Chaotic Sword God - Volume 21 - Chapter 2078

Goshawk follows when the Mo Cheng side, is the expression has been light, even if meets the big matter, is hard to inspire his mood to fluctuate, throughout gives people a feeling of gang of extra mundane person of high skill, seemingly was the day collapses, being hard made his heart present the least bit to fluctuate. But now, proliferates the azure scales the disruption on palm, keeping Goshawk again from maintaining the serene stance, the heart of his calm and composed, seemed the tranquil water surface pounds into big stone to result, arouses everywhere water spray, was not extremely tranquil. His scales, are one instance Divine Item, although is not Divine Item in the true sense, but compared to Divine Item to come is also weak several points, however at this moment, was defeated unexpectedly. If defeats the person of this scales, is stands in God King Ranking goes forward ten Peerless Generation God King, Goshawk is also insufficient so the heart to be startled but actually. Because of the legend, that and other powerhouse surmounted a big boundary sufficiently, contends with Beginning Realm powerhouse, even has to cut to kill Beginning Realm powerhouse the energy of Heaven Defying, is formidable. May defeat this scales, is actually a cultivation level God King Initial Stage female, how this does not make Goshawk feel shocking. But after shock, following is actually a piece of huge joyful and thick burning hot, this lets in the Goshawk heart to regarding as important of Kai Ya, was almost has surpassed received this side world asylum Xiao Man. Must seize this female, clarifies her secret to the Principle utilization, such secret technique, how regardless of also to take.” Goshawk decides darkly, gets rid fully, wants to capture Kai Ya. Although Kai Ya the cultivation level boundary is inferior to Goshawk, but with Principle that nobody can the ingenious utilization, the battle efficiency actually comes compared with Goshawk, was weak are too many. Let alone side also has Jian Chen to assist, in them with joint forces, Goshawk, even if has included God King Ranking Peerless Generation God King, how Jian Chen and Kai Ya two people of collaborations.

And, Heaven Defying strength that formerly Goshawk showed that the major part reasons are because he had has surmounted best-quality Saint Item, was in the Azure Peng scale of Divine Item, now the Azure Peng scale appeared shatter, somewhat also affected his battle strength display. Shortly stands Jian Chen and Kai Ya that while draws back they are away from understanding to 8-layer to be getting more and more near, in the Goshawk heart was also secret anxious, then suddenly looked at the vision to behind Mister Shu, shouted to clear the way lowly: You constrain Jian Chen for me, I cope with this female, once this female were seized by me, I help you to cope with Jian Chen again.” Behind, after Mister Shu took the God Grade therapy wondrous medicines, almost that injury restored, heard the Goshawk words, rushing of he was without hesitation, grasped Divine Item Heavenly Ghost Black Wind Fan and Jian Chen battles together. Mister Shu also very early in the morning saw clearly. form, to cope with Jian Chen and Kai Ya two people, among he and Goshawk any person feared that weak accomplishes, only collaborated, just now can achieve their goal Jian Chen was pestered by Mister Shu, a Kai Ya person deals with from Goshawk that just likes the violent storm offensive, immediately feels the pressure to multiply, is getting more and more strenuous. Even if so, but Goshawk , to seize Kai Ya, is not an easy matter. Fights between their four Peerless Generation God King, were in the stage of superheating, four people are all outspoken, the gloom that getting rid of doing utmost, hits, the livelihood does not have the light, has caused a stir in the entire 9-layer space. They battle soon, Mister Shu first reveals weak, long-term use Divine Item, to strength of consumption rapidness his Highest Origin, on adding on him injury completely healed, not having made him be hard to be lasting. Reviews Jian Chen, although is injured Mister Shu is more serious , the whole body has been bathed in blood, even is hit by Divine Item Heavenly Ghost Black Wind Fan directly, cut and bruised, the blood of chaos lasing in sky, but battle strength actually does not reduce, seems human form ferocious beast is ordinary to the feeling of person, hits cannot defeat.

Bang!” Finally, under a violent collision, obviously weak Mister Shu was shaken to fly by a Jian Chen sword, grasps Divine Item Heavenly Ghost Black Wind Fan in his hands, in has not obtained under strength of support enough Highest Origin, rays of light is also a gloom. Even if were Mister Shu has taken to restore Medicine Pill of strength of Highest Origin, but it restored speed, could not follow a consumption of handle Divine Item by far. Did not have the entanglement of Mister Shu, Jian Chen to fire into Goshawk immediately, with the Goshawk war in the same place, eased the Kai Ya pressure. Goshawk, I have made contribution, received to come to see your.” Mister Shu in the distant place said that among look is bringing several points of dispirited. This war, is big to his attack, the solemn God King peak exists, in grasping the Divine Item situation has lost to God King Initial Stage unexpectedly, this makes him feel the shame. In fact, is not the Mister Shu strength is inferior to Jian Chen, because he does not have Jian Chen like that formidable physique, does not have such as the Chaos Force so formidable energy support. Jian Chen has been injured, could not insist that was too long, all people got rid together, I wanted this female, on Jian Chen all things were the ownership in you.” Goshawk sends out drinks greatly, wants to cope with Jian Chen and Kai Ya with the aid of the strength of people. Because Jian Chen and Kai Ya they collaborate, he has not captured alive the Kai Ya opportunity. The instigation of Goshawk has not played the role. God King that although here collects, has surpassed 200 numbers, and these people are harbor the greedy heart to Jian Chen thing all, but after understanding the great strength of Jian Chen, they do not want to be the Jian Chen first target artificially. At this time, rays of light dazzling sword light came from the distant place shuttle, the speed rapidness, dodged to pass just like the flowing light generally, straight flew toward here.

That is a handle has ten meters flying sword fully, the sword light twinkle, blooms to be better than hot sun rays of light, the jet black nighttime sky will exaggerate piece of white daytime. On the flying sword, stands to wear youth of golden long gown, but 20 years old, handsome incomparable, martial-looking uncommon, the facial features such as the blade truncated, has filled callously, the body had a formidable sword intent encirclement. This is Dao of Sword powerhouse, cultivation level reached to the God King peak, the whole body sword intent collection, concentrates not to be loose, was indistinct seems has formed handle peerless Divine Sword. This golden clothes youth imperial sword comes, finally stays beyond several li (0.5km) is looking at the Jian Chen three people in war, at once brings the indifferent pupil light to sweep that several hundred closely with that to tag along in Jian Chen their several people of behind audiences God King, saying of unemotionally: Heard that in this 9-layer space, presented one little girl who receives this side world to shelter, does not know that can have this matter?” Listened to this saying, in many God King in abundance hearts one cold, from these words, they have inferred golden clothes youth that this imperial sword comes, gets down from the 10-layer space mostly. Sees nobody to reply own, golden clothes youth complexion sinks, in cold snort, a powerful imposing manner sends out from him, is bringing formidable sword intent of volume seat world, covers to go toward that crowd of God King by the potential of moving mountains. Immediately, many God King complexion in abundance change, under the golden clothes youth imposing manner covers, among them many strength weak God King, felt that own just like placing oneself in mighty waves turbulent ocean waves, momentarily will be submerged.