Chaotic Sword God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1948

Following several days, came to visit the Jian Chen person also to reduce, pour also let Jian Chen on several days of peaceful days. However, Mysterious Dao Dynasty Divine Emperor has looked for Jian Chen actually seriously, look discusses marriage to Jian Chen, wants to own two daughter Princess Xing'er and Princess Lan'er betroths to Jian Chen. Regarding this matter, Jian Chen naturally will not agree, without hesitation flatly refused. Although he from the Bright Moon Fairy Maiden mouth knew that Princess Xing'er and Princess Lan'er the physique is special, but he does not have any idea. In addition, as of Clean Clouds Sect Mysterious Dao Dynasty domestic top sects, sent out God King to come Mysterious Dao Dynasty Imperial Palace, has not injured Zhou Chu as well as the Fei He God King incident for Jian Chen wants the justice, but has taken a sincere gift, the manner very sincere apology, hopes that can turn swords into plowshares this matter. In the Jian Chen heart knows all these, has Bright Moon Fairy Maiden to frighten in the back, Clean Clouds Sect so will swallow an insult. The bitter hatred that between he and Clean Clouds Sect anything is unable to melt, has no intention with Clean Clouds Sect for the enemy. Therefore, regarding reconciliation that Clean Clouds Sect proposed, Jian Chen agreed joyfully. Besides this matter, had two stir entire Northern Territory important matters for serveral days. First, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult first, second, third Legion attacks Northern Territory, has raised boundless slaughter in the Northern Territory border, this matter has enraged Xi Clan Empire Empress directly. Xi Clan Empire Empress goes into action personally, has killed single-handedly, will assume Heavenly Demon Saint Cult vice- Cult Master heavy losses of Northern Territory. Now, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult attacks the motion of Northern Territory, temporarily was contained.

As for the second matter, has resounding, in Xi Clan Empire top sect Splitting Heavens Sect, in Xi Emperor holding several days later, Splitting Heavens Sect Old Ancestor compromised finally, hands over initially in Splitting Heavens Sect to participate to two Supreme Elder that Xi Emperor chased down. The compromise of Splitting Heavens Sect, created startled Tao rough sea waves in the Northern Territory major influences, making all influence deeply feel to be startled. Splitting Heavens Sect similarly has the top sect that Great Primal Realm powerhouse assumes, usually, even if Xi Clan Empire Imperial Family treats them to want in the ritual three points. However facing Xi Emperor is the powerful, is Great Primal Realm powerhouse Splitting Heavens Sect Old Ancestor, has chosen admitting defeat unexpectedly, has handed over two Everlasting Realm Supreme Elder. Everlasting Realm Supreme Elder, even if takes a broad view at entire Splitting Heavens Sect, has three merely. „The prestige of Xi Emperor, nobody dares counter......” After this incident, the Xi Emperor power and influence is more powerful, various Northern Territory places, can hear to extol the Xi Emperor person. Matter between Xi Emperor and Splitting Heavens Sect, has solved finally, hopes that the blockade of Northern Territory can a bit faster open.” Jian Chen sits in Mysterious Dao Dynasty Imperial Palace, looks at void that [say / way] huge formation, anticipated in the heart secretly. In these Demon Core and Monster Core violent poisonousness, I built up completely.” At this time, the Bright Moon Fairy Maiden sound spread to the Jian Chen ear, saw only wears Bright Moon Fairy Maiden lotus steps of white long skirt leisurely, slowly walked: These Demon Core and Monster Core, you should better not to reveal in Southern Territory, in their back, involves Blood Sun Dynasty prince. Blood Sun Dynasty in the Southern Territory status, is similar to Northern Territory Xi Clan Empire, the stake of, you know in heart.” Jian Chen received these Monster Core and Demon Core from Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, they have the fist size, inside after being built up violently poisonously, these Monster Core and Demon Core became glittering and translucent carving, even can in indistinct seeing that pure and formidable energy in flowing slowly, very active.

