Chaotic Sword God - Volume 19 - Chapter 1893
Especially Jian Chen, Ya Xilian is partial to talent different to report, very remarkable talent character, your fact, if were known by Ya Xilian, she will decide however will give special attention to you, therefore, this person of you must be absolutely careful.” Divine Emperor Ping Tian warned Jian Chen seriously. Thanked your majesty to remind, I will guard carefully.” Jian Chen was sorry that complexion is very serious. He does not think that Divine Emperor Ping Tian is talking irresponsibly, if stared really by seventh Legion Leader, that for him, absolutely is one greatly troublesome. Because of God King Realm powerhouse, Peaceful Heaven Divine Country two, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three big Legion are God King late-stage, in Peaceful Heaven Divine Country completely cannot see slightly the details besides Divine Emperor Ping Tian Jian Chen merely, Imperial Great Protector, Jian Chen can definitely feel fuzzily. Imperial Great Protector freely is also God King, but is actually not the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three big Legion any Leader match. Divine Emperor Ping Tian continues saying: Heavenly Demon Saint Cult nine big Legion, each Legion fixes 100,000 people, however any Legion in these nine big Legion, have to still the abilities of my Peaceful Heaven Divine Country tens of millions armies easily.” The trivial 100,000 people, can actually destroy completely tens of millions armies with ease, this absolutely is the stirring matter. When hears here, many God Lord complexion present become extremely dignified, although they knew the great strength of Heavenly Demon Saint Cult nine big Legion, but every time listens to the person to refer, they were still hard maintain tranquil. Your majesty, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three big Legion attacks our Peaceful Heaven Divine Country, we cannot defend.” God Lord sound extremely painful saying. In the middle of these people, some people have been backing down, waits for the conference, as soon as finished, they then have the family secret to leave, give up here base industry, withdraws from Peaceful Heaven Divine Country. Divine Emperor Ping Tian look tranquil saying: Heavenly Demon Saint Cult builds up three big Legion to invade one's territory, this to our Peaceful Heaven Divine Country, indeed is a difficult war, but also merely is the difficult war, is actually far from the war of destruction, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult, cannot extinguish our Peaceful Heaven Divine Country, because of these ancient dynasties, has sent out the reinforcements, on road that now is marching on. Even if Southern Territory overlord Blood Sun Dynasty, now frequently is also watching here situation. Heavenly Demon Saint Cult destroys completely Three Cauldron Divine Country, is their bottom lines, they are impossible to let Heavenly Demon Saint Cult continuously such unscrupulous working.” What, these dynasties has sent out the reinforcements?”

„Is Blood Sun Dynasty also paying attention to here? Your majesty, is this real? Can Blood Sun Dynasty send out the reinforcements to help us?” Has not thought that Blood Sun Dynasty also such felt relieved to this matter, if Blood Sun Dynasty meddles, threat of Heavenly Demon Saint Cult shortly then erasable.” If Blood Sun Dynasty has the reinforcements, we may counter-attack the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters greatly, wipes out Heavenly Demon Saint Cult even/including Gen.” ...... Numerous God Lord Realm powerhouse reveal the pleasantly surprised color, Divine Emperor Ping Tian these words, regarding them without doubt is a giant gospel, making them see dawn in the darkness. Especially Blood Sun Dynasty, makes them rouse, this is the Cloud Province Southern Territory overlord, strength, was not these ancient dynasties can compare. In front of Blood Sun Dynasty, such as the Heavenly Moon Dynasty ancient dynasty, must bow the head to profess allegiance like this. Heavenly Moon Dynasty was only the ancient dynasty, such dynasty entire Southern Territory had six, but Blood Sun Dynasty, is known as the immortal dynasty, in Southern Territory only immortal dynasty. In these people, only then Jian Chen complexion has not transformed, as before is the dignity of whole face, deeps frown. He knew in the heart, even if were in these dynasties some people aids, was only helps to defend Peaceful Heaven Divine Country at most, as for counter-attacking Heavenly Demon Saint Cult, even wiped out Heavenly Demon Saint Cult even/including Gen, this was impossible. Let alone is Southern Territory Blood Sun Immortal Dynasty, even if existed in that central region does not know that many ten thousand years, were known as Tian Clan Dynasty that eternal did not extinguish, did not have this boldness.

