Chaotic Sword God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1953

Behind Bright Moon Fairy Maiden these words, are make Jian Chen somewhat scruple, somewhat lacks confidence saying: Person but who I can find now, the strength most also merely is God Lord, formation of Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters, does not need to be also fierce, depending on our strengths, can be good?” Does not want your to break the formation, but makes your four people form Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation to cover the sound.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden said. Jian Chen has seriously considered the meeting, said: Good, my this informs them.” At once, Jian Chen left here, Shen Jian, Sheng Yu, the Xiu Si Dun three people called, serious told them the further information. Anything! Can Bright Moon Fairy Maiden sneak the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters?” Shen Jian, Sheng Yu, the Xiu Si Dun three people are in the heart in great surprise, at once complexion becomes very dignified. Good, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden because of should have this strength, but she, if wants not to alarm in anybody's situation to explain formation, but must have our help, are you go or do not go?” Jian Chen serious saying. Shen Jian, Xiu Si Dun, Sheng Yu has not spoken, they by Bright Moon Fairy Maiden this action fearing, this in their opinion, are really too bold. Silent the moment, Shen Jian has opened the mouth saying: From the present situation, we and war of Heavenly Demon Saint Cult the wars, was not can finish in a short time, if the war got down lastingly, was disadvantageous to us, even entered the war under for a long time, will have the falls possibility including our oneself. If can go to the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters to attempt to pervert through Bright Moon Fairy Maiden this strength, perhaps, can finish this battlefield ahead of time.” Jian Chen, when leaves.” Xiu Si Dun also started talking, obviously has made the decision. Finally, Sheng Yu also took a stand, he could be said as is following the Jian Chen growth, which Jian Chen went, which he went, even if knew perfectly well brings death, he will not have the slight hesitation. „Before leaving to rush to the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters, we must grasp Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation.” Jian Chen said. Then, Jian Chen, Sheng Yu and Xiu Si Dun several people announced to the outside close up therapy, anybody can not alarm, then opened the God King level to protect formation to cover the entire family, with left Dong An County that Bright Moon Fairy Maiden was quietly. Three days later, is far away from Peaceful Heaven Divine Country primitive mountain range, has a very covert giant canyon, knows how things stand the kilometer deep canyon mouth place fully, covers by a plant and vine of cover, looks from outside that is very difficult to discover existence of this canyon. This canyon, assumes triangle shape, is of narrow under width, entrance situated in ground, only more than ten meters diameters, but the canyon is located in the base in bottom deep place, is one piece has thousand zhang (3.33 m) width the place of widening fully.

At this moment, in this should bottom of the darkness incomparable canyon, actually by a gentle moonlight casting light upon well-illuminated, the formidable fluctuation of energy fills the air, that huge energy pressure that forms, gave the crush the canyon bottom plant has become the smashing. Sees only Jian Chen, Shen Jian, Xiu Si Dun, the Sheng Yu four people, is deferring to the special position to stand firm, forms formation. Is centered on their four people white cover that a surrounding area thousand zhang (3.33 m) range, completely was formed by the strength of moonlight by one covering. They four people of bodies, bathes in a gentle moonlight, splendid. But carefully looks that is not then difficult to discover the strength of this moonlight, is not they four people of strengths, but came from crystal stone in their hands. Their four people through control strength of implication moonlight in crystal stone, under the coordination with each other, the Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation that forms. Bright Moon Fairy Maiden floats is spatial and vertical, in formation that not far away looks at their four people of displaying, said: Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation basically any issue, this formation had not had the aggressivity, does not have the least bit defense ability, but can actually cover a sound in formation, limit that so long as not superhigh formation can withstand, even if Heavenly Demon Saint Cult that three vice- Cult Master, does not have the means to induce to the matter that in formation has.” Had the assistance of this Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation, I have the full assurance to be able, in does not alarm in anybody's situation, sneaks the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters.” Walks, we should!” Then, five people left this covert canyon, situated in Cloud Province hurries to toward headquarters of Heavenly Demon Saint Cult directly. ...... Cloud Province Southern Territory, in a very far away desolated plain, the sky, is the endless darkness, all day long does not see the sunlight. The earth, is the scarlet blood thousand li(500 km), dark red, just like by blood construction. In this as if forever falling darkness, desolated, but the deathly stillness earth deep place, has imposing manner broad old castle static standing erect here. This old castle ten points of hugeness, all over the body dark red, the discoloration invaded the endless blood to be ordinary, when is not close, as if smelled a thick smell of blood, was full of the death the flavor to fill the air in the world.

