Chaotic Sword God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2126

In the Jian Chen heart suddenly, in the heart is also one exclaims, he knows Chan Long after Azure Sea Mountain stayed the several years time, the control to Azure Sea Mountain was getting stronger and stronger. „Is Kai Ya good?” Chan Long opens the mouth to ask, he has feeling of the inexplicable being familiar to Kai Ya, and feeling of this being familiar after his strength increase, is more and more intense, in heart nature very concerned about Kai Ya. Jian Chen nodded, the vision shot a look at behind, said: Walks, we said advanced again.” Chan Long saw the Jian Chen scruples, cannot help but Ha Ha smiles, said: You and Kai Ya at the disturbance that in Azure Sea God Palace has, I have heard, in Azure Sea Mountain, you do not need any worry, here, is not they decides.” In the Chan Long expression is bringing an aggression, as well as not sparing a glance to numerous Peerless Generation God King. However he also really has such qualifications, grasped the arrangement in Azure Sea Mountain Supreme formation, in Azure Sea God Palace, he indeed has the fearless anybody's energy. Jian Chen and Chan Long two people return immediately before for several years, in that cave that they open here. Meanwhile, in the Azure Sea God Palace 10-layer space, carries on second time to change the own build in Jian Chen the place, a green long skirt, Ao Li Duona suspended of appearance causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman in the upper air, strength of the rich and pure life sends out from her on, making the myriad things bring forth the spring, made this stretch of bleak earth, once more has glowed the life aura, sight of green, naked eye obvious grew from the earth, filled the air toward the distant place. This is not Ao Li Duona creates desirably, because completely on her the strength of that formidable life fills the air, the phenomenon that causes. His all traces and trails, here vanished.” The Ao Li Duona vision sizes up all around, Spiritual Consciousness is also the proliferation of blotting out the sky, after the moment, she reveals a forced smile of face, said: This boy, will more and more hide own, links clues not to stay behind unexpectedly, how this may make me look, the secret technique of looking for missing persons, I grasp may not be many, and his aura has not stayed behind, depending on these secret techniques that I grasp, could not find him.” It seems like, has...... Ao Li Duona to look at the eye 11 th direction with the aid of their group of people, at once then left here, beside concealment cautiously in several tens of thousands. Soon , a large quantities of Peerless Generation God King group wells up in abundance, but, arrives at the direction that the Jian Chen aura vanished, complexion are very unattractive, many people are also having the injury, although seems like is not serious, but makes them look like quite the somewhat distressed meaning. But Shui Yunlan, then not.

All trails and all aura, here vanished......” If not we were grasped the person dragging of strength of cold ice by that lost a lot of time, Jian Chen is impossible to pull out our palms......” Snort, he cannot escape, displays secret skill, making the time recall, lets reappear in the past at present......” In the crowd, Peerless Generation god Wang Zhan, has let here time recollection by secret skill immediately, reappears. Immediately, first they one step come here Ao Li Duona to reappear, is only the personal appearance is somewhat dim, is not clear. Ao Li Duona regardless of cultivation level or the boundary, is higher than to display the time recollection Peerless Generation God King, secret skill that therefore this Peerless Generation God King displays , can only see the Ao Li Duona fuzzy image. The people have not gone to care about Ao Li Duona, but during the static waiting, after several time of breath, the Jian Chen form appears in the time finally recalls, all that he makes, looked by all around Peerless Generation God King clear, including departure position. All around Peerless Generation God King has not hesitated, departed the direction to pursue when along Jian Chen in abundance. Azure Sea Mountain of 9-layer space, Jian Chen and a Chan Long simple conversation, then directly arrived at Black Crow the place of closing up. When Black Crow sees Jian Chen, look obvious was startled has been startled, but then reveals the joyful color at once, in the heart also relaxed, said: Outside in passing on a message you were infiltrated in the 8-layer space lava, I also think that you have encountered the mishap.” Relax, my life, is not good to take. Black Crow, your fast preparation, leaves along with me.” Jian Chen said.

Sees Jian Chen to be so serious, Black Crow expression also gradual became must dignified, said: Where goes to?” Your Blue Sky Dynasty that five prince luck were good, obtained the approval of Highest Beginning inheritance.” What? Highest Beginning inheritance?” Black Crow has a big shock, complexion became pale. He could be said as betrayed five prince now, once five prince lived is leaving Azure Sea God Palace, with the help of Highest Beginning inheritance, soared surely, if traced his betrayal, by five prince dispositions, will be will not let off his family absolutely. Relax, he has not inherited the inheritance completely, at crucial moments had been broken by me, without a trace that but brings Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse to be leaving behind the ring that runs away. But can affirm that five prince are impossible to escape from Azure Sea God Palace, now hides in some place surely, I need to find him through your talent ability, the present is to kill his best opportunity.” Jian Chen said that although the tangled warfare of 12 spaces are chaotic, but he actually looks clearly. When five prince run away, is all alone, side any guard, cannot prevent his Mister Shu not to be at only, must kill him, easy as pie. Then, Jian Chen brought Black Crow to leave Azure Sea Mountain with great speed, hurried along, while swallowed heavenly material treasure that obtained from the wonder drug garden. In these heavenly material treasure, some have to regain the function of strength of Primordial Spirit, by this loss that restores two Profound Sword Qi to bring. Five prince no longer this spaces, we toward below.” Black Crow also displays own talent divine ability to search for five prince trails, function that this moment he, plays, obviously is everyone is irreplaceable. Jian Chen brings Black Crow to arrive at 8-layer with great speed, has avoided Ming Dong as well as that part by far had not obtained 12 spaces news, still also waited for Peerless Generation God King here, making Black Crow induce once more. Not on this, but must downward.” Black Crow said. Jian Chen is without hesitation, immediately brings Black Crow to arrive at the 7-layer space. Had found, five prince hide in 7-layer, in that direction, is away from our 5 million li (0.5km)......” quickly, the Black Crow eye is one bright, accurate said five prince positions.

In the Jian Chen eye severe light dodges, said: Black Crow, you have not suited now with five prince meet, you hide into the temple first.” Jian Chen puts out a temple, after building up simply, then makes him hide into. This temple is one of his spoils of war, although the grade is not high, but hiding people was enough. But Jian Chen, is restraining the aura, goes into hiding own, all alone grazes to go toward five prince hiding place. At this moment, a distress, having hair dishevelled five prince are pale a face, hides in the covert cavern in place bottom deep place, the muscle of his face twisted completely, making him at this moment look like, appears the ferocious name is incomparable, that divariant red eye, is reveals the dreadful hatred and anger. Jian Chen Jian Chen I will not let off your, I am will not let off absolutely your, I pledged that must make your experiencing suffering in society most painful suffering die surely......” „The Highest Beginning inheritance, that is the Highest Beginning inheritance, only misses one step, on the difference that half step, I can inherit Highest Beginning to inherit last ..... Is you, Jian Chen, is the opportunity that you make me miss reach the sky in a single bound, I must have your muscle, digs up your skin, drinks your blood, eats your meat, I must make you live to might as well die......” Five prince send out angry roaring, the shape, if the crazy, hates incomparably to Jian Chen.