Chaotic Sword God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2234
You because of should call Lian Yan, the Falling Snow Peak third disciple, Lian Yan, I officially presents the challenge to you now, do you dare to accept a challenge?” Jian Chen shouted to clear the way lowly. Jian Chen these words, one of the how many person of look immediately are in the field of command for it dull, initially enters One Color Yuan Pill Radiant Saint Master, dares to issue the challenge to two color Yuan Pill Radiant Saint Master unexpectedly? This two color Yuan Pill Radiant Saint Master, breaks through for many years, had already stabilized boundary Expert, is this the energy that which comes? „Shortly after small Junior Brother, your One Color Yuan Pill just did not break through, has not built to be solid, do not hit with Lian Yan.” white jade (Bai Yu) is consoling Jian Chen vigorously, has hesitated slightly the meeting, then also low voice said near the Jian Chen ear: This Lian Yan is very fierce, is not the Wen Cheng soldier can compare, your Senior Sister two color Yuan Pill cultivation level, has not hit this Lian Yan, was injured by him on the contrary. Small Junior Brother, is obedient, how regardless of do not have the conflict with Lian Yan.” „The young female apprentice wound, since were linked Lian Yan to remain, I cannot let off him, how to say again I am also Flying Clouds Peak two Senior Brother.” Jian Chen said. At this time, you answered back poor.” Hears Jian Chen to call the own young female apprentice, white jade (Bai Yu) does not hit one on the air/Qi, the strength obviously Jian Chen that she is weaker, instead became her Senior Brother, this makes in her heart very puzzled. Lian Yan, I in the Sky-Gazing Peak arena superior you.” Jian Chen disagreement white jade (Bai Yu) said that was saying after Lian Yan coldly, then control Saint light, directly flies toward Sky-Gazing Peak. In Radiant Temple has the stipulation, does not prevent mutual comparing notes between same rank disciples, but once has the high-level disciple to begin to the low-level disciple, that has offended the custom of temple, was not permitted, but low-level disciple, then can issue the challenge to the high-level disciple. Snort, (Huan Zhen) really is extremely arrogant, is it possible that you think really has defeated five Junior Brother, has the qualifications to fight with me? I accompany you to walk an arena, making you understand that the great strength of two color Yuan Pill, are not your trivial One Color Yuan Pill can compare radically.” Falling Snow Peak Lian Yan, is sneers again and again, follows closely Jian Chen behind to fly. Radiant Temple, has myriad mountain peaks, so long as achieves God King Realm Battle Saint Master, will be bestowed the next mountain peak to take the territory, and holds the post of a Radiant Temple Custodian duty. But these myriad mountain peaks, have the division of size similarly, Flying Clouds Peak that Jian Chen is, as well as has the conflict with them Falling Snow Peak, in these myriad mountain peaks, is common one kind. Sky-Gazing Peak, is in Radiant Temple one of the 99 prominent peaks, is leading including Flying Clouds Peak and Falling Snow Peak, nearby about hundred mountain peaks. Sky-Gazing Peak, no longer looks like Flying Clouds Peak to be like that chilly, big mountain peak, only then Han Xin and Jian Chen their three disciples, as one of the 99 prominent peaks, Sky-Gazing Peak volume one trade, entertainment as one, therefore here extremely lively, Radiant Saint Master from each mountain peak shuttles back and forth on Sky-Gazing Peak numerously, in that giant square, is crowded, continuous. Jian Chen already understood Radiant Temple all customs, therefore he arrives at Sky-Gazing Peak, goes on a having a familiar task and handling it with ease directly soaring arena, the air/Qi calmed down idle standing above, then said loudly: Flying Clouds Peak disciple Changyang, One Color Yuan Pill cultivation level, challenges Falling Snow Peak two color Yuan Pill disciple Lian Yan!” What? One Color Yuan Pill dares to challenge two color Yuan Pill, this exceed step challenge, is rarely seen.” This One Color Yuan Pill and Two Colors Yuan Pill, but is equal Origin Receiving boundary and Origin Returning boundary in Martial Artist, this has differed a big boundary, self-confidence where this person came?” Is it possible that is he 7-Star above talent is inadequate? If the 7-Star talent, that (Huan Zhen) really is capable of defeating two color Yuan Pill by One Color Yuan Pill cultivation level......”

