Chaotic Sword God - Volume 22 - Chapter 2194

This middle-aged man, is Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor. You... Are you Beginning Realm?” Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor stares a pair of tiger eyes to stare at Jian Chen, the complexion rapid change, cloudy clear uncertain. I am any boundary am unimportant, perhaps more importantly, you do not have that ability to kill me.” Jian Chen cold voice said that his body suspended floating on high heaven, body sword qi fills the air, burning the eyes silver-white sword glow covers him, ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) rays of light, the shining world, seems just like Heavenly God descends to earth general. He points at gently a point, when belongs Sword Spirits complete formidable sword intent fills the air, instantaneously in front void condenses together golden sword qi, changes into wipes golden rays of light to go from out of the blue, shoots at opposite Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor. But in this just like golden general golden color sword qi, is faint is also mixing with the little black, this belongs to the Chaos Force strength. Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor complexion is ugly, he points at similarly void, strength of the murdering collects in his side, interweaves Principle Divine Chain, hits with golden sword qi that the front surface shoots loudly together. In a deafening bellow, both intersect, the golden sword qi direct collapse, changes into innumerable tiny sword qi, such as flowers showered on the earth below by a goddess of the sky sprinkles generally to all around. Then is interwoven Principle Divine Chain that by the strength of murdering becomes, its rays of light is also rapid gloomy, but has not dissipated finally actually, bringing the remaining prestige to rush to Jian Chen rapidly. Great Luo Sword Qi, the might was insufficient.” Such result, lets a Jian Chen brow slightly wrinkle. He had realized that along with 13-layer that own Chaos Body strides, is complete the Dao of Sword boundary breakthrough to Sword Spirits, all sorts of Sword Art that he formerly grasped, because of Rank rank reason, almost already not being able to stand in line use. Because of by his present strength, even if optional strikes, the might must surpass the Great Luo Sword Qi peak might by far, the final result, is Great Luo Sword Qi that causes him to send out, but has its shape spatially, does not have his god. The Jian Chen vision concentrates, all Sword Art that gave up own grasping, the sleeve robe sways, sent out sword light to sweep together, the strength of murdering might been not much left routed, then the right hand finger, condensed four feet long sword by pure sword qi, killed like lightning to Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor.

Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor gloomy a face, is resisting the attack from Jian Chen, the sinking sound track: Changyang Young Master, this matter is my is not right, but ultimately has not led to the blunder fortunately, hopes that Changyang Young Master can forgive, my this retreats.” If not for I hid the strength, only feared that I now am a corpse, since you have to kill my heart, I will be doomed not to let off you, among your my them, today only then a person can live is leaving here.” Jian Chen cold voice said that he all Sword Art that gave up own grasping, attacked in the most primitive way completely, four feet sword qi accumulation in his hands, by airtight that he danced, a thorn of sword another sword, speed has been quick lightning, under remained together the remnant shade, the sword shade was overlapping, dense and numerous, just liked the raindrop generally is crowded. At this moment, the Jian Chen offensive, can describe with the violent storm. Changyang Young Master, can't the matter of today, is it possible that be friendly really?” The Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor sound sank. Although this Changyang Young Master strength stems from his expectation at present greatly, but he saw, the Changyang Young Master strength, wants on the weak several points compared with own, own, if gets rid fully, pays certain price, may not cut to kill Changyang Young Master here. But here, in his Small World, so long as this Small World broken, he did not worry that completely Changyang Young Master will flee from here. Because of his Small World, quite special, escapes the method to lose the function here. If my strength really merely is God King, you will keep means of livelihood to me? Must want to excel at this matter, is impossible.” Jian Chen cold voice said that body killing intent is imposing, is powerful, lashes out fully, does not do to retain. At this moment, the strength of Jian Chen to own, had an approximate cognition, Chaos Body 13-layer, indeed makes him have with the qualifications that Beginning Realm powerhouse fights. Only is short, is the comprehension of Principle. His comprehension to Principle, Destruction Principle also stays in God Lord late-stage as before, Dao of Sword Principle, is equal to the God King peak, in Principle to spelling, is not Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor murders the Principle match radically, completely is same rank invincible formidable battle strength that Chaos Force grants, made him pull closer among the disparity with Beginning Realm powerhouse.

Such being the case, that do not blame me.” In the Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor eye flashes through stern countenance, such as the Tsunami terrifying energy erupts from him, has Beginning Realm Principle continuously arrives from void under. Sees only his one to tie seal, each movement, each change, the faint agreeing without consultation world highest good, contains Grand Dao to be mysterious, as if has caused the change of world. Extinguishes the world big hand imprint!” Suddenly, Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor drinks suddenly greatly, the palm of agreeing without consultation infinite deep meaning, direct racket to Jian Chen. Immediately, collects in the Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor whole body terrifying energy and Principle strength, swiftly condenses at the same time the giant palm, having one just like coming from hits in the vast pressure of world to Jian Chen. Small World in the fierce vibration, the spatial warping, the line of sight is fuzzy, the trim space such as the wave generally has surged, has been filled with the space ripples. This palm, the might was too strong, resembling made this side Small World reach the limit of withstanding. God level battle skill!” Jian Chen complexion changes, dignified incomparable, this is God level battle skill that Beginning Realm powerhouse displays, can dripping the display that completely sends the God level battle skill might, not like Azure Sea God Palace these Peerless Generation God King, Divine Item or God level battle skill, can only play few might to come out in their hands. Facing God level battle skill that Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor displays personally, Jian Chen, even if broke through to Chaos Body 13-layer, does not dare to treat it lightly, at present this power and influence dreadful God level battle skill, making him feel a huge threat. Jian Chen turns, Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword appears in his hands, within the body Chaos Force gallops, in continuous injection Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, making Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword erupt burning the eyes rays of light, whether there is the star splendor completely is proliferating, blooms stars rays of light, some giant stars, transform from Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword. Two ..... Six.

Stars, the pressure that sends out from Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword are also always more formidable, six stars transform, just now stopped. But at this time, from the pressure that on Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword sends out, already extremely terrifying, is not inferior to God level battle skill that Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor displays. Divine Item!” Feels on Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword to send out the frightening pressure, Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor complexion slightly changes, the moral nature lacked the meaning of envying unexpectedly. Divine Item, is extremely precious in Saint Realm, even if many Beginning Realm powerhouse has not had, but Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor expensive is Beginning Realm, is in Thousand Leaves Dynasty few Supreme level character, but has not had Divine Item similarly. A Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword sword in Jian Chen hand chops, the terrifying energy like the Tsunami eruption, myriad star light sprinkles, collides with the Bloody Battle Clan Old Ancestor extinguishing world big hand imprint together. ps: The ramble owed next one, planned at least to renew two chapters today, but today after getting up, has gotten sleepy one all day, could not raise the spirit, the symbol was also off and on, the code has come out to the present this chapter. I think this repercussion that because stayed up late to leave behind couple days ago. Today's renewal first arrived here, tomorrow will ramble diligently in addition.