Chaotic Sword God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2012
The speed rapidness of these two Profound Sword Qi, passed through the space length, surmounted the time perpetual flow, in that flash of just projecting, then arrived around two Nebula Beast forehead. Puff! Puff! These two cultivation level achieve God King Initial Stage Nebula Beast unable to respond that two Profound Sword Qi with irresistible force pricked in their giant heads. Immediately, the formidable aura that lends from these two Nebula Beast weakens rapidly, the pupil that the ominous light four shot was also becomes empty, vitality cut off completely. After two Profound Sword Qi project, Jian Chen the strength of Primordial Spirit also instantaneously reduced half. However fortunately his Primordial Spirit reached to God King Realm, compared with it past stronger big many, projects two Profound Sword Qi one time, was unable to draw out completely completely the strength of his Primordial Spirit. Looked at two to lose vitality Nebula Beast, the eye of Jian Chen has also shone, he discovered after own Primordial Spirit achieved God King Realm, his Profound Sword Qi might also obtained not the small promotion. Otherwise, according to his estimate, even if he sends out two Profound Sword Qi one time , can only consume the strength of own one-third Primordial Spirit. However in fact, he has actually consumed half, but that part that is more , was makes the Profound Sword Qi might be enhanced. In the Jian Chen hand the movement keeps, chops into pieces the heads of two Nebula Beast by sword qi, takes out two fist sizes from inside Demon Core, simultaneously the right hand pinches finger joints with the thumb, sends out Great Luo Sword Qi to cut together to with God King Realm Nebula Beast of Kai Ya war. This Nebula Beast, is only collaborating with Nebula Beast of another same level strength with Kai Ya war the intensity of , has been scarred in their huge statures, many places by the Divine Fire Principle air burn of Kai Ya, in the wound had the strength of Destruction Principle to fluctuate, obviously is the body of severe wound. Now along with joining of Jian Chen, was body of severe wound Nebula Beast is not the match, dazzling golden sword qi dodged, but during passing, effortlessly a head of Nebula Beast cutting. At the same time, fourth God King Realm Nebula Beast was also hit by a Kai Ya palm on the head, that slender and white and tender palm is containing the inconceivable might, the strength of turnover Destruction Principle, directly being split up that the head of Nebula Beast shakes.

In an instant, Nebula Beast of four God King levels already cuts to kill by Jian Chen and Kai Ya all. After Jian Chen and a Kai Ya person takes away Demon Core, has not hesitated, after greeting Chan Long Grandmaster, then immediately toward outside flushes away. Jian Chen and Kai Ya they have not kept the hand, Destruction Principle, Divine Fire Principle, Dao of Sword Principle interweave in void, heartless harvesting these is strongest God Lord, initially enters God Nebula Beast weakly merely. It is not weak by them in God King battle strength, cuts to kill these Nebula Beast naturally is effortlessly, the place visited, performing is Nebula Beast that Large expanse of corpse, the blood was already incarnadine the starry sky. But Jian Chen, Kai Ya and Chan Long three people, among look, not only has not revealed slightly the relaxed color, instead even more dignified. Because they observe own several people surrounded by massive Nebula Beast all round, innumerable Nebula Beast have formed a giant sphere, Seal the world, from all directions unceasingly attack they, but regardless of they cut to kill many Nebula Beast, throughout is in this sphere the center, is hard. And, along with passing of time, along with Martial Artist continuous falls that runs away from the warship, causes Nebula Beast that more comes many to come out idle, fired into the battlefield also living in abundance these Martial Artist. Therefore, although Jian Chen they have cut to kill numerous strength Nebula Beast, but surrounds their Nebula Beast quantity not only has not reduced, instead also in unceasing increase. Was cut these strengths that kills by them in Nebula Beast of God Lord level, Jian Chen gathers the Demon Core time not to have continually, can only look at these God Lord levels helplessly the Nebula Beast corpse, such static float in void. Suddenly, several giant beast roars transmit from the distant place, seven build huge Nebula Beast they were flushing toward Jian Chen, although on them receives the injury that the weight varied similarly, but the aura is actually huge incomparable. Falls into Jian Chen three people of complexion in surrounding changes, these seven Nebula Beast strengths have been the God King level, and also two are only God King middle-stage.

