Chaotic Sword God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1851

In rushing to these God Lord outside Imperial City , is talking respectively, all passes message by Spiritual Consciousness, almost the topic revolves on Jian Chen, filled dreaded. Mo Yan and Xi Yu they, under the leadership of Xuan Dou, rushes to beside Imperial City similarly. Patriarch Tianyuan Jian Chen and war between Yang Family Old Ancestor Yang Kai, they are not willing to miss. In addition, in Imperial City also many Heavenly God also tagged along, among the facial expressions filled has roused and anticipated. Regarding them, fight between God Lord very rare, only need observe and emulate, realizes from experience the Principle sensibility of God Lord Realm, can make them benefit greatly, even slightly makes the breakthrough, upper building. Desolated place hundred li (0.5km) away from Imperial City, there at this moment is the sound of thundering dreadfully, a formidable energy fallout impact fast, in these hundred li (0.5km) range crazy wreaking havoc, has formed terrifying storm. Patriarch Tianyuan and Yang Family Old Ancestor, these two big God Lord Realm powerhouse already at the intense war, their forms by a dazzling and radiant rays of light package, one of them protect the body by sword glow, whole body sword qi fills the air, jumps shoots to make a debut swift and fierce sword qi. Another person, the whole body sends out such as golden general rays of light, bright incomparable, controls Principle of Metal in Five Elements, changes to huge golden sword qi, the momentum is astonishing, extremely magnificent. Jian Chen, dozens years does not see, your strength really grew much, no wonder so is supercilious. However although you boundary has achieved God Lord late-stage, with me quite, but was a pity that your cultivation level is eventually worse, now I then makes you have a look at my true strength.” Yang Kai sends out big loudly shout, the long sword golden light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) in hand, God Lord late-stage the strength and the Principle of Metal fusion rushing Highest Origin is one, sends out together hundred zhang (333m) long huge golden color sword glow. At this time, these God Lord in Imperial City rushed to here all, all people stood, in the distant place watched the wars of two Xiong, when Yang Kai sent out this together hundred zhang (333m) long golden color sword glow, their complexion became extremely prudent. This is Real Level 7-Tier battle skill big diamond sword qi that Yang Kai grasps, has not thought that Yang Kai will come up then so fierce battle skill displaying.” The distant place, a middle-aged man sends out to be astonished the sound however, this is Peaceful Heaven Divine Country Imperial City God Lord Realm powerhouse. Jian Chen made Yang Kai feel pressure, although in Jian Chen cultivation level difference, but the superiority in his Dao of Sword rule actually can also make up for several points, then, then shrank among the disparity with Yang Kai, Yang Kai, if did not display battle skill to end the fight by the thunder wrist|skill, they feared that was gets for several days several nights, was close.” Stands answers in his not far away Xuan Dou, Mo Yan and Xi Yu they, are standing in Xuan Dou behind, on the faces of two females, reveals to worry about the color. Mo Yan that pale complexion, in rapid change for the better, she first was takes Jian Chen to give her therapy wondrous medicines now, some time ago Xuan Dou gave her to take grade not low therapy wondrous medicines, under the combined actions of these two therapy wondrous medicines, her injury change for the better fast. Great Luo Sword!” Facing battle skill that Yang Kai displays, Jian Chen does not show weakness, in the hand Sword Art pinches, similarly sends out together golden sword qi. This golden sword qi, exquisite Ling Long, less than one zhang (3.33 m), compared with Yang Kai hundred zhang (333m) sword qi, appeared in the volume small and weak.

Bang!” However, two Dao of Sword Qi touch, in the deafening bellow, is simultaneously collapses unexpectedly, changes into everywhere fragmentary sword qi to scatter to all around, the space that under the terrifying energy fallout shake, actually made had the slight distortion. This confrontation, Yang Kai, even if displays Real Level 7-Tier battle skill, well-matched that but also can only put together with Jian Chen Great Luo Sword. Tai Yi Sword Art!” Jian Chen drinks lowly, in hand Startling Rainbow Sword sword qi soars to the heavens, in one group of dazzling white lights wrap, he as if merges into one organic whole with Startling Rainbow Sword, the body and sword gather, the god and sword melt, just like truly achieved a person of sword to unite, changes into sword light to welcome that wild energy fallout to overrun together, killing of threatening to Yang Kai. The Jian Chen movement is not only rapid, and wonderful quick is incomparable, stems from Yang Kai to anticipate by far, when his Great Luo Sword just displayed, Taiyi sword qi has then displayed, when Yang Kai detection at the appointed time, Jian Chen sword light arrived at his near. golden body does not extinguish!” The Yang Kai fight experience is also extremely rich, drinks lowly, his body becomes the golden light is bright in an instant, Principle of Metal forms formidable defense one after another to cover on him, causes him at this moment, seemed just likes has put on one set of glittering Battle Armor, the military might was uncommon. Startling Rainbow Sword person sword in Jian Chen and hand unites, the whole person changes to handle Divine Sword to puncture on the body of Yang Kai, formidable sword qi and strength of confrontation Yang Kai Principle of Metal, Dao of Sword Principle had the superiority finally, Yang Kai that matter golden body defense that is formed by the strength of Principle of Metal, one was layer upon layer routed under this formidable sword qi. golden body does not extinguish successive time of breath unable to insist that was punctured a hole of fist size by Startling Rainbow Sword, Startling Rainbow Sword under the control of Jian Chen, pushes directly into following this hole. Puff!” Saw only the blood splash, Startling Rainbow Sword pierces from the body of Yang Kai, drops the sword of blood to brave from the back of Yang Kai sharp directly, sword glow was as before gorgeous, the power and influence did not reduce in the slightest. The Yang Kai vision cold fearfulness, dreadful gets angry in the heart ascends, at the same time, the golden long sword in hand, twined strength of the [say / way] Principle of Metal to prick the chest of Jian Chen, similarly pierced the Jian Chen body. This is the God Lord late-stage powerhouse force strikes, even if Jian Chen already displayed peak the Chaos Body superiority , is still not able to resist this to contain the sword of prestige of destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth. Jian Chen look is invariable, not cares a whoop to pierce the sword of own chest, but in secret full play Chaos Force fully therapy. Also at this time, strength of the fierce Principle of Metal erupted suddenly in Jian Chen within the body, such as wild horse of one crowd of running away wreaked havoc galloping, destroyed his within the body vitality.

