Chaotic Sword God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2134

In Jian Chen heart one cold, look is very dignified, when this golden big hand grasps, his body also suddenly sinks, felt that the own body surrounding space, suddenly coagulated in this., The master of this golden big hand, strength extremely formidable, at this moment, Jian Chen was the clear feeling feeling of the suffocation. But he is not flurried, now he has Divine Item in the hand, battle strength increases, even if inferior to the opposite party, but is also insufficient suppressed does not have the strength of revolt. Sees only his binocular god glow to explode dodges, vision sharp like sword, within the body Chaos Force such as torrential rivers and streams generally in crazy galloping and surging, pours into on Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword all, Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword rays of light burning the eyes that immediately made, bloomed gorgeous and eye-catching star light, was indistinct, seemed has four giant incomparable stars to transform. A Jian Chen sword refers to the day, from Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword on, prestige of the unequalled Divine Item fills the air immediately, is bringing the strength and the golden big hand stars collides loudly together. Bang!” Both bump into, the sound was deafening, seems has two world to have the fierce collision, aroused intense energy turbulent currents. A Jian Chen sword refers to the day, body is great, is powerful, such as perfection War God, there is an invincible posture. In the Jian Chen under foot, the ground starts to be cracked, his body in submersion slowly, the both legs fell into the bottom, until submerging the knee has placed to stop. But in his top of the head, in the golden big hand contains the vast and terrifying strength, with his hand refused to compromise in Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword a moment later, just now has exhausted to be defeated and dispersed because of the energy. Pulls one round to move the whole body, the sneak attack of this golden big hand, official has opened intense war. Immediately, collection Peerless Generation God King here gets rid, without a single exception, the vision of all people all are Jian Chen. In the Jian Chen eye the fine glow dodges to pass, that golden big hand that the vision is staring at dissipate, reveals the surprised uncertain color, mixes in, a faint trace is excited.

From just raided to the golden big hand of own, he felt a familiar strength aura, but this strength aura, with Golden Divine Dragon Rui Jin extremely similar. Who dares to injure my brother, with my Ming Dong for enemy!” Ming Dong sends out to roar, killing intent soars to the heavens, under the clothing/taking God level therapy Medicine Pill, gets rid fully, keeps off in front of Jian Chen. After Ming Dong uses the Supreme Heavenly Law method, the consumption is too big, oneself has also paid certain price, already did not have peak battle strength, facing so many Peerless Generation God King, where can block. But these Peerless Generation God King, does not dare under the cruel methods to Ming Dong, the wildness of Ming Dong, to be watched by them really after all, others do not have Kaitian Clan, this self-confident with energy, naturally also makes in many person hearts dread. Knows the Ming Dong status as for that few part Peerless Generation God King, when firing into Jian Chen, is in abundance distant to Ming Dong, does not dare with it brushing. Ming Dong, no matter you are any status, any background, I must make you regret today that a person of my Azure Peng [lineage/vein], is not good to offend, even if only a servant is not good.” At the same time, has stared at Ming Dong Mo Cheng both eyes murderous intention to ascend, drinks lowly: Begins!” Mo Cheng Young Master, this Ming Dong background feared that is not small, can really like this?” Not far away, several Peerless Generation God King look the color of hesitation. They come from the Saint Realm different family influences, was contacted in secret by Mo Cheng, wants to cut to kill Ming Dong with the aid of their strengths. But these Peerless Generation God King know the Ming Dong background is also uncommon, but has not thought extremely in the fearfulness. Thinks again Mo Cheng is the disciple of Azure Peng King, and is in itself the natural talent is also excellent, the future prospect will be limitless, therefore they to hit to relate with Mo Cheng as early as possible, then decisively agreed with the proposition of Mo Cheng. Until a moment ago, them saw Ming Dong not to have Kaitian Clan, this makes them have to re-evaluate the Ming Dong background to come, therefore somewhat is scruple. Although begins!” Mo Cheng cold voice shouted to clear the way. That several Peerless Generation God King have looked at each other eye mutually, clenches teeth in abundance, gets rid decisively, is killing intent able to move unhindered, kills to Ming Dong.

Dissolute!” Magnificent Heavenly Palace five big God General are angry, does not wait for their close Ming Dong, then stopped these people, both sides battle together. The helper who sees the own contact was prevented, in the Mo Cheng eye severe light dodges, gets rid personally, grasps a handle long sword, Dao of Sword Principle and Destruction Principle also uses, kills directly to Ming Dong. He saw Ming Dong to be weak, battle strength is inferior to the heyday, self-confident own can wrestle with it. After all, his Mo Cheng is not common God King, initially he still still when God Lord Realm, then had to cut to kill the energy of God King, let alone is now. Young Master, I help you!” Goshawk also grazes to come from the distant place, the body azure glow twinkle, transforming is Azure Peng, fires into Ming Dong by extremely quick speed. Also wants to kill me depending on you?” Ming Dong cold snort, complexion cloudy and cold, killing intent soars to the heavens, Destruction Principle erupts, grasps a Divine Item sword to cut, spits flying upside down of blood the mouth that Mo Cheng digs. Meanwhile, the Ming Dong body also shakes, Goshawk both hands to become Claw, blooms azure rays of light to grasp on Ming Dong Divine Armor. Ming Dong has the Divine Armor guard, Goshawk this strikes, has not constituted the substantive injury to him, he backhands a sword to cut, is having the God level battle skill power and influence, changes into together black rays of light in void, cuts off the Goshawk body around the middle. Sees Ming Dong to be attacked, five big God General are angry, is killing intent ascends, during dazzling rays of light covers, five sets of golden light glitter, military might uncommon Divine Armor reappears on them, has covered their whole body, only two eyes exposed outside, they will send out strike fully will tie down the own match to compel to draw back, will not prolong contact, will move sideways to return to side Ming Dong in abundance, will cast a firm fortress at the own body, the Ming Dong protection in inside. This .... This is......” This is Magnificent Heavenly Palace God General service pattern Battle Armor... you... You unexpectedly are......”

...... Surroundings, formerly that several with Peerless Generation God King of five big God General wars, at this moment all stared greatly an eye, stubbornly stared is putting on their golden Battle Armor, among look has covered entirely panic-strickenly, received the hand, does not dare to begin once more. They unexpectedly are Magnificent Heavenly Palace God General, this... This how possible......” Magnificent Heavenly Palace God General will come Azure Sea God Palace, the day, what status that is Ming Dong? Why can make Magnificent Heavenly Palace God General protect......” ...... All around, has heard sound of the big inspiration, at this moment, many people revealed startled have accommodated, the whole face was unbelievable. Simultaneously in the heart is one suddenly, no wonder Ming Dong so is also insolent, does not fear Kaitian Clan, originally came from Magnificent Heavenly Palace unexpectedly. You... You......” body by Goshawk that Ming Dong cuts off around the middle, complexion became a paleness, has covered entirely the fear. Five big God General status exposures, he was daunted. In fighting most central of circle, a life old tree reappears, Ao Li Duona first gets rid, resists the enemy all around for Jian Chen. But Jian Chen also refuses to admit being inferior, is attacked by the enemy on all sides freely, but actually the fighting intent startled day, grasps Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, Chaos Force continuous injection, with numerous Peerless Generation God King war. But by their strength, how also to compete in the field these many Peerless Generation God King, suddenly, Ao Li Duona or Jian Chen, suppressed stubbornly, extremely passive, falls completely leeward. Especially becomes Jian Chen of all person targets, the body has been scarred, the whole body is bathed in blood.