Chaotic Sword God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2071

Formerly pursued Zi Yun, then by terror speed that Zi Yun the combustion essence and blood erupted several times to leaving behind God King, now finally pursued in abundance, enough 50-60 God King Realm powerhouse, sent out the formidable imposing manner to collect in the surroundings, has formed an encirclement ring, they and the others surrounded Jian Chen all round in inside. And, on the way of that in these people pursue, is unceasing toward good friend of own in Azure Sea God Palace, as well as the clansman in family, or the same side Senior Brother transmission news, collects the strength, causes more and more God King Realm powerhouse, from is collecting in all directions. Surrounds Jian Chen their God King, the quantity in unceasing increase, just like forming Land and Sky Fishing Net, Jian Chen, Kai Ya had sieged together with Zi Yun and the others in inside. Their vision collect on Zi Yun, even if among them has from the person of respected family big influence, but faces the inheritance of Great Primal Realm, cannot undergo the enticement. They do not dare first beginning, is maintaining certain distance, while fixing the eyes on Zi Yun, is guarding against person. All around the Jian Chen vision takes a fast look around slowly, a brow wrinkle, they were controlled the killer sneak attack of Dark Principle by one slightly first, lost some time, the accident that because then on Xiao Man has, has wasted some time once more, causing them to lose the best departure opportunity, fell into tight encirclement during. The Jian Chen vision falls on Xiao Man, worries secretly, by him and Kai Ya strengths, so long as does not meet Peerless Generation God King on God King Ranking, he has the full assurance to break through a tight encirclement, but the key is on Xiao Man has a protection of mysterious strength, he is unable to approach Xiao Man, naturally is unable Xiao Man carrying off. He is always insufficient to throw a Xiao Man person here, own and Kai Ya they bring Zi Yun to break through a tight encirclement. At this moment, is several God King grazes to come from the distant place, similarly has joined to Jian Chen and the others during surrounding, when these God King vision fall when the Jian Chen body, immediately is overjoyed, said: Jian Chen, has not thought that you here, we ask you to look unexpectedly well laboriously.”

Hears Jian Chen this name, surrounding God King look is startled, but then reveals the pleasantly surprised color at once. What, is he Jian Chen? Has the hearsay poached the massive God level heavenly material treasure fellow in the wonder drug garden?” This person unexpectedly is Jian Chen, Ha Ha Ha, is really you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming, so was unexpectedly easy to find him......” It is said Jian Chen and gang wonder drug garden hollowing out one-fourth, the wonder drug in wonder drug garden has over a thousand fully, one-fourth, that is more than 200 ....... Collects in all around God King, although only had the few several people to see the scene of time recollection in the wonder drug garden, but the wonder drug garden hollowed out one-fourth news, already had actually spread over the entire 9-layer space by potential of the violent storm, in the short time made everybody knows, therefore regarding Jian Chen this name, except for closed up dives the person of cultivating, all people were the impression are profound. Immediately, the vision of all people shift from Zi Yun to Jian Chen on, is having the greedy color, not minces matter, that vision, as if had discovered giant buried treasure results. In some people hearts, looked at Jian Chen is more important than Zi Yun. The inheritance of Great Primal Beginning Realm powerhouse makes them move firmly, but inherits after all only then, no one has grasped can take the inheritance. But Jian Chen God level heavenly material treasure is different, so many God level heavenly material treasure, enough many of them sliced.

Everybody was careful that the Jian Chen strength is very strong, does not allow to look down upon, he when God Lord Realm, cut to kill many God King in the wonder drug garden, was including the God Lord tablet first Mo Cheng defeats in his hand, was not very good to cope. Now his strength breaks through once more, enters into the God King level, battle strength is inevitably more formidable......” bright Wang Zhan to drink in the crowd high, in the vision filled dreaded. He participated in a war in wonder drug garden personally, understood the Jian Chen strength extremely. „, The Jian Chen strength is very indeed strong, although he has God King Initial Stage cultivation level, but battle strength extremely Heaven Defying. Everybody saw my this arm, my this arm cut off by Jian Chen, the best-quality Saint Item long sword in his hand, won from my hand, the one who was laughable was I, although had God King late-stage cultivation level, but was actually not his match. Side Jian Chen that female, the strength also is very strong, may probably be careful vigilantly, cannot the general idea make them sneak off.” Cut off a clothes youth loud [say / way] of arm by Jian Chen, looked that has been full of the intense hatred to the Jian Chen vision. Before to maintain life, he has to lower the head in front of Jian Chen, even is meaning of the hate does not dare to give birth. But at present sees Jian Chen to be bogged down in difficulties so, swallowing an insult that naturally cannot continue, wanting the report to break the enmity of arm. Had these people's reminders, all around these sphere Jian Chen God King, has been vigilant secretly. Relax, today Jian Chen could not escape, his all harvests in wonder drug garden, takes many junction.” Was sieged by dozens God King, and God King quantity also in unceasing increase, this many people on the scene looks like, Jian Chen is unable to escape even with wings today. However as Jian Chen of litigant, actually looks but not see the surrounding situation, he frowns to Zi Yun said: You give a try to approach your younger sister.” Snort, Jian Chen, arrived at this time, you have the thoughts to care about others, you think how can live.” Cut off youth of arm to stand by Jian Chen behind the crowd sneers saying that his vision is staring at best-quality Saint Item in Jian Chen hand, has been full of the hatred.

Jian Chen did not speak, vision tight stared was arriving at Xiao Man Zi Yun, saw only Zi Yun to extend both hands to grasp Xiao Man directly, the result similarly by a mysterious strength that the Xiao Man whole body surrounded preventing, is unable to approach. Well, this little girl has strangely......” all around, many God King note Xiao Man, in the eye is flashing inexplicable rays of light. Around the body of this young doll, seems filling a mysterious strength, lets try obsolete.” Wears the old man of brown long gown saying that he has not gone forward one step, but stands beyond hundred meters, uses the technique of With Soul Imperial Sword, controls a handle flying sword thorn to Xiao Man. „!” The speed very rapidness of flying sword, hundred meters distance twinkling, but, brings to illuminate the dark night radiant sword light to kill to Xiao Man, the power and influence is astonishing. Does not care about the Xiao Man life to the old man who Xiao Man begins completely, had not considered that Xiao Man merely Mortal Realm cultivation level, gets rid to show is the God King Realm powerhouse powerful strength, has not done retains slightly.