Chaotic Sword God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1891

First makes a Kai Ya person calm down a bit, she and we are different, we arrive at Saint Realm completely voluntarily, but Kai Ya by you are brought in the condition of not realizing, regarding this completely strange world, she is very naturally difficult to adapt, even is unable to accept. However all these, will have the change along with the time, I want only to take several months, Kai Ya fully will adapt to the Saint Realm circumstances.” Shangguan Mu'er said. Although between she and Kai Ya not how deep friendship, but everybody after all from the same world, in the Saint Realm this vast and boundless strange world, each came from the person on Tian Yuan Continent, will make them feel quite at home. Does not know that I bring to come to Saint Realm Kai Ya, is actually to or mistake. But if I, am not so impossible to make Kai Ya revive.” Jian Chen looks at direction that Kai Ya is vanishing to mutter said that somewhat has mixed feelings. But was quick he to be tranquil, was saying to Shangguan Mu'er: Heavenly Demon Saint Cult invades one's territory Peaceful Heaven Divine Country, Divine Emperor Ping Tian also calls me and others to go to the Imperial City discussion important matter, Mu'er, I must go to Imperial City immediately.” Needs me to pass as you like together, now I can also add on am busy.” Shangguan Mu'er is looking at Jian Chen. These years, the development of Tianyuan Clan, depends entirely on Jian Chen one person to support outside, they almost do not have any strength, now she became God Lord, hopes that can help Jian Chen share some pressures. Jian Chen shook the head, said: In this time, our Tianyuan Clan true power do not expose outside, the critical moment could display the effect, Imperial City I goes to be then enough, you keep in the family to assume personal command, provides against contingencies.” Here, Jian Chen turned, gave his to wrap best-quality Saint Item Battle Armor to take Bright Moon Fairy Maiden from Space Ring, said: Mu'er, this is best-quality defense Saint Item, has formidable protection capability, the war nears, you build up this Battle Armor immediately.” This Battle Armor uses on you will play it biggest effect, you stay behind, now you are the Tianyuan Clan backbone.” The Shangguan Mu'er gentle voice said that advances the Jian Chen body , before Battle Armor. Jian Chen gives a calm smile, to fill in the hand of Shangguan Mu'er Battle Armor forcefully, said \; Does not need to be worried for me that my Chaos Body will soon break through, this Battle Armor for me, the use is not big. Mu'er, is obedient, after I walk, immediately builds up this Battle Armor, knows. You had the protection of this Battle Armor, I can also feel relieved much, can make me not have the extra worries, in the following fight opposes the enemy with single-hearted devotion.” Afterward, Jian Chen left Dong An County, rushes to Peaceful Heaven Divine Country Imperial City directly. In the Dong An County county city, Kai Ya wears a water blue color long skirt, is walking, looks in the county city that flaneries in the county city on that broad avenue crowded, looks to receive both sides that dazzling store as well as the stall peddler, the ear reverberates is interweaving the Large expanse of hawking sound as well as the conversation sound, in her vision, has revealed the confused color gradually.

Occasionally, she also often raise one's head will look up to the upper air, looks at that dark blue, but does not have slightly other color sky, her vision as if penetrated that day on top of the head, looked to the beyond the heavens void deep place. In the county city that clamored, but noisy sound, as well as shape shape of that shuttle in main street and small alley ** the person, made her feel very strange. When but she gains ground looks at this sky, for her very strange sky, is actually obviously just the opposite, takes to her unexpectedly a familiar feeling. This familiar, is most deep place spreads from the bottom of the heart, making her feel confused, feels puzzled, does not know why own will have such feeling. Suddenly, Kai Ya such stands on the crowded avenue, suddenly stretched out own that toward that day of top of the head slowly such as the semi-transparent jade white and tender lush white hands, the five fingers has grasped generally gently, then in toward below under. This movement, completely is her subconsciousness, but is, because her moral nature has a feeling, as if this piece void is very frail, own under can tearing, lift in the hands to be able conveniently to make it be disillusioned. Finally is very obvious, she not only has not torn this day, even is a wee bit space fluctuations has not appeared continually, instead causes acting that so she makes at this moment, appears is strangeness like that caused that on the avenue countless people look askance to watch, all casts the strange vision. Regarding surrounding one, Kai Ya as if no to think that she looks at the palm of own, in eye confused was thicker. At this moment in her heart, the thought is more and more intense, that was she as if really had forgotten any thing, lost certain thing to result, may no matter what she racked brains, recollection diligently, was the least bit cannot think. And what is more, she will start from the own birth, to the present, tip had recalled that experiences, discovered that the own memory does not have the flaw, except for falling into these hundred years of stupor, all sorts that other time experience, can by her clear recalling to mind.

Kai Ya jumps to leap, by its Saint Emperor strength, easy jumped up on the roof of nearby store, she held the own knees to sit, raises head, stares at the sky to be in a daze. This store, is belongs to the industry of Tianyuan Clan, Kai Ya stands in the roof of store directly, naturally by many people are thought is disrespecting to Tianyuan Clan. In the store, the white beard old man floats to empty immediately, but actually does not dare to exceed the altitude of this store, his face angry stares is holding the both legs to sit Kai Ya on roof, the anger shouts to clear the way: Your big courage......” Draws back!” However, the words of this old man have not said that then has the dignified old sound to spread to his ear together. Sees only in another side sky, suspended a crane is sending the young face, the old man of features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, the body long gown flutters, the makings leave the dust, just like a deity people. Of An Dao Fu this old man Tianyuan Clan elders. Jian Chen did not feel relieved that a Kai Ya person in county city, therefore after sending out status token, makes An Dao Fu protect in secret. Because the Kai Ya present strength was really too weak, has not touched including Origin Realm, merely Saint Emperor boundary. Such strength walks in the county city, naturally bad risk.

From store in that old man has the Highest Origin Realm peak strength, after seeing An Dao Fu, immediately becomes respectful, does not dare to speak a few words, returning where comes where goes. That has, Kai Ya does not think that is raise one's head is staring at this day as before, being lost in thought that looks, as if in her eyes, strange and brings familiar sky except for this piece to her, then again did not have other. ...... Jian Chen arrived in Peaceful Heaven Divine Country Imperial City, under two palace maids' leadership, directly entered in the Imperial Palace most central main shrine. After Jian Chen enters the main shrine, discovered that in sat several people, is sits cross-legged to sit on the chair closed the eyes maintains mental tranquility. When Jian Chen appears, these person of simultaneously have opened the eye, condenses completely on his body, many people are wear a look of well-meaning is nodding to Jian Chen with a smile. These people are not strange, Jian Chen 11 had seen, is these God Lord Realm powerhouse in Peaceful Heaven Divine Country. At this moment, in this main shrine, besides Wen Jian County Ling Hou Gong, in Peaceful Heaven Divine Country all known God Lord many came neat. Jian Chen, is really big rack, making our these many people wait for your three days here.” At this moment, sits cross-legged to sit Yang Kai on chair is squinting Jian Chen, expression indifferent saying.