Chaotic Sword God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1927

Jian Chen reveals to sneer, satirizes: Kept on proclaiming saves me, in the end do not kill me, was this Heavenly Demon Saint Cult seventh Legion Leader achievement?” Ya Xilian cluck-cluck smiles, the upper part lies on the body of Jian Chen, gently is swaying from side to side the own body, is coquettish, releases endless charming, that pair suffices to seize the soul beautiful eyes to have the traces of spring to surge ruthlessly, the lush white hands have slid on the Jian Chen face slowly, saying in a seductive voice: Little brother, you like this do not say that the elder sister I, the elder sister I said saves you, really saves you, how also to kill you, after all you will bring that huge advantage to the elder sister, the elder sister naturally will not have treated unjustly you, but absorbed your strength, lost the little vigor.” Moreover, the elder sister treats your way not to be definitely different from others, you know how the elder sister once did absorb the vigors of other men?” Does not wait for Jian Chen to speak, Ya Xilian then stares at both eyes of Jian Chen to continue saying: „Before elder sister absorbed the vigors of other men, was pasting their heads with the palm, but the fates of these people, without a single exception, died completely. But to you, the elder sister will adopt the gentle method, guaranteed, in the elder sister absorbs your vigor in the process, not only does not have the slight pain, instead will also take to you a supreme joy, making you realize that is at as a man true pleasure.” The Ya Xilian sound has the enticement, resembled to contain an infinite charm, graces, every word and deeds, can arouse any man the fire of desire. Primordial Spirit consumption Jian Chen completely, facing on Ya Xilian is bringing that charming, somewhat is hard to resist, that words that especially Ya Xilian spoke, as if changed into demon sound to result in have drilled into his brain, continuous reverberation in his brain, finally a impact he was defending strictly pointed out the stage, resembled to annihilate his intelligence. In his within the body, blood the rapidness of flowing speed, is becomes unprecedented, seemed buried by him in flame of most deep place, the fever is more prosperous. Little brother, you are the man who elder sister my first so treats, you said that the elder sister is good to you? However too should not be worried that the elder sister can look at your flesh body to be formidable, the resilience is the elder sister I am unprecedented, therefore after the elder sister has absorbed your vigor, you will not die. If little brother's your performance can make the elder sister I satisfy, the elder sister I even can make an exception you receive the subordinates, as only person who can take care the elder sister.” Ya Xilian smiles tenderly again and again, looked that shines to both eyes of Jian Chen. The Jian Chen resilience is formidable, this for her, but can help her cultivation level fast growing best-quality cauldron furnace. Perhaps Ya Xilian, you wanted disappointedly, since you saw my strength was strong, that naturally also understands that this strength non- general flesh body can withstand, did you believe you, if dares to absorb my strength, you not only will not obtain the least bit advantage, instead greatly will be injured, finally only met try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off.” Jian Chen opens the mouth saying that simultaneously in heart also secret anxious. Just when he was brought by Ya Xilian was hurrying along, he then by the strength of final Primordial Spirit searches into Space Ring, left own that jade symbol breaking Bright Moon Fairy Maiden.

This is the Jian Chen only hope, only vitality is. Now, saw that Ya Xilian must start to own, but Bright Moon Fairy Maiden has not come, this makes Jian Chen be hard to be calm, the protracted time of only then doing everything possible. ...... On Cloud Province this stretch of vast endless earth, five big territories, respectively are the east , south , west and north four territories as well as situated in central central region, the area of each territory is incomparable big, vast boundless. Mysterious Dao Dynasty, was on Northern Territory this stretch of vast earth one of the few ancient dynasties, occupied resources bountiful Spiritual Mountain treasure lands, the territory area was broad incomparable, even if during Southern Territory this few ancient dynasty, the Mysterious Dao Dynasty strength also sufficiently were in the top three. At this moment, in Mysterious Dao Dynasty Empire Capital, is carrying on for ten thousand years a time martial arts contest grand meeting, the participants from Mysterious Dao Dynasty each place gets together in this, causes present Empire Capital unusual provoking anger, sets up in the Empire Capital center competition range, is the sea of people, dozens by the giant arena that in barrier covers, has God Realm Expert at the intense war. But in the upper air of these arenas, floats is having ten li (0.5km) surrounding area land together fully, above strange flower and grass proliferates, each type priceless, is very rare, sends out to make the fragrance fragrance that one ecstasy, seems seems a float in the airborne garden. But in this garden, is setting up a middle-aged man, he wears the imperial robe, the deportment is dignified, in both eyes the fine glow four shoot, the body has one to be the God King aura to send out faintly. This person, is Mysterious Dao Dynasty Saint King your majesty. But in Saint King side your majesty, two makings is unusual, the Peerless Generation female of appearance causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman, the age seems is not big, merely 20 years old.

