Chaotic Sword God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1863

Until the vice general body of this God Lord Initial Stage dies, when a Jian Chen sword pierced the head, body and soul completely eliminated, Liu Shan as well as another God Lord Initial Stage vice generals have not recovered. Not is only they, countless people who in the under county city collects, as well as the Ling Family high and low all family members, this moment is the look delay, eyes stare the copper bell size, feels unbelievable. Quick! Really was too quick! Gets rid from Jian Chen, to cutting to have killed this God Lord Initial Stage vice general, the time needed was really too short, short command many people felt unbelievable. God Lord Realm powerhouse, even if God Lord Initial Stage, in these most Heavenly God Realm the person regarding the county city, is unattainable existence. So long as there is one to assume personal command in the family, that this family then can leap instantaneously into top family in a Divine Country. But now, merely two swords, struck to kill in their eyes unattainable existence, time needed, but also less than a breath, even most has only used for one second, One second, has killed God Lord Initial Stage, this deep has shocked the minds of all people. You... Do you dare to kill our Heavenly Demon Saint Cult God Lord? Our Heavenly Demon Saint Cult will not let off your.” Liu Shan and another vice general have been shocked, a face alarmed and afraid is staring at Jian Chen, outwardly fierce but inwardly faint-hearted. Jian Chen begins suddenly, and wonderful quick is incomparable, making them not have the rescue time. And, makes them feel what heart startled is the Jian Chen strength, his strength, even if takes a broad view in the middle of the God Lord late-stage level, is top one kind. Imperial Palace the tour of book collection pavilion, indeed is makes Jian Chen harvest really greatly, especially that volume at least is the sensibility attainment that God King Realm Dao of Sword powerhouse leaves behind, making Jian Chen benefit greatly, left several points of comprehend and understand, causes his Dao of Sword boundary, rose quietly once more little. Naturally, this point was unable to make his Dao of Sword boundary break through to Sword Spirits middle-stage by far, at present he still stayed in the Sword Spirits middle-stage boundary.

However to Dao of Sword comprehend and understand, causes the promotion of battle strength, is obvious. The movement slight stay of Jian Chen, has not drawn out Startling Rainbow Sword, curls up to inundate Heavenly Sword Qi, kills to Liu Shan of God Lord middle-stage boundary, is powerful, irresistible. Liu Shan look becomes the incomparable dignity, read, covered the Wen Jian County black big net to receive the rope suddenly, in in the wink of an eye changed black long rope, was burning the black demon flame, brandished along with the arm of Liu Shan, long rope changed to black glow to extract. At the same time, another God Lord Initial Stage vice general has also gotten rid, sees only in his hands, is taking a black long thorn, similarly was covered by a black demon flame, without hesitation displays Real Level battle skill. Sees only this black long thorn, in an instant rises suddenly long of straight several rice, sends out to be the formidable fluctuation of energy of God Lord Realm, under this vice general's control, the thorn of doing utmost to Jian Chen, the momentum is astonishing. However, even if Liu Shan collaborates with this vice general, is still not the Jian Chen match, the strength disparate disparity of both sides was really too big. A Jian Chen sword has cut off in the Liu Shan hand this long rope that becomes by the black big net change, lets this middle-grade Saint Item abandonment, but he is the yawn blowout everywhere blood fog. The second sword, his thorn to another vice general, puts together the stack in the common method quickly directly hardly battle skill. Bang!” battle skill that in the bellow, this vice general displays was disintegrated by a Jian Chen sword, this is the middle-grade Saint Item length punctures similarly, even was cut a deep gap by Startling Rainbow Sword, nearly breaks two sections. Puff!” The vice general similar yawn blowout blood of God Lord Initial Stage, complexion in an instant becomes pale incomparable.

By his strength, with is almost has stood in God Lord Realm peak Jian Chen launches the frontage conflict, is no different fights a hopeless battle. Liu Shan shocks with another vice general heart, looked at a facial expression to be indifferent wear a look of alarmed and afraid, killing intent Jian Chen, in the heart has made a decision wear a look of as if by prior agreement, immediately put out a teleportation formation plate from Space Ring, by the quickest speed activation. Sees two people to run away, in the Jian Chen eye severe light dodges, cold snort said: „To run away, does not have is so easy!” Along with the voice, Startling Rainbow Sword sword light rises suddenly, at this moment, Startling Rainbow Sword just like in had the intelligence suddenly, flew from the hand of Jian Chen unexpectedly voluntarily, with extremely quick speed thorn to that vice general. Great Luo Sword!” Meanwhile, Jian Chen drinks lowly, right hand pinches finger joints with the thumb, golden sword qi condenses in his top of the head together in an instant, changes into together golden rays of light, to speed shoot at Liu Shan as quick as a flash. Jian Chen With Soul Imperial Sword, when that God Lord Initial Stage vice general has not activated the teleportation formation plate thoroughly, Startling Rainbow Sword white glow, then puts from his forehead, extinguished his Primordial Spirit instantaneously. But Liu Shan is not similarly exceptional, although he activates speed of teleportation formation plate to be quick, however Jian Chen Great Luo Sword Qi is quicker, his teleportation formation plate activates similarly without enough time, golden Great Luo Sword Qi then cut his head, under wild sword qi sweeping, his head exploded the smashing in void directly, similarly body and soul completely eliminated, Primordial Spirit has not escaped. Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three God Lord, complete falls, has not run away! Below Wen Jian County, countless person raise one's head look at the day, is dumb as a wooden chicken, even complexion of many people become pale incomparable, this is frightened white in huge shock. Short several time of breath, they witnessed three formidable God Lord to be cut to kill in the thunder method, this, making many of them feel that such as dream was imaginary, was not quite real. But impact that their minds are, is the unprecedented hugeness. In many person hearts has even emitted this kind of thought.

God Lord, so is unexpectedly small and weak! Jian Chen received Startling Rainbow Sword, complexion was usual, the vision took a fast look around eye below Wen Jian County, finally fell on Ling Family patriarch Ling Mo Jian, said: This matter, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult feared that will not give up, for extension of family, your Ling Family should better make the preparation of migration.” Ling Family high and low, all people looked that has been full of the admiration and gratitude to the Jian Chen vision, Ling Mo Jian leads all people in family deeply to do obeisance to Jian Chen, said: Senior obligation, our Ling Family always does not forget, the family migrates, we will give careful consideration, after all this matter responsibility is too big, cannot decide carelessly.” Ling Mo Jian does not dare saying that blows the Jian Chen name, was worried that was heard by too many people, then passes to the ear of Heavenly Demon Saint Cult, is Tianyuan Clan provokes troublesome. Although he knows how long this matter could not conceal, if Heavenly Demon Saint Cult had a mind, the investigation branch murderer was the easy matter, but the murderer was the Patriarch Tianyuan Jian Chen news, naturally was later by Heavenly Demon Saint Cult is known was better. Jian Chen had not said that after having taken down Space Ring on these three God Lord fingers, what also in does not examine has, left Wen Jian County directly. After Jian Chen walks, Ling Family patriarch Ling Mo Jian complexion serious is staring at Heavenly God Realm elder, is sending greetings to all people, warned severely their absolutely cannot disclosed the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three elders were killed by Jian Chen. Although neighbor in these Divine Country, known Dao of Sword God Lord besides Ling Hou Gong, only remains Patriarch Tianyuan Jian Chen one, almost does not need to guess that knows Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three God Lord die of who the hand, Ling Mo Jian so cautiously, almost moves unnecessarily, but he still such did.