Chaotic Sword God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2152

These people, since must participate in competition of Azure Sea God Palace, that surely will present the damage as well as falls, superior win and inferior wash out, the law of the jungle, this is the permanent ancient invariable truth of survival in this world. Today because if I the backgrounds of these people are too big, the background too forgives them greatly, my Jian Chen will walk from now on Saint Realm, to see that these people do want to yield and withdraw? If these people depend the behind background to affront me, everywhere aims at me, is it possible that can I again and again exercising forbearance without limits?” „, Because these people have the abundant background, they can unscrupulous chases down me, doesn't have background me unable to cut to kill them?” Jian Chen cold voice shouted to clear the way, looks to keep off in own front Ao Li Duona, his complexion also gradual became must ugly. Although the Ao Li Duona strength is inferior to Shui Yunlan, but also distant in him, if she insists on preventing the words, to massacre at present these people, (Huan Zhen) really is not an easy matter. Jian Chen, I do this, considers for you, you are not own considered, must consider for your behind person, really if offends their behind influence is too dead, feared that they look up your origin, gives vent to indignation with your behind person. I also know that your brothers Ming Dong is the Magnificent Heavenly Palace person, Ming Dong will stand this side you inevitably, shelters your behind these people, making these big influences on not dare to act unreasonably outwardly, is in secret?” Ao Li Duona sincere consoling, is not cruel enough to look that Jian Chen did not have Peerless Generation God King of strength to hit back to cut to kill these. Womanly compassion.” Shui Yunlan stands on one side cold voice saying that her heart just likes her person general ice-cold, does not have the sentiment, completely is person of the cold blood. Jian Chen after listening to Ao Li Duona this explanation, during fell into was silent, in eye rays of light twinkle, suddenly, was somewhat hesitant. He has thought in Cloud Province Southern Territory Tianyuan Clan, followed him to arrive at the Saint Realm person from Tian Yuan Continent in the past, was almost settled by him completely in Tianyuan Clan, if Tianyuan Clan, because the own reason suffers the disaster, perhaps he for a lifetime will not forgive own.

Good, looks in the Ao Li Duona face, my this time forgives you.” Silent the moment, Jian Chen obeyed the suggestion of Ao Li Duona finally. hearing that, more than 20 experience personally the heavy losses Peerless Generation God King, relaxed, they in the lava Giant Lizard war, all experience personally the heavy losses, the ability that 50% people run away continually does not have, if Jian Chen must kill them, they absolutely are difficult to run away die. Other 50% people, although also some ample forces display forbidden technique to flee this place, but actually must pay the price that is hard to withstand, they do not want to use this finally quite therefore autonomy unless it is absolutely essential the method. Therefore, after hearing Jian Chen does not kill them, in their all person hearts dropped a big stone. At this time, the Jian Chen vision suddenly became swift and fierce, the glance of coldly the eye they, shouted to clear the way lowly: Naturally, I do not kill you also merely am this time, in Azure Sea God Palace, you, if with me for the enemy, that does not take it ill my heavy hand to be heartless again.” The voice falls, Jian Chen cold snort, got up the 8-layer space directly. After Jian Chen walks, complexion is pale, among look is passing the dispirited similarly color Ming Dong, takes a fast look around more than 20 Peerless Generation God King by the vision of threat, hey sneers: The words that my brother spoke you heard, if from now on you will continue with my brother are the enemies, that was not only hostility between you and Jian Chen, was my Ming Dong personal enemy. I know that you come from the big influence respected family, everyone background is very abundant, if makes me discover that your back influences dare to look for my brother's trouble, my Ming Dong pledged that I will certainly reply on the Magnificent Heavenly Palace strength, making your back influences pay the heavy price.” After abandoning these words, Ming Dong then brings behind five God General to depart, tags along after Jian Chen behind to enter the 8-layer space.

But that more than 20 Peerless Generation God King, along with the threat of Ming Dong, but the complexion big change, regarding Magnificent Heavenly Palace, their nobody did not dread, even if assumes Magnificent Heavenly Palace Huan Zhen Highest Beginning already falls, but Magnificent Heavenly Palace in Saint Realm, stands erect existence as in Pyramid peak. This matter stops, I can guarantee your one time, is actually not able to guarantee your second time, Jian Chen is War God your majesty friend of our God Clan respect, all has been said that you put best into it ..... the Ao Li Duona vision complex looks at these to experience personally the heavy losses Peerless Generation God King, reveals the color of pitying. ...... Azure Sea God Palace 8-layer, that volcano direct, broken Huan Zhen Tower shrinks the small accomplishment fist size by Jian Chen in the hand, his suspended in upper air, a face vigilant is sizing up all around, Spiritual Consciousness is sending out of blotting out the sky, is taking a fast look around all around repeatedly, and prepared for entered Huan Zhen Tower at all times. That lava Giant Lizard outside, does not know that with these Peerless Generation God King how it among the battles, retracted the bottom of lava, left this space, continued to chase down these Peerless Generation God King?” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly that now several days of time passed by, the 8-layer space already restored tranquilly, the volcanic cluster that only has that big piece serious damaged, resembles before that fierce battle that witnessing this space is erupting. At this time, Ao Li Duona appeared in Jian Chen behind, her vision sized up was becoming a volcano world in confusion, said: I knew from these population that was stranded in this space several hundred Peerless Generation God King joins up, has carried out a life-and-death fight with that lava Giant Lizard, finally in falls under about 400 Peerless Generation God King heavy prices, they finally the lava Giant Lizard heavy losses, having made lava Giant Lizard retract in the lava. But that lava Giant Lizard strength, because of should in Everlasting Realm 8-layer high and low.” Everlasting Realm 8-layer? Indeed is unexpected, has not thought that so formidable lava Giant Lizard, will make into the severe wound by one crowd of God King unexpectedly.” A Jian Chen face sigh. However he also knows that these God King are not common God King, but is God King Ranking Peerless Generation God King, everyone of battle efficiency is formidable, and also has dozens Divine Item.

Otherwise, let alone several hundred God King, even if comes on over a thousand God King, can be abandoned one's armor by the losing helmet that lava Giant Lizard kills. Ao Li Duona stared Jian Chen one ill-humoredly, said: You are dissatisfied, must think that this lava Giant Lizard will kill off you to satisfy all Peerless Generation God King?” Here, Ao Li Duona sighed lightly, revealed the color of sorrow, said: Here lost several hundred Peerless Generation God King all of a sudden, causing the name on God King Ranking to empty one directly less than half, now the outside has perhaps raised a rumpus.” Has the matter here, perhaps will alarm many Highest Beginning Realm top powerhouse, when we leave here, thinks outside Azure Sea God Palace, had Highest Beginning to wait.” The Shui Yunlan sinking sound said that complexion is extremely dignified, her vision looks at Jian Chen, serious saying: At this moment, I not convenient departed through the Azure Sea God Palace main entrance, the only departure method, is makes that little girl obtain the approval of Azure Sea God Palace, then departs through Azure Sea God Palace inside teleportation formation.” ps: Symbol Taishun, does not cause this chapter of refresh time, has far exceeded the estimate.