These two female such optional sitting here, are eating the precious enlightenment, was chatting, while was paying attention to below competition scene, regarded Mysterious Dao Dynasty Saint King directly, if did not have the thing. But Mysterious Dao Dynasty Saint King, actually does not sit at this moment, but is static standing in the body sides of these two females, among the manners reveals the respectful color, does not dare to talk too much. Sister Bright Moon, you thought how my Mysterious Dao Dynasty this generation of later generation juniors do display?” And a female biting next spirit fruit of gently, looked that to sitting exudes the tender laughter in her opposite female. The Bright Moon Fairy Maiden vision is taking a fast look around under at will, said: Also good, several quite have the person of natural talent actually, in the future will step into the God King domain hopefully.” Here, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden expression, the vision looked to youth below boundless huge crowd, said: That apprentice who Sister Tian Shuang you accept is actually good, in the middle of God Lord was difficult to meet the rival, feared that had the God Lord tablet strength.” Becoming Tian Shuang that female shows a faint smile, said: That is natural, whose disciple Sister Bright Moon does not have a look at that is, these many years, younger sister my apprentice received actually, is good-for-nothing, this disciple who called Man Ye can satisfy me slightly.” At this time, Tian Shuang to was standing in body side Mysterious Dao Divine Emperor said: Goes to call Man Ye!” Yes, Old Ancestor!” The Mysterious Dao Divine Emperor manner respectful reply, told immediately. Quick, tall and powerfully built youth has then flown the hanging garden, does obeisance to Tian Shuang and Bright Moon respectfully, said: Disciple pays a visit the teacher! Pays a visit the senior!” Among the manners, has respectful of the heart. Man Ye, after this sports event ended, you then go to central region to rush to 3000 God Lord Stele, remember, must make your name appear for the master in the stele text.” Tian Shuang unemotionally was saying to Man Ye that the expression is unquestionable, is ordinary just like the king of keeping aloof, does not see to treat Bright Moon Fairy Maiden that temperately kind. Yes, teacher!” Man Ye respectful voice said that but has hesitated the moment, he opens the mouth once more: Teacher, the disciple has my presumptuous request, heard that also presented one to have the God Lord tablet battle strength person in Southern Territory small Divine Country, named Jian Chen, by hearsay unusual was fierce. Therefore, the disciple wants before central region, to go to Southern Territory and a Jian Chen war.”

Because the disciple does not believe that small Divine Country such a very tiny area will present such character, wants to go to meet him.” One regarding Jian Chen, Man Ye is not convinced, did not have on the God Lord tablet, the reputation passed to Northern Territory to come, thinks that his Man Ye was known as similarly has God Lord by the battle strength person, is merely is also known in Southern Territory. Oh, such matter?” Tian Shuang look stares, at once then complied, said: „!” The Bright Moon Fairy Maiden eyebrow selects, looked that does not look at Man Ye one, expression light saying: Southern Territory you do not need to go, you and Jian Chen, no longer in same level.” Well!” Listened to this saying, Tian Shuang to exude one startled well the sound, a face surprise was staring at Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, said curiously: Sister Bright Moon, is it possible that you have seen this person who called Jian Chen? That you said not in same level, is actually to refer to my disciple Man Ye standing in a higher level, refers to this did the person who called Jian Chen stand in a higher level?” When Bright Moon Fairy Maiden just about to says anything, suddenly complexion changes, said: „It is not good, I left his jade symbol to break. Here is too far from Southern Territory, in a short time is unable to arrive, Sister Tian Shuang, uses taking advantage of your Heavenly Law plate quickly.” The Bright Moon Fairy Maiden expression is bringing several points of anxiety, she understands Jian Chen, understands Jian Chen jade symbol that since the crumb she had initially left behind, that has come across the life and death crisis inevitably.