Chaotic Sword God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2193
Although does not know that who stares at my person to be in secret, but since can be realized by me, this explained will stare at my Beginning Realm powerhouse in secret, where the cultivation level boundary strongly to will not go, otherwise, I impossible to have realized.” In Jian Chen heart secretly thought, his Chaos Body after breaking into 13-layer, strengthens and is not only the battle efficiency, the abilities in various aspects, have not the small promotion. Otherwise, Beginning Realm powerhouse, if goes into hiding to monitor him in secret, he is also difficult that detection. Chaos Body 12 th, my battle strength strong overwhelming majorities have been Peerless Generation God King on God King Ranking, now my Chaos Body is making the breakthrough, does not know my present battle strength, will go to the what kind situation, has the qualifications to stabilize God King Ranking first......” It is reported that God King Ranking first ten powerhouse, then have with the qualifications of Beginning Realm powerhouse resistance, even kills cutting, does not know whether I currently have to cut to kill the qualifications of Beginning Realm powerhouse......” I need Beginning Realm powerhouse to fight urgently, confirms my present strength by this, then, lets monitor my Beginning Realm powerhouse in secret, confirms my real battle efficiency. Although this will let me faced with the risk of exposition, but I had not planned that stays for a long time in Heavenly Nether Star......” Jian Chen left Thousand Leaves Dynasty Imperial City, his look is usual, does not fly toward the distant place by sharply not slow speed, even if so, speed that he hurries along also extremely astonishing, he has been soon after far away from the Thousand Leaves Dynasty Imperial City 1 million li (0.5km). May in this distance, stare at his Beginning Realm powerhouse in secret, has not appeared unexpectedly. However Jian Chen goes to be able clear feeling, that Beginning Realm powerhouse in secret, has been staring at own, covertness that very but he hides, by the Jian Chen present strength , was very difficult to find him. And, for does not make the opposite party vigilant, Jian Chen this all the way, has not revealed slightly exceptionally the color, does not dare to use the Primordial Spirit search. Person who is staring in secret my, actually to see my status , because of other reasons?” In Jian Chen heart anxiety numerous, this is a very important matter, will relate to his own safety as well as the future road, he must clarify. When Jian Chen is far away from Imperial City 2 million li (0.5km), his void, the space suddenly started to twist fiercely, the mountains and rivers in line of sight vanished do not see, displace, was a bleak world. Jian Chen grazes the personal appearance to stop suddenly, his vision is sizing up this bleak world, complexion became has enforced. His eyes then see, this is an independence in Saint Realm Small World, he in the situation of not thinking, had taken in Small World.

Regarding Small World, he is not strange, because Small World has many in Tian Yuan Continent, ten big Guardian Clan, stay in Small World that completely , is opened by Saint Emperor powerhouse. Small World , has the weakness, weak Small World, Saint Realm Martial Artist fights in inside, can make Small World collapse. But the Small World that he falls into at this moment, very obvious rank is not low, the space is very stable, withstands Everlasting Beginning Realm fight fallout sufficiently. At this time, a formidable fluctuation of energy transmission came, the piece of Small World space that made, lacks such as the wave common ripples. Sees only in the upper air, the energy of rushing just likes the Tsunami common tuck dive, shortly will then condense a thick finger, is having the strength of murdering, falls suddenly toward below Jian Chen. This finger of might wonderfully greatly incomparable, has to extinguish the prestige of world seriously. When this finger falls, the trim Small World space is twisting, became blurred. In the Jian Chen heart sinks, Beginning Realm powerhouse that he meets at this moment, is far from common Beginning Realm, but was one comprehended in three thousand Principle, aggressive strongest Dao of Murder, battle strength must surpass most same rank powerhouse thorny characters. And, the opposite party gets rid extremely decisively, a few words do not have, came up then to show the complete strength, killing intent was powerful, obvious wanted neatly cut the tendency of him killing. Jian Chen face upwards to send out a long and loud cry, immediately counter-attacks, his imposing manner increases rapidly, the strength of Dao of Sword Principle condenses on him, changes into huge sword qi to shoot up to the sky, collides with the finger that the sky drops loudly together. This strikes, Jian Chen has not displayed fully, in fact, his 5-layer strength has not displayed, is displays to be equal to God King Ranking first hundred battle strength merely. Bang!”

