Chaotic Sword God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1855

Almost soon millenniums.” Jian Chen braces oneself saying that in the heart feels very helpless, if his boundary is mean, was seen Cultivation years that is passable, but after now own obviously is God Lord, boundary, unexpectedly still by Divine Emperor Ping Tian one seeing. As if the own Cultivation years, in front of God King Realm powerhouse, are similar to paper same transparent. However Imperial Great Protector has not seen his Cultivation years fortunately, this point at least makes in the Jian Chen heart understand that in God King Realm powerhouse, is not everyone can see the own Cultivation years actually. Because short less than millenniums has then achieved God Lord Realm, indeed will create the stir of Saint Realm. Such Cultivation speed, even if Peerless Generation supreme talent that these apex big influence consumption large amounts of money cultivate, is very difficult to achieve. Rare talent, the rare talent, such Cultivation speed, in Saint Realm feared that was unprecedented, has not thought that the old man I have witnessed a appearance of miracle today unexpectedly with own eyes.” Imperial Great Protector expresses the exclamation, looks to the vision illumination of Jian Chen, as if has discovered a giant buried treasure. He actually does not know, Jian Chen actual Cultivation years, 200 years about, reason that said close millenniums, does not hope that makes to shock everybody, even if is so, lets Imperial Great Protector and Divine Emperor Ping Tian exclaims in surprise incomparably. Jian Chen, by your talent, to join Southern Territory Blood Sun Immortal Dynasty, is an easy matter, if you want, even if enters central region Tian Clan, is certainly trouble-free, went to these places, you will have a better development, stays in my this small Peaceful Heaven Divine Country, will only bury your talent.” Divine Emperor Ping Tian was saying to Jian Chen. A Jian Chen eye of dew ponders, said: Divine Emperor your majesty said well, once has joined the top big influence, by talent that I displayed, various heavenly material treasure, cultivated the commodity, it can be said that inexhaustible, inexhaustible. As long as is advantageous has the shortcoming, will stay will no doubt obtain training in these top respected families, may also mean that will lose the freedom, by many custom restraint, where was liked my so idle Yun Yehe same comfortableness.”

Person is ambitious respectively, road that I must take, is not suitable to join Saint Realm these top respected families and big influences. Makes an idle cloud wild crane, may favor me cultivating.” Jian Chen serious saying. He obtains the inheritance of World of Immortals, regardless of he does want to join the Saint Realm respected family big influence, does not allow him to have the contact with these big influences, otherwise, he will end up to turn out the beyond redemption fate. However Divine Emperor Ping Tian and Imperial Great Protector hear Jian Chen these words, is actually very nod of approval, said: Good, although joins the respected family big influence is a good choice, but if wants to become powerhouse that dominates in all living things, not necessarily must join the respected family big sect, in bustling place informed and experienced, under the baptism of flames of war and blood, is instead easier to discipline a mood and willpower of person, in the future similarly can become powerhouse that dominates above all living things, is the summit of this World.” Divine Emperor Ping Tian vision deep is staring at Jian Chen, said: Jian Chen, since you have chosen this road, I hope that you can walk, by your talent, although does not know that in the future can become person who stands in a summit, but enters into Beginning Realm, is actually not a problem.” Jian Chen to Divine Emperor Ping Tian good a ritual, he knows that Divine Emperor Ping Tian spoke these words, what is true is own considers, in the future perhaps, Divine Emperor Ping Tian will get up loved heart, sincerity hope own can walk was farther. At this time, Divine Emperor Ping Tian threw to token gives Jian Chen together, said: Jian Chen, depending on this Token, you can enter the book collection pavilion willfully, inside has my these year of collections all Cultivation Technique battle skill, you can read willfully.” According to the custom that this emperor set in the past, God Lord in Divine Country, only has to Divine Country makes the giant contributor, only then enters the book collection pavilion to choose Cultivation Technique or battle skill, and also has the limit in quantity. To you, this emperor does not make any limit, will be only hope future you, can walk will be farther.” Thanked your majesty!” Jian Chen held the fist in the other hand, accepted the token. On the Divine Emperor Ping Tian face shows a smile, but he as if has remembered at once anything, the vision looks at the white sky to exude one to sigh lightly, said: Duan Mu God King, Zeng Jingcai was certainly colorful, excels by far the world, to the utilization of Dao of Sword, was it may be said that superb, reaches the pinnacle, was a rare rare talent, even was these by Peerless Generation supreme talent that top big sect big influence consumption massive heart's blood trained, could not miss many, with the boundary, on powerhouse except for God King Ranking, almost nobody was his match.” In the Divine Emperor Ping Tian expression was full of sigh, in the vision has revealed the color of recalling.

