Chaotic Sword God - Volume 20 - Chapter 1954

Jian Chen, Sheng Yu, Xiu Si Dun and Shen Jian have looked at each other eye mutually, immediately moved. Before their four people had then carried on the drilling of formation, already had formed a tacit understanding, arranged Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation, is successful, extremely skilled. Quick, their four people, then perfectly have arranged with joint forces Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation. Sees only they four people of statures, by strength of package a pure moonlight, splendid, is centered on their four people, has the cover that is condensed by the strength of moonlight becomes to emerge out of thin air together completely, covers the surrounding area hundred zhang (333m) range. Although formation has become, but sends out such as moon/month splendor like that dazzling rays of light besides formation itself, the tiny bit fluctuation of energy has not spread. This also causes, this Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation, can see its existence by the naked eye merely, if by Spiritual Consciousness and sensation, could not discover in the slightest. Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation, does not have the function of any attack and defense, its only function, then shields all sounds in formation. The premise is, cannot exceed the Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation limit. Sees Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation to form, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden has not hesitated, immediately starts to begin to break the formation. Among her look brings several to segregate the heavy color, Beginning Realm Principle arrives at its, is having the prestige of destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth. This belongs to the Beginning Realm power and influence, under her suppression desirably, has not erupted, had been restrained by her perfectly. A to break the formation speed ten points of rapidness of Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, merely several time of breath, then hears one to incite sound to spread, sees only blocks formation to previous entrance, gradually presented a hole, have revealed swarthy passage.

In passage the cold wind is intermittent, demon Qi is dreadful, exceptionally pure and rich demon Qi, divulge from passage. For does not bring to the attention, this formation temporarily was opened an entrance by me, quick automatic to heal, goes in quickly.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden was saying to Jian Chen several people, waves, the strength of moonlight flashes before, gushes out demon Qi that from passage, the cleanness that then shortly will dissipate, moves sideways to enter at once to previous passage. Jian Chen, Sheng Yu, Xiu Si Dun, the Shen Jian four people also immediately abolished formation, moved sideways to enter in passage. Shortly after their four people just went, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden in that gap that on formation opens, then fully to heal, restores such as beginning. The Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters, look from outside merely is a very huge old castle. However in the interior, big of its space, simply is Small World, each space, distant old castle's size over. Especially in these spaces, various palaces, secret rooms of establishment wait / etc., the interior becomes one. In the old castle, formation proliferates, each formation is very formidable, or puts on outwardly, hides in void, merely is that invisible fluctuation that sends out, then makes the Jian Chen four people scared. Even by they four people of strengths, does not dare to proliferate own Spiritual Consciousness, for fear that is unable to realize in some them the place hideaway that has God King, thus has exposed their whereabouts. Therefore, their four people can only follow now in Bright Moon Fairy Maiden behind. All the way, the Jian Chen four people under the leadership of Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, have avoided all risk areas, has shunted also the investigations of all God King, the god does not know, ghost unconsciously is going forward in Heavenly Demon Saint Cult quietly. Has saying that the protection of Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters is quite stern, if common Everlasting Beginning Realm powerhouse intrudes here, will be in danger.

But Bright Moon Fairy Maiden is actually not common Everlasting Beginning Realm, has her leadership, this not startled does not have the danger all the way. Along with their group five people of unceasing thorough, gradual went near the core region of Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters, but Bright Moon Fairy Maiden look, gradually became must enforce. Here because of should be on an entrance, but the entrance has together very formidable concealment formation.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden stopped in a corridor end, the vision is staring at the front rarely, look revealed has wiped dignifiedly. Sleepy coexists with killing formation, meanwhile has the imaginary set in inside, this formation, even if Everlasting Realm 7-layer intrudes, feared that is also more unfortunate than fortunate, it seems like on this, because of this was the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult headquarters most core region. Perhaps, real objective that Heavenly Demon Saint Cult starts the war in inside.” The Bright Moon Fairy Maiden sinking sound track, stared at this formation to size up the moment, confident [say / way]: This formation could not have blocked me, but must explain this formation, big of sound causes, Bright Moon Glorious Heaven Formation feared that is unable to cover.” Lineup!” Hesitated the small moment, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden had really decided. Bright Moon Fairy Maiden, holds on a minute!” At this moment, Xiu Si Dun opens the mouth suddenly, on face reveals the cloudy clear uncertain color. Bright Moon Fairy Maiden turns the head to look at to Xiu Si Dun, Jian Chen, Shen Jian, the Sheng Yu three people looks the vision similarly to Xiu Si Dun. Uncle Xiu, how?” Jian Chen puzzled asking. The Uncle Xiu vision is staring at present this formation, silent moment, opens the mouth saying: Perhaps, here is not the correct road.” hearing that, Jian Chen, Shen Jian, the Sheng Yu three people reveal the color of surprise immediately, vision have the color of doubt to stare at Xiu Si Dun. Bright Moon Fairy Maiden is also a face surprise is staring at Xiu Si Dun, said: How do you determine this are not the correct road?”

Because of it!” The Xiu Si Dun thought moves, immediately bead of thumb size float of the slowly from his forehead, bead all over the body blood red, just like by the endless blood condensation, beautiful is also having several points of evil aura. This bead, initially Jian Chen gave Xiu Si Dun Heavenly Demon Saint Bead. Bright Moon Fairy Maiden stared at Heavenly Demon Saint Bead to size up moment, said: This is grade good Devil Dao Divine Item, can use this Divine Item by your present strength, it seems like, you obtained the approval of Divine Item Item Spirit.” Xiu Si Dun nodded, Heavenly Demon Saint Bead Item Spirit, he knew very early in the morning, said: Just Heavenly Demon Saint Bead Item Spirit told me, asking me to leave another road.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden silent moment, said: Such being the case, in front of you guides!” The change of route that five people go forward, then, by the Xiu Si Dun direction direction, informs the Uncle Xiu position to hurry to toward Heavenly Demon Saint Bead directly. Soon, their five people stopped, is not they are not willing to continue, but was they arrived at the end, the front has had no way out. Here does not have formation to exist, is a blind alley.” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden sized up all around, the brow was wrinkling. However at this moment, Heavenly Demon Saint Bead sends out dazzling red glow to wrap Bright Moon Fairy Maiden several people suddenly in inside.