A dull thumping sound, the Jian Chen body such as kite of short line results, hit falls from the upper air, pounding maliciously on the earth, complexion becomes pale, the corners of the mouth have the blood profit, is seriously battered the appearance, partly lies down in ground being hard stands. Who you are, why must get rid to sneak attack me suddenly.” Jian Chen is staring the sky, gets angry sound track. „I am who was unimportant, more importantly, Changyang Young Master, you are unable to live today departure.” In the sky, has broadcast an indifferent sound. In the Jian Chen eye the fine glow dodges, this Changyang Young Master, making him understand that the own status has not exposed, this makes him relax. However the surface actually maintains composure, shouted to clear the way fierce: You, since knows that my name, that thinks that also knows my origin, you such did have confidence to kill me? However makes me feel what is very puzzled, I do not have the foe in Heavenly Nether Star, why do you want to kill me?” Since you want to know that I let understanding that you die. My this Small World, is not common Small World, you fall into this place, no matter what you grasp to have many escape secret skill, here is unable to collect the effect, even if on you have apex the treasure of escape, before me, does not have the opportunity to display, therefore, you are unable to escape even with wings today. Why as for must kill you, this naturally to shift blame to Gusi Clan, so long as you died, is adding on us to operate in secret, can very good courses Gusi Clan this matter, making the Gusi Clan trend perish.” I know that your background is good, behind has strength stronger top powerhouse, can deduce the secret. But you may lose heart greatly, since I dare to get rid to you, that naturally has the full assurance to erase the trace, making these extremely powerhouse push unable to spread out.” Should know that you also knew, Changyang Young Master, should deliver you to start off.” The voice falls, energy of moving mountains collects once more, strength of the murdering floods in the world, condenses a handle completely the broadsword that is formed by the strength and Principle strength of Highest Origin, howls to cut toward the head of Jian Chen. The person who gets rid in secret, did not hope obviously, for fear that late caused trouble. Looks at fast close broadsword, feels the implication to belong to the Beginning Realm powerhouse power and influence in that startled that among Jian Chen look that camouflages vanished does not see, becomes is calm and calm, the vision is cold, sharply like sharp sword.

The next quarter, swift and fierce and formidable sword qi sends out from Jian Chen, rays of light soars to the heavens, just like hot sun general dazzling. This moment he, with formerly compared, just like changed person has resulted, imposing manner direct impact Yunxiao, fighting intent was very astonishing. A Jian Chen fist strike day, on the fist Chaos Force condenses, bringing the broadsword that the strength and the overhead Dao of Sword Principle cut to collide loudly together. A bang, entire Small World slightly trembles, the broadsword must crush by a Jian Chen fist strike, changes into wild energy storm to wreak havoc in the world. But Jian Chen, just likes is perfection War God is ordinary, swept formerly severely wounded stance, the body imposing manner was dreadful, is withstanding the energy storm of wreaking havoc, rushed to high heaven instantaneously, the vision has swept to somewhere, the pupil light was fearful, seems has sword glow in the turnover. You... You...” The sudden accident, let hide in that Beginning Realm powerhouse in secret has been shocked, in his eyes severely wounded dying Changyang Young Master, suddenly became bursting with energy, and showed the strong battle efficiency, this made him feel unbelievable. Has not paid attention to hide the shock in secret in that Beginning Realm powerhouse, Jian Chen suspended in the upper air, the strength of collection Dao of Sword Principle, within the body Chaos Force surges, gathers together formidable iron grey sword qi in his right hand instantaneously, suddenly toward front cuts void. This time gets rid, Jian Chen has not made slight retention, Chaos Body 13-layer formidable battle strength is displayed completely by him, made this struck, had several points of epoch-making seriously, makes might that the world changed colors, has surmounted the God King level completely, pushed in Beginning Realm. In deafening bellow, Small World fluctuation was even more fierce, has hidden in that Beginning Realm powerhouse in secret, this was struck to compel from void by Jian Chen stiffly, has appeared the true body. This is one wears red long gown, long hair, complexion resolute middle-aged man, at this moment, his whole face shocking stares at this imposing manner to be threatening at present, fighting intent soars to the heavens Changyang Young Master, among look reveals a delay.