Chaotic Sword God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2131
Then, Mo Cheng puts out from blood of the drop of chaos on Jian Chen takes, immediately displays secret skill, takes blood of the drop of chaos as to direct, seeks for the Jian Chen trail. When Mo Cheng displays secret skill, surroundings have Peerless Generation God King to come for its Custodian immediately, obviously has given birth to the heart of becoming friends with. Found his position.” Quick, Mo Cheng has then opened eye, in the vision reveals the swift and fierce color, the personal appearance rocks, has grazed to go toward the distant place. Ming Dong, since you are the Jian Chen life and death brothers, when that Jian Chen in meeting to besiege, thinks you can appear. Snort, this time, I must cut to kill you with the aid of the strength of people, I must let you for the haughtiness of own, pays the serious price.” How even if you are Peerless Generation God King, in Saint Realm, falls Peerless Generation God King may be not infrequent. What a pity, your my this does not have the enmity without injustice, reason that makes me give birth to you must kill the heart, only blamed you to chase down my protector, has chased down the servant of my teacher, has chased down our Azure Peng [lineage/vein] person, our Azure Peng [lineage/vein], so were can it be that good to bully......” in the Mo Cheng heart secretly thought, intense killing intent fermented in the heart. But in Mo Cheng behind, numerous Peerless Generation God King is also the progress follows, suddenly then vanishes in the horizon end. After they walk, in void several thousand li (0.5km) away, the Ao Li Duona form reappears, the vision is staring at these Peerless Generation God King of going far away, look becomes incomparably dignified, after silent moment, tags along after to go immediately. In Azure Sea Mountain, Chan Long sits cross-legged to sit in the upper air, looks at the present was becoming completely empty Azure Sea Mountain, without a trace Peerless Generation God King that is looking at distant place that crowd vanish, was lost in thought. This sending out Peerless Generation God King, but several hundred, if they had found the Jian Chen trail, Jian Chen feared that is more unfortunate than fortunate. Actually, I can definitely control the Azure Sea Mountain strength, imprisons these Peerless Generation God King completely sleepily here, but haven't I such done why?” Chan Long twittering, in the vision reveals a confused color in a low voice. It seems like, in my heart of hearts, has not regarded the friend Jian Chen as before, perhaps I for these years and he walked in the same place, because of Kai Ya, including initially in Cloud Province Blood Sun Dynasty, I braved to offend the Heavenly Demon Saint Cult vice- Cult Master risk to help them, because of Kai Ya.” „Is Kai Ya so really important to me? Why I for her, thus changed my former conduct attitude? But I do not have the sentiment of half minute men and women to her obviously.” Chan Long in a low voice twittering, in these years, in his brain once more than once reappears such doubts, how regardless of he ponders over, seeks less than the least bit answer.

Mr. Chan Long, if I guess well, we and Kai Ya, because of this have the origin greatly.” At this time, was imprisoned to be stranded Primordial Spirit in area array flag also from Chan Long Space Ring drilled, transforming is a touching type plate of big snake side Chan Long, whole face proper saying. You did not say that you can look through the secret, the foreknowledge in the future? Can you see between me and Kai Ya, is actually how a matter?” Chan Long asked. I can indeed look through the secret, knows in advance the future, but the machine also varies on this day, has the heaviness lightly. Foreknowledge future ability, is non- is fastidious common, if the minor matters of some goose bumps, I only need the clarity that the intention can know together, if involves greatly, let alone is I, perhaps these Highest Beginning push unable to spread out. With Kai Ya, on Kai Ya throughout dense fog covers up, let alone is present I, even if I am formidable hundred times, cannot completely understand this dense fog.” Jian Chen, about his any fact, I could not have completely understood similarly, as if he compared with Kai Ya also or simple. However my actually intuition, we and Jian Chen, cannot certainly walk is too near, why do not ask me, because I do not know.” ...... In Azure Sea God Palace 5-layer mountain range, intense sword intent gives to cover trim mountain range, swift and fierce sword qi jump to shoot, sends out radiant rays of light, in mountain range able to move unhindered, has left behind the sword mark of spreading across in all directions. Looks from afar, at present this trim mountain range, became sword qi sea, sword qi innumerable is not, became a piece the restricted area that makes many God King stop. But at this moment, in this mountain range covert cave, a whole body is the person of blood is sitting cross-legged to sit here, in the hand is grasping handle Divine Sword, is building up fully. This person's shadow, impressively Jian Chen! Divine Item Item Spirit, unwillingly by the Jian Chen control of cultivation level merely God King Realm, therefore is revolting fully.

