Chaotic Sword God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2192
If wants to frame by planting stolen goods on to shift blame to Gusi Clan, is not an easy matter, do you have the big assurance?” Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor asked in the secret room. Their Bloody Battle Clan, although with Gusi Clan with is the Thousand Leaves Dynasty three big top influences, but among these three big top influences, being together is not harmonious, it may be said that is struggles unceasingly, especially Bloody Battle Clan and Gusi Clan, many years ago, then has had the blood sea deep enmity. These two respected family strengths quite, no one has grasped whether to destroy completely the opposite party, therefore Bloody Battle Clan and Gusi Clan, no one dares to start the comprehensive war, for fear that is damaged in the war, instead made others become the elderly fisherman. But once made them find can destroy completely the opportunity of opposite party at one fell swoop, they easily will then not give up. That aristocratic family old and young, went to Gusi Clan, this is a very good turning point. But our Bloody Battle Clan had been deploying in secret many years, only need operate well, I have the 9-layer above assurance, making Gusi Clan carry this being unjustly discredited.” Stands the person outside secret room said that the stance that has victory in the hand, has filled self-confidently. Bang The sad sound transmits, secret room front door opening that slowly shuts tightly together, bone-chilling cold murderous aura moves mountains spreads from inside, all around thermal drop that made. Sees only complexion to be resolute, the long hair middle-aged man walked from the secret room gradually, puts on his red vigor attire, just like was dyed by the blood general, to person a bloody feeling. On him, is surrounding a vigorous and formidable aura, has exceeded the God King boundary by far, has entered into a higher level, Beginning Realm! Gives you to be responsible for all heavy responsibility of family, you have not really disappointed me. Arranges quickly, was sure to remember that this matter cannot make the least bit careless mistake, must guarantee absolutely safe, cannot make the family fall into the perdition. As for that aristocratic family old and young, personally is coped by me.” Old Ancestor serious saying of Bloody Battle Clan. Yes, Old Ancestor, my this arranges.” That person has drawn back.

Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor stands outside the front door of secret room, the vision becomes deep incomparable, muttered: This matter, will have very big risk, to make Gusi Clan perish, must take the risk......” ...... In Thousand Leaves Dynasty Imperial City, Jian Chen is swinging the folding fan, walking of strolling on the avenue, in his body side, Qing Yi Xuan and Black Crow two people are the tight step follows. Black Crow unemotionally, manner natural following side Jian Chen, is true has regarded a bodyguard own, a retinue regards. After all, initially when Azure Sea God Palace, he had submitted to Jian Chen. But Qing Yi Xuan, then clenches teeth, among the manners has filled unwilling and following of humiliation behind Jian Chen, in the heart sprouted a despair gradually. Although left Gusi Clan, making her escape from the Gusi Clan big Young Master evil clutches, may in her opinion, fall at present this Changyang Young Master hand, with falling did not have much difference in the hand of Gusi Clan big Young Master. At present this Changyang Young Master that Gusi Clan does not dare to provoke, had not had a liking for the own beauty in the same old way, with that Gusi Clan big Young Master, radically is the same-kind person. At this time, taking the lead Jian Chen turned head suddenly, the vision was staring at Qing Yi Xuan, said: You were seized by the Gusi Clan person, if not this young master appears promptly, now you perhaps by that Gu Feng tarnishing, you have wanted to revenge, has killed Gu Feng personally, as well as these guard Gusi Clan who you seize.” heard the sound, Qing Yi Xuan vision coldly is staring Jian Chen, sound indifferent saying: If takes the condition by my body, I do not need you to help.” He He, the disposition is actually very gruff.” Smiling of Jian Chen not cares, said: Here is Saint Realm, before is not you , the dull preliminary contact surface, arrived here, you must adapt to here survival rule, reexamines your status, otherwise, you feared that is very difficult to survive.”

Qing Yi Xuan is listening in behind silently, clenches teeth, is silent. Suddenly, Qing Yi Xuan body suddenly one stiff, the footsteps stop suddenly, stand in same place, looking at steadily is staring at the front. Sees only there, issues a warrant for arrest the Jian Chen warrant for arrest, the exceptionally striking post there, around the warrant for arrest, many people are settling down, the hand points at the Jian Chen portrait to whoop. Unexpectedly is Jian Chen!” Looks to paint a portrait that familiar face, as well as that familiar name, the Qing Yi Xuan innermost feelings were not extremely calm, have started the startled day mighty waves. Saint Realm is so big, she has not thought that own really such quickly had the Jian Chen news. Although is only a warrant for arrest, but most at least makes Qing Yi Xuan know that Jian Chen is also living, is not only also living, and also holds the huge trouble. Has not thought that he unexpectedly became God King, and Peerless Generation God King died in his hand.” From the warrant for arrest saw that these made own envy achievement, the Qing Yi Xuan state of mind very complex. Indistinct within, she as if saw initially in Sea Region, that strength in the own eye is really the boy of collapsing at the first blow, from own Ba Huang Incomplete Map winning. At that time, the Jian Chen strength still cannot enter her discernment, seriously is small and weak. But is having a look at the present, others became in her eyes, belongs to keeping aloof God King Realm powerhouse, but her own, has Origin Realm cultivation level merely. Qing Yi Xuan silently is looking at the Jian Chen warrant for arrest, finally was secret to sigh, steps the footsteps, look left here low-spirited.

Jian Chen, although I have to think to help you, but I am unable to defend oneself now, therefore, all can only depend on your own, hoping you to be able going on living well.” In the Qing Yi Xuan heart thinks secretly. We will not stay for a long time in Heavenly Nether Star, here, what unfinished business can you have?” At this time, the Jian Chen sound passed on. hearing that, Qing Yi Xuan looks the hesitant color, bites the lip lightly, said in a low voice: My also knows soon sisters here, I want to say goodbye with her.” Goes, Black Crow, you with her, protect her safety . Moreover, your Divine Crystals, takes out part to her sisters.” Jian Chen was saying to Black Crow that he naturally knows that sisters who in the Qing Yi Xuan mouth said that in fact is that ugly female. Yes!” Black Crow should say that then departs with Qing Yi Xuan. After they walk, manner that Jian Chen received that looking down on the world instantaneously, complexion gradual became must enforce, his raise one's head looked at this sky, in the vision flashed through cold glow, immediately grazed to go toward the city outside. He realizes very early in the morning that own was not only tracked, and in the back, is indistinct also the eyes of not being able to see, will stay on him once for a while. When by eye gaze of this not being able to see, Jian Chen will feel a faint trace threat. But in now, can bring the threat to him, perhaps in God King Realm, nobody had this qualifications, only had to surmount God King Realm, strided in another domain Beginning Realm powerhouse.