discovers. This time he from Duan Mu God King Space Ring, not only has discovered entire 50 grains of ten thousand years of Divine Origin Pill, and also has massive heavenly material treasure including this golden great ginseng. And these heavenly material treasure are Peerless Generation God King collects, grade high, was far from he initially can compare in these heavenly material treasure that in yellow and black Small Heaven harvested. Therefore, he wants to try through these heavenly material treasure, sur- 50 grains of ten thousand years of Divine Origin Pill, whether can make own Chaos Body be promoted 11 th. „The efficacy of this golden ginseng may be very wild and be very formidable, however my Chaos Body has been promoted 10-layer, to withstand this efficacy, naturally is a cinch.” Jian Chen muttered said that then tore off the root hair of golden great ginseng directly, wolfing down has swallowed the mouth. Immediately, a little bit golden yellow liquid had the boundless vitality to flow from his corners of the mouth place, sent out from the golden juice along with that boundless vitality, entire secret room that made, the vitality was becomes exceptionally abundant. The only minor defect in something otherwise perfect, is in this vitality, is hiding a very formidable wild strength. Many heavenly material treasure efficacies are verve and overbearing, few people are under the direct clothing/taking, is almost is used for the refine the pill of immortality to use, through matching of material, erases ardent nature, making the efficacy temperate. Swallows heavenly material treasure like the direct idle talk that Jian Chen so does not dread, feared that also only had flesh body such as he so formidable Cultivator.

Jian Chen has scratched corners of the mouth with the hand, gives to swallow down all liquids completely, a drop does not waste. Along with an entering abdomen of root hair, Jian Chen within the body just like is a powder keg blasts out in inside, the wild and fierce vitality wreaks havoc in within the body, is attacking the Jian Chen flesh and blood as well as the five main internal organs (entrails) crazily. Originally, Jian Chen thinks by the great strength of own 10-layer Chaos Body, sufficiently withstanding gold great ginseng that wild efficacy easily, but at this moment, he suddenly realized that own really underestimated this golden great ginseng. Efficacy wild of this great ginseng, is Jian Chen has not seen. The Jian Chen body shivered fiercely, his complexion that the brow tight wrinkle, the fierce pain, made became some blanches. Good wild efficacy.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, clenches teeth to insist that starts to build up fully. Jian Chen builds up the efficacy of this root hair very difficultly, finally by his ability, has consumed actually for one month, finally the vitality of this root hair completely builds up. Jian Chen has not stood still , to continue to tear off the second root hair, the brow does not wrinkle to throw into the mouth directly. PS: Second. Said today makes up, but now looks like, today is very difficult to make up, I the symbol make up on the 21 st diligently.