Cannot allow them to think that Nebula Beast of seven God King levels the wind spreading electricity has held up to come, without hesitation gets rid to Jian Chen, two God King Initial Stage Nebula Beast, then looks at the vision to Chan Long Grandmaster, the formidable oppression strength makes the Chan Long Grandmaster body sink suddenly. Chan Long Grandmaster complexion becomes the unprecedented dignity, he is formation Grandmaster, strongest that if currently grasps sends to arrange, he has the full confidence these two God King Initial Stage Nebula Beast to cut to kill at present. But now, he received the harassment of numerous Nebula Beast, where also has the time to arrange to cut to kill God King Realm great formation to come out. Jian Chen and Kai Ya they are also in heart sink, these many God King Realm Nebula Beast, and also two God King middle-stage, this made them also feel the formidable pressure. In addition, they are clear realizing, if continues to delay, God King level Nebula Beast that behind catches up with will be more. Suddenly, in the Kai Ya brain the miraculous glow dodges, the next quarter, her whole body imposing manner changes, both hands refer to the day, in the right hand, Destruction Principle condenses, on the left hand, Divine Fire Principle changes into dazzling flame, the middle of right-hand man, situated in the top of the head above three cuns (2.5cm) distances, strength of the Creation Principle rises to condense. At this moment, creation, destruction, Divine Fire Principle gets together in Kai Ya one, these three Principle appearances, resembled to constitute one to go nonstop to the world Grand Dao bridge, caused on Kai Ya, presented one wisp at this moment unexpectedly [say / way] the charm, filled a mysterious aura. This [say / way] the aura non- average man can feel, only has that type to exist to the profound truth of the world extremely profound great strength just now can realize. Therefore, even if Jian Chen side Kai Ya, is unable to feel this wisp [say / way] aura. Suddenly, a Kai Ya both hands finger, pointed out along with this finger, Destruction Principle, Divine Fire Principle, Creation Principle is divulges, is having one wisp [say / way] the aura strikes to God King middle-stage Nebula Beast. This seems like an ordinary finger, the implication has the inconceivable might, that only God King middle-stage Nebula Beast, its huge body unexpectedly changed into one group of ashes in being quietly, let alone is the body, even if has not remained including Demon Core, dissipated directly baseless.

But after sending out this strikes, Kai Ya is also the body fiercely in a flash, complexion rapidly became pale. áo!” Almost sends out the same time that terror strikes in Kai Ya, Jian Chen is also face upwards to send out a long and loud cry, however this sound, is actually complete wolf howl. Howl, Jian Chen within the body that group of Antiquity Heavenly Wolf the strength of bloodlines, then shortly pulled out cleanness. Sees only naked eye obvious sound wave, is bringing in trim starry sky of command millions Nebula Beast, must be centered on Jian Chen for the terrifying pressure that it trembles, toward wreaks havoc to go in all directions. Every sound wave place visited, innumerable Nebula Beast exude painful the sound of whinning, Nebula Beast under God King, all bleeds profusely from the head, then the huge body lies in void moves also motionless, vitality will then shortly drain, turned into corpses. In an instant, surrounds Jian Chen three people of innumerable Nebula Beast, cried loud and long by Jian Chen this is killed by shock while still alive, even if that several God King Initial Stage Nebula Beast, at this moment also stopped attacking the Jian Chen three people, all was sends out the painful the pitiful yell sound. Remaining that only God King middle-stage Nebula Beast, in the vision are reveals the delay and confused color, already short lost the intelligence. Merely one roar, then lets thousands Nebula Beast falls, this, making Jian Chen fall into the delay. The distant place, with Nebula Beast Emperor of several Beginning Realm powerhouse wars, the body is also being, that giant eye, stares suddenly to Jian Chen.