Especially seems sends out with the sound of shrieking and howling wildly intermittent cold wind, making this be built on the old castle in darkness, seems is ghost air/Qi densely, making one be afraid. Originally, around this old castle does not have the cold wind, the silent fearfulness, may along with recently front war, cause around this old castle, blew the cold wind. If the sensation is greatly strengthened, even can realize that this cold wind, consistently revolves most top layer unceasing revolving of old castle, has formed a naked eye not obvious invisible vortex there. As if there, has any thing to attract this to send out the sound of shrieking and howling wildly cold wind. This old castle, Heavenly Demon Saint Cult is in the headquarters of Cloud Province branch. The Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters, regarding Cloud Province powerhouse, absolutely are the forbidden area that does not dare to step, let alone is God King, even if such as Everlasting Beginning Realm such top powerhouse, not easily approaches here. However in this time, in this piece just like will forever fall in the dark world, has the light person's shadow to flash before together, as if with merges into one organic whole void, even if God King powerhouse is unable to detect that her existence, dodges, but during passing, is been quietly neared this old castle. This old castle takes the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters, the defense naturally is especially stern, inside and outside the old castle, heavy hidden was entered void formation to give to cover by the single layer, in the middle of these formation, even is the doping has Beginning Realm powerhouse level great formation. Person's shadow that however these formation in this as if with void merges into one organic whole, is actually the shape like the ornaments, has not played any role, finally lets this person's shadow, relaxed then neared this old castle. In outside of this old castle, some large quantities of Heavenly Demon Saint Cult armies, build up under a leadership of God King at this moment. At this time, the front door of dark red old castle opened suddenly, a white clothing man defeated/carrying both hands, taking big strides of unemotionally was going out from inside, his pale was passing several points of outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted appearance, delicate and pretty just liked a woman is ordinary, lets probably have a liking for several that the person could not bear. Has seen Zeng Custodian!” Stands that God King in front of army sees this white clothing man, immediately is bows does obeisance. Nod of the white clothing man unemotionally, said indifferently: Huai An vice- Cult Master has the command, lets you immediately, prohibited that must complete the task that vice- Cult Master assigns neatly. As for that several Divine Emperor, our Custodian Hall will have Custodian to solve.”

Yes! The subordinates receive an order!” ...... What Zeng Custodian has not detected, opens the old castle front door in him, from inside going out of that moment, has the light shadow to dodge to pass together, to be away from distance light grazing of his merely several rice, vanishes in the old castle. In gloomy old castle, place of very secluded hiding, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden of white clothing slowly reveals from void that pair of beautiful eyes stared at the front, the brow cannot help but was wrinkling, twittering said in a low voice: formation in this old castle, is stronger is really bigger compared with outside, both completely not in a level. In this, because of this is the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult true protection place, outside formation, thinks that merely is that several vice- Cult Master but conveniently is.” I, if wants, in does not alarm in anybody's situation across these formation, must they display Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation by Jian Chen.” When speech, in the palm of Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, reduces to Bright Moon Temple static lying down of palm of the hand size there, moves along with her thought that immediately knows how things stand the spoken parts light to project from Bright Moon Temple, changes into four person's shadows. Jian Chen, Shen Jian, Xiu Si Dun and Sheng Yu several people. Here in the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters, you with tightening me, is sure not to make any move to come out, in order to avoid our whereabouts exposes.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden is biting to behind several people are said. The Jian Chen four people of complexion serious nods, they are clear, own at this moment entered in the dangerous spot truly, crisis-ridden. I had then realized outside that the true secret because of should in most top layer, be protected by formation to the previous entrance now, cloth Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation, I come to break the formation.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden passes message toward four people.