Chaotic Sword God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2108

Jun Kong by Ming Dong that is almost shame has devastated maliciously, by him is Divine Sound Dao Sect Peerless Generation supreme talent, simultaneously is on God King Ranking the Peerless Generation God King arrogant status, was hard to withstand, in the heart was the anger was already dreadful, at this moment saw that by Sister Mu'er who he adored after own suffered the so huge wound, not only has not spoken to comfort own, instead by one icy approach own, pretended non-involvement the relations with own, this made the Jun Kong anger launch a psychological attack immediately, a blood could not bear has spurted. Taking advantage of Jun Kong as if suffered huge exciting as to result, was opening his completely hit changes the shape mouth has laughed, said with the unclear language: Jian Chen? Are you also thinking Jian Chen? Perhaps Ha Ha Ha Ha, Shangguan Mu'er, you have not known Jian Chen that in your heart has never forgotten, early falls, this time is real falls, his skeleton buries in your lava, your this for a lifetime, do not want to see Jian Chen this person again, Ha Ha Ha Ha......” Jun Kong more said is more excited, as if the Jian Chen death, for him, can make him feel only carefree, simultaneously can eliminate the heartfelt pain matter. However, what disappointing Jun Kong is, he has not seen slightly sorrowful look on Shangguan Mu'er, she at this moment, still unemotionally, does not see the mood to fluctuate slightly. Jun Kong has been nursed by you on the junction, do not continue with me, I do not need your protections.” God King of Shangguan Mu'er to encircling that more than ten Divine Sound Dao Sect side Jun Kong said. Then from looks at one another speechless in Divine Sound Dao Sect more than ten God King, all reveals the color of to make things difficult for, suddenly does not know that should not know what to do. Another side, looks is approaching slowly, just like deicide general Ming Dong, Gong Zheng, Bai Yi, Goshawk three people of complexion immediately becomes incomparably ugly. Now, in their three people of hearts is did not count on that collection these Peerless Generation God King here, will stand to prevent Ming Dong bravely. After having these row of matters, the Ming Dong present power and influence, has pressed their three big Peerless Generation God King not to gasp for breath. Perhaps saw worry of Gong Zheng, stood has patted the shoulder of Gong Zheng in nearby Jia Na, complexion serious saying: Gong Zheng, you do not need too to be worried, since you are certainly the Dao of Sword successor, I absolutely do not look that you have any accident here, all have me.” After saying, Jia Na one step treads, the vision looks to Ming Dong, the sinking sound track: Ming Dong, but also looks to know when to stop. Now our these many people collect here, do not come to see your to revenge, do not affect us because of your individual enmity, thus delayed us to handle a more important matter.” Along with the voice, a formidable imposing manner sending out that blots out the sky from Jia Na, the lava of under foot made, tuck dive just liked Tsunami fierce. Jia Na of imposing manner, has gone far beyond most Peerless Generation God King, after all, he is one on God King Ranking ranks 99 th for powerhouse, merely is this rank, can show disdain for same rank all matches.

Really, Jia Na imposing manner, makes in the field many Peerless Generation God King vision concentrate immediately, the eyeground deep place reveals to dread the color. „Can you block me?” The Ming Dong void steps, go forward gradually, vision swift and fierce is staring at Jia Na, with filling said including the killing intent sound: Your strength is very indeed strong, but you are unable to prevent me to cut in the same old way to kill them.” Ming Dong, we, if hits, naturally could not avoid clashing between Divine Item and Divine Item, that will cause the volcanic eruption of trim space, by that time, the entire 8-layer space, feared that did not have place of security, will affect here all people, can you become our public enemies really?” The Jia Na sinking sound said that the Ming Dong origin, for him was still a fan, therefore he was not willing to fight with Ming Dong easily. We come here, is seeks for that little girl, you continue to hit, to have obstructed our important matter, Ming Dong fellow daoist, hopes to stop......” You must hit, go to elsewhere space to hit, have not hindered us here......” ...... Meanwhile , some are much powerful, the Peerless Generation God King start to talk that is quite proud, battle that prevents both sides. But many God King, then has drawn back by far, arrives at the 8-layer space about entrance, makes, once they make war, they then immediately leave here preparation. We walk, first evades, this Ming Dong came from Magnificent Heavenly Palace, don't, for this minor matter offends in him.” Knows Ming Dong origin Peerless Generation God King, is leading guard as well as retinue from, first draws back by far. Ming Dong and Jia Na both sides, are at daggers drawn, can the pointed weapons docking anytime and anywhere.

Ming Dong, is patient!” At this moment, the Shangguan Mu'er start to talk, she looks at Ming Dong from afar, the lip is moving slightly, the sound that one bunch only then Ming Dong can hear passed on. The Ming Dong body shakes fiercely, could not bear shiver unexpectedly slightly, his moved sideways to arrive in front of Shangguan Mu'er, agitated saying: You... What you said is real? How do you know?” I can feel, although is only a fuzzy feeling, but will not be wrong, don't forget, had that tower on him.” Shangguan Mu'er has not said that but is passes message to Ming Dong directly, did not fear that was heard by the bystander. This matter temporarily do not disclose that I heard has a very important little girl side Jian Chen, but collection these many Peerless Generation God King here, is comes for that little girl specially, disclosed prematurely that feared will be disadvantageous to Jian Chen.” Good, good, Ha Ha Ha, how I have not thought of that tower, if I guessed right, that was the most precious object of my teacher.” In a flash, extrudes dark clouds dissipation clean in Ming Dong heart, the facial expression is exceptionally excited, the mood is instantaneous. The astonishing malignant influences have not wound around, Ming Dong at this moment, seems the whole person is different. Brother, since you still, me here wait for you to come out, your remaining these personal enemies, I left you.” Ming Dong sits cross-legged to sit, first successive swallows several God level Medicine Pill, calms the mind to control one's breathing. He paid very big price to use the technique of destiny to look for the personal enemy whereabouts first, then continually experienced the intense war, not only consumed really in a big way, and was the wound and Highest Origin. However fortunately, is Magnificent Heavenly Palace nine your highness, his body has greatly various God level Medicine Pill, to restore such as beginning, is not a difficult matter. Another side, Jia Na, Bai Yi, Gong Zheng and Goshawk see Ming Dong to stand still finally, relaxed. All around, these finally hide distant God King to see Ming Dong to give up, returns in abundance, quick, then respectively is planning, prepares to enter the bottom of lava to search for the motion of little girl.

When are not many, the Azure Sea God Palace 8-layer space, then once more restored tranquilly. But the people know, this tranquil also merely is the superficial phenomenon, is very unstable because of the volcano of this space, slightly one exciting will then erupt, at this moment so many God King collections, even if they have restrained the aura, constituted the influence to this space similarly, momentarily will undermine here balance. But Shangguan Mu'er, sits cross-legged to sit in void, she does not have sharply to get up the 12 th space, but is staring at the following lava, reveals the color of anticipation, is waiting for coming out of Jian Chen. Shangguan Mu'er, has not thought that you break through God King Realm in such a short time, really makes me be surprised.” However at this moment, temperate sound conveys from Shangguan Mu'er side together. Sees only one to wear the green long skirt, the female of appearance causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman is standing side Shangguan Mu'er, smiling visits her. In Shangguan Mu'er heart one startled, she continuously in time on the alert, however regarding the proximity of this female, she slightly had not actually realized. „Are you?” Shangguan Mu'er surprised uncertain is staring at present this strange female, she has never seen this female, however actually from the body of opposite party, felt a familiar aura. ps: The first chapter, I continue the symbol, will be late will have the renewal.