Chaotic Sword God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2230

In this Space Ring, some restore Primordial Spirit Spirit Pill specially, as well as some can play the help to your injury various Medicine Pill, the injury that your this time receives, needs to restore as soon as possible, to deal the crisis that from now on might present, because of the present, I am impossible to help you frequently.” Mo Tianyun gives Jian Chen Space Ring, then looked in the own hand, that only remaining 50% Taihe Saint the strength of Primordial Spirit, said: „The strength of this group of Primordial Spirit, I have not built up completely, lets you many absorptions, will bring finally only the infinite hidden danger for you, therefore, the strength of this group of Primordial Spirit I first have carried off, after I will build up it in the future turns into the clear pure soul, it is granting you, considers to a compensation that you carry on.” Mo Tianyun earnest bit to Jian Chen has been, has not stayed then for a long time, true body/this senior left here together with clone together. In an instant, in this space incomparably firm Small World, only remaining Jian Chen people also dull here. But Jian Chen, has not left here eagerly, regarding him, this very covert Small World, is rare safe place, is far from Radiant Temple can compare. Jian Chen received Rune Chart of return trip cautiously, then sits cross-legged to sit in void, starts on earnest observation own every point changes. My Primordial Spirit, although many that too, because the strength of Primordial Spirit loses, now as before very weak, however its great strength, actually promoted too many to be too many , after my Primordial Spirit integrated Chaos Force, I felt my induction force to the world rule, strengthened much, thinks that I will sense world Grand Dao from now on, because of this relaxed many.” Is only this by that half Primordial Spirit that evil strength occupies, is actually somewhat troublesome. This half Primordial Spirit, was given the pollution by the evil strength first, afterward was poured into by me had the memory fragment massively, strength of not the pure Primordial Spirit, this causes other half Primordial Spirit, became more and more chaotic, more and more was not controlled by me.” Ok, other half Primordial Spirit, takes your time to try to find the solution, the urgent matter, restores own injury.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, promptly opens Mo Tianyun to leave his Space Ring. In this Space Ring, really piles up is being loaded with various Spirit Pill bottles of cans of much, as well as some neat entire simultaneously heavenly material treasure, each heavenly material treasure, on each bottle of Medicine Pill, in detail is labelling the name as well as the use. Unexpectedly completely is God level Medicine Pill as well as God level Quality heavenly material treasure.” Sees these Medicine Pill as well as the heavenly material treasure grade, Jian Chen is also dark startled. This Mo Tianyun, (Huan Zhen) really is not the general excessive wealth, if the thing in this Space Ring revealed that he will not doubt will cause numerous Beginning Realm powerhouse to win badly beaten.

Then, Jian Chen starts through swallowing therapy immediately various Spirit Pill as well as heavenly material treasure restores own injury. The injury on his Primordial Spirit, is most serious, complete Primordial Spirit divides into two, this for him, quite therefore lost the strength of 50% Primordial Spirit, constituted very tremendous influence to his strength. Therefore, the strength of his Primordial Spirit , to restore in the shortest time such as beginning, that only means that only then passes foreign object. My flesh body restoration speed, unexpectedly also became compared with the past slow.” Jian Chen brow micro wrinkle, but quick has stretched, he can the obvious feeling, own Chaos Body after was devastated by true Chaos Force, became compares obviously was more formidable before, following was, therapy speed becomes was slower than the past. Passed half a month time, Jian Chen Chaos Body, after swallowing many God level Medicine Pill, just now restores such as beginning. flesh body restores once more in peak condition, Jian Chen clearer feeling great strength of own physique. At this moment, he has even had an misconception, as if own Chaos Body, has been the 14-layer level. Because of his present Chaos Body, compared with before, promoted to be too many too many. However at this moment, in the brain of Jian Chen, half Primordial Spirit that was occupied by the evil strength, suddenly started to vibrate violently, strength of the intermittent formidable revolt transmitted from this half Primordial Spirit, wanted to work loose Jian Chen to its restraint. Jian Chen complexion suddenly changes, realizes from experience Chaos Body after strengthening without enough time carefully, he concentrates all strengths immediately, doing utmost suppression other half Primordial Spirit.

This is my Primordial Spirit, now is revolting against me unexpectedly, is actually this what situation?” When the suppression, Jian Chen was also fully vacant, at this moment occurred at own matter, not only links his own unable to explain that fears is in Saint Realm these experienced Beginning Realm powerhouse, feared that could not say a reason why. Jian Chen carefully observes own other half Primordial Spirit immediately, and attempts own will invasion other half Primordial Spirit, however, he actually received other half Primordial Spirit resistance vigorously. Broadminded within, the Jian Chen mind big quake, reveals unbelievable look, calls out in alarm secretly: My other half Primordial Spirit, has had the independent consciousness unexpectedly, this... This... How possible!” Suddenly, puts at present real thinks that shakes Jian Chen at the scene somewhat dumbstruck, he is staring at own other half Primordial Spirit, felt that is very inconceivable, does not dare to accept. That is his Primordial Spirit, is one of his souls, now has actually had another consciousness, this broke the common sense simply, has surpassed the Jian Chen cognition. At this moment, that half by Primordial Spirit that evil strength accounts, ran out of the suppression of Jian Chen, runs away from the brain of Jian Chen, broke in Small World by quickest speed. Snort, you are one of my Primordial Spirit, gave up any idea of that escapes from my palm.” Jian Chen cold snort, pursued directly. However, was given to occupy by the evil strength, assumes piece of blood red Primordial Spirit completely, actually suddenly sends out a strange fluctuation, then in the Jian Chen eye hides underground, towering vanishes does not see, does not know the trace. Jian Chen has tarried suddenly, his complexion gloomy looks void that other half Primordial Spirit vanishes, for a very long time is speechless. That half Primordial Spirit actually with any method under his eyes hide vanish, this acts as the master, actually completely does not know.

Occurs in the present all sorts, making him understand, own that by evil strength occupying other half Primordial Spirit, has the change that some he has not understood, now, already thorough has been separated from his control. I lost 50% Primordial Spirit unexpectedly.” Jian Chen complexion becomes very ugly, that half Primordial Spirit, quite in his half soul, now, his half soul in his within the body, this does not make him feel that own became no longer complete. What is most important, when other half Primordial Spirit runs out of his within the body, he felt immediately the own brain has transmitted the feeling of intermittent dizziness. Very obviously, lost half Primordial Spirit, constituted the enormous influence to him. One day, I will look for you, what change regardless of you had, you are always I.” The Jian Chen sinking sound said that turns the hand, has put out a jade bottle, restored Primordial Spirit Spirit Pill to pour into the own mouth inside altogether. He must let own the half Primordial Spirit as soon as possible, expands rapidly.