Because initially he from following to have known in Tong Tian that God King Realm powerhouse Tai Dou mouth some top-secret news, the content of this top-secret news, feared is many God King has not heard continually. Heavenly Demon Saint Cult is in itself not fearful, in Cloud Province, can make the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult destruction the influence have many. However behind Heavenly Demon Saint Cult that Supreme Elder, is makes these stand in the top family of Cloud Province most peak dreaded. At this time, Jian Chen has stood, cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying: Your majesty, attacks in our Peaceful Heaven Divine Country three big Legion, except for three big Legion Leader, didn't have other God King Realm powerhouse?” In the Jian Chen heart truly very much has doubts, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three big Legion Leader completely are God King late-stage, mentioned reasonably, was the assistant to be right because of this also some God King Initial Stage and God King middle-stage. In the armies of many places, the marshals have the right-hand man, Commander also has vice- Commander, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult strength such formidable nine don't Legion, have vice leader and so on? Heavenly Demon Saint Cult nine big Legion, indeed in each Legion one God King Realm holds the post, and completely is God King late-stage.” Divine Emperor Ping Tian reveals the color of ponder, said leisurely: According to me understanding Heavenly Demon Saint Cult, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult influence besides these nine big Legion, but also is equipped with Custodian Hall, once in nine big Legion has God Lord broken to enter God King Realm, then will immediately be separated from Legion, enters Custodian Hall to hold the post of a Custodian duty, simultaneously each Custodian, is nine big Legion Leader candidates.” Once there is Leader dead in battle, that new Leader, will choose from these Custodian.” Your majesty, does not know Custodian in this Custodian Hall, actually how many people?” Cold Snow County Yu Bing Clan Bing Lou opens the mouth to ask. Present he, looked like already not initially like that old, on the face reappeared the light red light. These years, the Bing Lou strength also has not the small promotion obviously, present he, has achieved God Lord middle-stage. This time, Divine Emperor Ping Tian fell into very long silence, partly after making a sound, exudes one to sigh lightly, said: Perhaps this issue, powerhouse in these dynasties, cannot reply you. However do not care that this issue, only needs clear Heavenly Demon Saint Cult unable to break through our Peaceful Heaven Divine Country to be then enough, this emperor only needs when battle, you can whole-heartedly, not probably make these come from the people of major dynasties think of as worthless us.”

Should say said that you get down the arrangement, prepares for that battles against.” Divine Emperor Ping Tian beckoned with the hand, had ended this conference. After breaking up, including Jian Chen, in all human brains reverberates the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult Custodian Hall thought that complexion is fluctuating erratically. Looks at the Divine Emperor Ping Tian manner, obviously he is knowing the 1-Star least bit to Custodian Hall the news, otherwise, will not hesitate for a long time. It seems like, in Heavenly Demon Saint Cult this Custodian Hall, because of should have many Custodian.” The Young Master god does not draw this conclusion, complexion become very dignified. Custodian set up a hall, God King Realm did powerhouse in this Heavenly Demon Saint Cult, how many this have?” Jian Chen also guessed in the heart, shock. From beginning to end, nobody mentioned Jian Chen to cut to kill the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three God Lord incident, keeps silent to Yang Kai that Jian Chen bore a grudge. Because in their all person hearts clear, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult three big Legion this time attack Peaceful Heaven Divine Country, in fact has not related with that three God Lord, not to mention trivial three God Lord, are not worth Heavenly Demon Saint Cult waging a war, sets out three big Legion directly. And they also obtain the latest information, these time attacks, seventh, eighth, 93 rd big Legion that not only Heavenly Demon Saint Cult sets out, another six big Legion also all send out. Altogether nine big Legion, are divided into three groups, attacks Southern Territory separately, Northern Territory and Western Territory.