Chaotic Sword God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2058

Chan Long, you arrange Heaven Blocking Formation, I carry on to break the formation, then we must make the best use of the time, must before these people return to the wonder drug garden, multi- collection wonder drugs some as far as possible.” Jian Chen face urgent saying, these wonder drugs for him were really too important, because they were symbolizing a huge wealth, related him to go to Heavenly Fire Province as well as the Mysterious Ice Province program. Had helping of Huan Zhen Tower, then, Jian Chen their to break the formation speed sped up the several fold, originally formation that needs ten double-hour to break, now only needs two double-hour. Their to break the formation method is very simple, each wonder drug makes Chan Long arrange Heaven Blocking Formation to separate the formation backing first, then Jian Chen controls Huan Zhen Tower to pound again, consumes the formation seven 8-layer energies instantaneously, other energies, is Jian Chen, Kai Ya and Xiao Zheng three people of simultaneously begin, continuous attack formation, will support the final energy of formation revolution to exhaust. Was a pity that I have not been able to control Huan Zhen Tower each point of strength perfectly, does not dare to pound second. Otherwise, comes with Huan Zhen Tower directly on several, in one vigorous effort destroys formation, speed on quick many.” Looks in the hand to shrink the small accomplishment palm of the hand size broken small tower, Jian Chen slightly feels regrettably. The following some time, Jian Chen and the others gathered the wonder drug to be quite busy, to forget the time in the wonder drug garden quite the same as, almost can guarantee every day at least over five harvests, caused them in short one month, then has harvested more than 100 grade God level heavenly material treasure. Kai Ya, Chan Long and Xiao Zheng three people are too big because of the strength of consumption Highest Origin, several times the midway stood still, restores the strength of Highest Origin by best-quality Divine Crystals. Only has Jian Chen, Chaos Force that because cultivates is special, consumption speed is slow, therefore this month later, does not see him to have anything to lose. When he vaguely can clear feeling, own Dantian Chaos Dantian, compared at first, obvious reduced. Oh, is really unlucky, that many God King, have lost to small God Lord unexpectedly, making that small God Lord obtain the inheritance of that Great Primal Realm powerhouse......” Yes, is really is too not resigned, this is the inheritance that Great Primal Realm powerhouse leaves behind, even if we are unable to obtain, but makes other God King obtain well, has not thought that finally was obtained by God Lord unexpectedly......” That God Lord will not feel better, an inheritance of Great Primal Realm powerhouse, so is not good to take, outside the place of inheritance, but many God King stay behind, a point she walks from the place of inheritance, these God King will not let off her .....

No matter these, our several people of natural talent were in any case limited, distance these Peerless Generation supreme talent disparities were too far, and others of inheritance of Great Primal Beginning Realm to me was too illusory, honest staying in the wonder drug garden, strives to obtain Grand Dao Flower, will break through Beginning Realm to prepare for the future......” At this moment, sees only five to wear unifies the clothing, the age men and women talked to walk from outside, went to the wonder drug garden directly. However quick, their five people were then shocked, the condensation of vision simultaneously in the front, all looks to the same direction. Sees only there, has ten meters high small tower suspended fully in the midair. This small tower is very broken, on the 9-layer tower, each covered entirely said the Dao Sword mark, almost destroyed changing beyond all recognition. However small tower is damaged freely is serious, power and influence that but small tower sends out, is actually, making their five people feel that the incomparable oppression, there is a sensation of asphyxia. Bang!” Under they five people of gazes with own eyes, small tower has vastly such as the strength of mountain to pound above below formation, in a sad dull thumping sound sound, maintains the formation energy in according to quick inconceivable speed weakened. Day, I do not have the vertigo, was pounded by this tower merely, the formation energy reduced 8-layer.” Feels the energy in formation to pass, that five people were startled at the scene dumbfoundedly, the vision look at once to that small tower, in the vision have filled the intense burning hot. to break the formation Divine Item, this simply is to break the formation Divine Item, a point has this Divine Item, protects the wonder drug these formation is exists in name only simply......” Several Grand Dao Flower did not have, does not remain, is it possible that completely was taken by their four people?”

That five men and women of subordinate same influences send out to call out in alarm, among look occurred simultaneously pleasantly surprised, at once vision simultaneously condenses on Jian Chen. Sees only that ten meters high broken small tower, at this moment turned into the palm of the hand size to be grasped by Jian Chen in the hand. Jian Chen grasps Huan Zhen Tower, has turned around vision coldly looks just entered that five men and women in wonder drug garden. Chan Long, Kai Ya, the Xiao Zheng three people also stopped to break the formation, the vision looked similarly to that five people, complexion slightly reveal gloomy. These five people respectively are many sons and daughters, except for a female is outside God King middle-stage, another four people all are God King late-stage. Such lineup, by their here strengths, to cut not to kill completely difficultly, but is actually not able to prevent the opposite party to escape. In that five people, after an old middle-aged man examined under Jian Chen four people of cultivation level, twinkle that in the eye rays of light micro cannot be looked up, immediately has been holding holding the fist in the other hand to Jian Chen several people, said: Our several people come from Heavenly Fire Province White Clouds Sect, several fellow daoist were courteous.” Heavenly Fire Province? Do you come from Heavenly Fire Province?” hearing that, in the Jian Chen eye reveals immediately wipes the surprised color. Sees Jian Chen so to respond that middle-aged man look is startled, says with a smile: Good, we come from Heavenly Fire Province, is it possible that several are fellow daoist also came from Heavenly Fire Province to be inadequate?” I do not come from Heavenly Fire Province, is only the person of my close relative, is in Heavenly Fire Province.” Jian Chen said that in the eye rays of light flickers, That middle-aged man Ha Ha smiles, said: It seems like we and several fellow daoist is a little fates. Several fellow daoist, the Great Primal Realm inheritance had main now, departs these people who from the wonder drug garden, soon after will then return , the time that several fellow daoist leave behind are not much.” Here, middle-aged man expression: By several fellow daoist strengths, even if grasps the to break the formation magic weapon, but in the following time, the wonder drug of harvest is also very limited. However our Senior Brother younger brother is willing to help several fellow daoist explain formation, but the hope can beg Grand Dao Flower from the fellow daoist hand.”

Ok!” After short hesitation, Jian Chen agreed finally, because at the same time the opposite party came from Heavenly Fire Province, wants to understand the news about Divine Sound Dao Sect from their mouth, on the other hand is also because he does not have the full assurance to leave behind their five people, so long as there is one person to run away, can annoy to trouble greatly. Then, had the White Clouds Sect five God kings to join, Jian Chen their to break the formation speed increased again, originally formation that needed two double-hour to explain, reduced to the time of less than half double-hour once more, merely one day, then made them explain several formation, has harvested several wonder drugs. However because has joining of bystander, Jian Chen or Kai Ya, are maintaining the heart of guarding, the strength that exposes has retained, displays the God King Initial Stage normal level merely. Good mysterious formation, can actually break formation to be connected with this stretch of world, lets the protection wonder drug these formation, is unable to supplement with the aid of the Azure Sea God Palace strength.” White Clouds Sect that five God King, formation that also arranges to Chan Long praised without cease, when but their five people of vision looked to Huan Zhen Tower, has a side deep burning hot and greedy of hideaway. ps: Also owes the next chapter, will be late to renew. Simultaneously asked everybody to listen to the free prestige, every day after renewing, the ramble will inform everybody through the prestigious push news. Search: xinxingxiaoyao110 It is not complex, is the heart star free pen name adds a warning telephone.