Bright Moon Fairy Maiden raise one's head looks at the day, stares in the upper air that to block the entire Northern Territory light screen together, said: Since matter between Xi Emperor and Splitting Heavens Sect had ended, how long that this blockade could not continue. Tomorrow, Mysterious Dao Dynasty that several have the big sect of bitter enemy to begin to another, when I and Mysterious Dao Dynasty transaction is closed, because of this will leave Cloud Province, returns to Moon Temple to go.” Mentioned Moon Temple, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden was unassuageable, some mood fluctuating. These many years, does not know that Moon Temple how, the father did have to see through the Nan Potian plot. What a pity this Cloud Province was away from the position that Moon Temple was at to be too far, here basic on inquiry slightly Moon Temple news.” In the foreheads of Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, presented wisp of worried look. Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, this Nan Potian strength because of this is very strong, if the matter develops disadvantageous side, you like this go back......” Jian Chen to start to speak but hesitate, although he does not know that actually Moon Temple what happened, but from a Bright Moon Fairy Maiden word half language, is not difficult to guess something. In the past, Nan Potian cultivation level approached the Great Primal Realm peak, but compares to my father, wants on weakly many. If Nan Potian arrived at Cloud Province, by his strength, on this Cloud Province, Highest Beginning, because of this nobody can be his match. In the past, I am because had discovered Nan Potian must scheme the Moon Temple plot, suffered his violent treachery, finally was destroyed flesh body, running away of Primordial Spirit accident to Lower Realm.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden sinking sound track, in eye killing intent twinkle. hearing that, Jian Chen fell into silent, partly after making a sound, face earnest saying: Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, I suggested you late a point Moon Temple, first promotion strength diligently, if Moon Temple had been schemed by Nan Potian, then by the Nan Potian strength, you, even if went, could not help.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden sighed spookily, said: „The truth that you said I understand, but I could not wait, these many years, how regardless of the Moon Temple present situation, I must go back to have a look at, otherwise, my heart difficult secure.” In the Bright Moon Fairy Maiden expression, disclosed a firmness. Saw unable to console Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, Jian Chen also has no alternative, silent small moment, suddenly said: Moon Temple where.” hearing that, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden turned the head to look at Jian Chen one slightly, said: In Ice Pole Province, was Saint Realm in the past of Ice God seven big Supreme in it place, there, was one of the Saint Realm Seven Big Saint Province.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden expression, said: Cloud Province is away from Ice Pole Province to be very remote, is rides Five Colors Divine Crystals that intercontinental teleportation formation needs to consume merely much, made an ancient dynasty have a fracture sufficiently, this price, even if were Sister Tian Shuang cannot undertake.” Mysterious Dao Dynasty, is because achieved a transaction with me, solves their nasty bitter enemy archenemy for them, is willing to put out enough Five Colors Divine Crystals to come out.”

...... Next morning, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden then accompanies Mysterious Dao Dynasty Tian Shuang, as well as another two Everlasting Realm Old Ancestor depart quietly. Shortly after they depart, blocks entire Northern Territory formation also baseless to dissipate, Xi Emperor to the blockade of Northern Territory, relieved on this day finally. In that moment that the blockade finished, sits cross-legged to sit in Imperial Palace Jian Chen in luxurious palace, has stood suddenly, moved sideways then to arrive at outside, raise one's head looked at the day, on this day, he waited to be too long. Good, has been able to leave Northern Territory finally.” Jian Chen stares at the sky to make the excited sound, at once does not have hesitation of moment, immediately looks for Mysterious Dao Divine Emperor, wants to leave here through Mysterious Dao Dynasty cross-domain teleportation formation. He was already burning with impatience, this moment blockade relieves, he and Bright Moon Fairy Maiden said goodbye cannot wait, to return to Southern Territory in the shortest time. Does not know that Princess Taian does have that brocade box gives Empress and Xi Emperor. Actually however was Xi Yu Xi Emperor initially the separate daughter, I was also unascertainable, merely am my guess. However I am obviously impossible to wait for an illusory guess result here. If not, I continue to get down, is only the waste time, making the Tianyuan Clan people put in the danger.” If so, by love of Xi Emperor to daughter, they will definitely find Southern Territory to come.” When Jian Chen heart thought rotation, saw Mysterious Dao Divine Emperor smoothly.