Jian Chen is not flurried, the strength of collection Dao of Sword Principle comes, resists in his within the body and Principle of Metal, simultaneously his left hand pinches Sword Art once more, short condenses second Great Luo Sword Qi to hit to look like Yang Kai in an instant. Meteor god refers to from out of the blue!” At the same time, Yang Kai battle skill displays, a he golden finger selects directly. Facing this finger, the pupil of Jian Chen shrinks, in his line of sight, saw Yang Kai this finger, as if changed into a giant meteor, has pounded toward own by unequalled speed, the meteor, space had presented being disillusioned illusion. This finger of might wonderfully greatly incomparable, shakes the day to move, just like having the prestige of stars, very fearfully. Sees this finger, observing several God Lord Realm powerhouse complexion in abundance change. This is the Real Level 8-Tier battle skill meteor god refers to from out of the blue, has not thought that Yang Kai actually grasped this battle skill, and has been able to display smoothly came out......” This meteor god refers to from out of the blue is battle skill that God King your majesty collects, put in the book collection pavilion in palace, so long as has made certain contribution God Lord, has the opportunity to perceive through meditation. But was a pity, I and others, although perceived through meditation the meteor god to refer to similarly from out of the blue, but has not comprehended essence, is unable to display......” Some battle skill of God King powerhouse use, grade also 8-Tier......” ...... A bang transmits, the trim earth shook three to shake, under Jian Chen Great Luo Sword Qi in the Yang Kai meteor god from out of the blue referred , was defeated and dispersed directly, but Jian Chen was also seriously battered, the yawn blowout blood, body pounding maliciously has approached the earth. But, he then calmly rushed to the upper air, the body imposing manner is powerful, fighting intent even more astonishing, among look not only does not have the color of slight dispirited, instead fiercely competes and successfully competes. As if, he absolutely does not have injured as to result. Yang Kai bathes in the golden brilliance, is eliminating within the body Dao of Sword Principle by the strength of Principle of Metal, in seeing Jian Chen supernaturally brave incomparable flying sky that flickers, his pupil also suddenly shrinks, in heart unusual shock.

How possible, this is how possible, might no small matter that the meteor god refers to from out of the blue, he withstood my this finger, is inevitably seriously battered, is the person who but how he looks like being all right same?” This, Yang Kai feels very inconceivable. Because in his opinion, Jian Chen withstood the meteor god to refer to from out of the blue, has been incapable of fighting again was right, because of this type battle skill might indeed, under normal conditions was grasped by God King. But the fact is exactly opposite with it, a present Jian Chen distress, the corners of the mouth are flowing the blood freely, but in both eyes the god glow is bright, is powerful, where likely is the appearance that the least bit was injured. But at once, Yang Kai look then cold, in the eye severe light flashes before, the right hand grips tightly the long sword, rushing the strength of Highest Origin erupts, Principle of Metal interweave, strikes to cut fully to Jian Chen. Also in this moment, Jian Chen changes to a lightning suddenly, broke through the space distance, dodges, but during passing, then arrived at the Yang Kai front, speed has surpassed the gods to respond seriously quickly. Symbol of Lightning Burst!” Yang Kai tiger opens the eyes greatly, in his is full in the shocking expression, Jian Chen with sword the lightning puts from the Yang Kai body directly, has broken a hole of lip size the chest of Yang Kai. The distant place, including Xuan Dou, all God Lord Realm powerhouse, Heavenly God that as well as behind caught up with witnessed this, instantaneously became is dumb as a wooden chicken, on the face has covered entirely panic-strickenly. What did they see? A Jian Chen that big body, just likes the sharp sword is unexpectedly ordinary, penetrated the past from the Yang Kai body directly, and only left behind one only to have the transparent hole of lip size on the body of Yang Kai. At present sees one, has surpassed in the field the understanding of many people, making many people feel inconceivable. Because of the hole of lip size, was inferior including a head of adult that a body of person, how can penetrate the past? Puff!” Yang Kai blowout everywhere blood, changes into the bunch of blood fog to float from the sky under. This is the blood of God Lord late-stage powerhouse, in each blood, spreads a fluctuation of energy.