However the strength of this revolt, with the lapse of time, finally is becomes more and more weak, finally finally drinks with Jian Chen one greatly, under within the body Chaos Force rapid galloping, suppressed Divine Sword completely, making Divine Sword lose the strength of revolt, by suppression stubbornly. Although you have exceeded me, but does not arrive at Beginning Realm, do not want to control me truly.” Divine Item Item Spirit makes unwilling sound, the participation strength starts to contract, collects in the sword sharp place. But Jian Chen is seizes the chance to enter, the Chaos Force continuous irrigation to Divine Item, was in the Divine Sword two-thirds positions finally, other one-third, was controlled by Item Spirit. Does not need, when Beginning Realm, only waits my cultivation level to go a step further, can build up you easily.” Jian Chen gives a calm smile, to tame this handle Divine Item, (Huan Zhen) really is not an easy matter, if not his Chaos Force is continuous, grows continually, consumption unusual is slow, in addition the great strength of Chaos Body, the attack of fearless sword qi, perhaps (Huan Zhen) really does not have the ability to obtain this handle Divine Item. But even if so, suppressed Divine Item Item Spirit merely, captured Divine Item some control power, to control completely, then must wait for his cultivation level to go a step further, obtains the approval of Item Spirit. Originally you called Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, this sword name, poured also well.” In the Jian Chen vision reveals excited color, after building up to melt Divine Item, he also obtained the information about this handle Divine Item. Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, low-grade Divine Item, is from the void nine stars refinements, the implication world profound and abstruse principles, contain strength of the Heavenly Law, therefore, was called Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword. Worthily is Divine Item, by my present energy , can only play the Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword 4-layer might. However is the 4-layer might, made me have to cut to kill initially that eight Peerless Generation God King confidence.” Moreover, my Chaos Force consumes slowly, can use this handle Divine Item heartily, does not need to have scruples the cultivation level consumption of within the body like common God King, help that therefore, this handle Divine Item plays to me, seriously is very huge.” Divine Item in the hand, suddenly, let in the Jian Chen heart Dading, swept away the world greatly, had my invincible potential.

In addition, in that Highest Beginning Space Ring, remembers grade very high heavenly material treasure, these heavenly material treasure are not the therapy wondrous medicines, instead is more like some can promote the thing of cultivation level, if I take, because of this can make my Chaos Dantian expand much, made my Chaos Body distance 13-layer, still further.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought. However at this moment, his vision concentrates suddenly, fierce raise one's head looks to the cave. Jian Chen, your (Huan Zhen) really can hide, ran up to Azure Sea God Palace 5-layer to come unexpectedly, to find you, (Huan Zhen) really was not easy.” At this moment, together cold loudly shout enormous and powerful passed from the world. Mo Cheng!” Hears this familiar sound, Jian Chen partly to narrow the eye, flashes through together the sharp cold glow, quite somewhat accidental look. ps: Asked everybody to listen to the free prestige, once later had the adjustment about renewal, the ramble will inform everybody through the prestige. Search: xinxingxiaoyao110 It is not complex, is the heart star free pen name adds a warning telephone. Was the direct search heart star free pen name can also find, has supported Sword God, liked the Sword God brothers, may probably remember the attention.