Jian Chen does not know why Divine Emperor Ping Tian mentioned Duan Mu God King suddenly, but he has not talked too much, sat in the one side peacefully was listening. Many years ago, when Duan Mu God King is also alive, this emperor once fortunately compared notes with him, I and he with are God King middle-stage, however in his hands, this emperor actually can only support 50 rounds, Duan Mu of battle strength, is makes one feel the terror seriously......” By the Duan Mu talent, if grows, in the future surely will become energy that extremely will monopolize the power in a place, but, he when has not stepped into Beginning Realm, will then suffer the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult Huai An vice- Cult Master violent treachery......” Was a pity that what a pity, only misses the last step, Duan Mu God King then becomes Beginning Realm powerhouse, mounts the God King Ranking strength by him, even if initially enters Beginning Realm, then can simultaneously fight Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three vice- Cult Master by a person of strength, but the perfection, what a pity this last step, he eventually has not overstepped, one generation of heroes, in light of this falls, oh......” In the Divine Emperor Ping Tian expression, filled regretted that was Duan Mu God King falls feels regret. Jian Chen has not spoken, lives in the world of law of the jungle, such matter is really very ordinary. Ling Hou Gong once followed in the past side this emperor goes on an expedition in all directions, has overcome Peaceful Heaven Divine Country this piece of mountains and rivers, this emperor and he, in the surface is Monarch and feudal official's relations, but in this emperor heart, has regarded Ling Hou Gong for the brothers, now Ling Hou Gong obtained Duan Mu is the inheritance, the future achievement will be surely extraordinary, but this need had a process of growth.” The Divine Emperor Ping Tian vision looks at Jian Chen, said: Jian Chen, has incident emperor to ask you, if Ling Family has met troublesome, please help them.” Divine Emperor Ping Tian these words said sincere, this instead makes Jian Chen feel relentless, is it possible that this is Divine Emperor Ping Tian really kindhearted inadequate? By Venerable of his Divine Emperor, I looks but after actually also passably to Ling Hou Gong, but links the Ling Hou Gong family unexpectedly is also concern so.

Is because Ling Hou Gong obtained the inheritance of Duan Mu God King, Divine Emperor Ping Tian concluded that Ling Hou Gong henceforth soars, therefore so cares to Ling Hou Gong? Your majesty has spoken discreetly, only needs your majesty tora, but also who dares to offend in Ling Family?” Jian Chen said. Heavenly Demon Saint Cult!” Divine Emperor Ping Tian sinking sound track. Jian Chen look changes, a face startled color is staring at Divine Emperor Ping Tian, silent moment, said: If your majesty you cannot resist including Divine Emperor, below trivial God Lord Realm, what can also play to affect?” Divine Emperor Ping Tian sighed gently, among look has filled reluctantly, said: Concerned about some reasons, this emperor is unsuitable to get rid, therefore Heavenly Demon Saint Cult only has by you resists.” hearing that, Jian Chen looks the heterochrosis, Imperial Great Protector, after listening to Divine Emperor Ping Tian these words, is puzzled looking to Divine Emperor Ping Tian. «everybody can pay attention to the free public prestige, direct search heart star ramble then, or input: xinxingxiaoyao110, the news about renewal, the ramble will inform everybody through the prestige from now on