...... Big of Jian Chen drank, attracted many people, immediately some numerous Radiant Saint Master from collected to come in all directions, looked like Jian Chen to throw the surprise in abundance the vision. These Radiant Saint Master, the strength is generally low, One Color Yuan Pill and two color Yuan Pill are in the majority, as for Three Color Yuan Pill, is few people pays attention. Therefore, when Falling Snow Peak Lian Yan arrived here, around the arena, collected over a hundred from various peaks Radiant Saint Master. Looks at the air/Qi to calm down idle standing above Jian Chen, as well as collects these Radiant Saint Master around arena, Lian Yan some complexion gloomy. Now, he as if understands that the intention of Jian Chen, on the arena, he has defeated Jian Chen under glare of the public eye, then brings to him, will not have the feeling of least bit glory, after all two color Yuan Pill cultivation level Radiant Saint Master defeats One Color Yuan Pill Radiant Saint Master, this originally in reason. May in other words, if has defeated, that takes to him, may be a failure so is not only simple. Small Junior Brother, you are certainly careful.” white jade (Bai Yu) also followed close on was arriving here, she stood under the arena kind shouting. Who Lian Yan is, on the quick arena defeats him, your two color Yuan Pill cultivation level, may do not lose to a One Color Yuan Pill disciple, otherwise, that face may lose really in a big way......” at the same time, around arena , some Radiant Saint Master full of enthusiasm loudness have said. Lian Yan cold snort, the vision such as poisonous snake results in looks at Jian Chen, coldly smiles, has jumped onto the arena. This war, I not only need win attractively, I must make Changyang pay the serious price, the shame that five Junior Brother suffer, I must let he ten times of repayments.” In the Lian Yan heart decided secretly, his vision ice cold stares at Jian Chen, cold voice was saying: Changyang, begins, actually making me take a look at your somewhat ability.” hearing that, the corners of the mouth of Jian Chen reveal wipe the strange smiling face to come, he rubbish, controls Radiant Saint Force to condense a handle long sword to shoot at Lian Yan. This is the sword of basic level Radiant Divine Technique Saint light......” „To defeat two color Yuan Pill Radiant Saint Master depending on this Saint light sword, is no different than dream of a fool.” Around the arena, some in two color Yuan Pill cultivation level Radiant Saint Master, exude the sound of review similarly. Sees the sword of basic level Radiant Divine Technique Saint light Jian Chen sends out, stands sneers in the opposite Lian Yan heart, secretly thought: Similarly is the sword of Saint light, I send out by two color Yuan Pill cultivation level, the might is far from your One Color Yuan Pill can resist.” Read, Lian Yan also immediately controlled Radiant Saint Force, similarly sent out the sword of Saint light to shoot.

The sword of Saint light he sends out, its might, goes superficially, indeed compared with Jian Chen in many. Bang!” Sure enough, the swords of two Saint light just moved, are Jian Chen the sword of that together Saint light, then blasts open in the sound of thundering, was struck the smashing by Lian Yan the sword of Saint light, changed into rich Radiant Saint Force to fill the air in all around. But Lian Yan the sword of Saint light, is remaining power does not reduce in the slightest, changes into a white light to continue to shoot at Jian Chen. Small Junior Brother careful ah! stands white jade (Bai Yu) under arena exudes the anxious shout, anxious incomparable. Came up to fall leeward, it seems like that this called the Changyang person, must lose......” One Color Yuan Pill eventually is One Color Yuan Pill, thinks with two color Yuan Pill that this disparity is not general big, lost not strangely......” Indeed so , he if can win, that called strangely......” Around the arena, many Radiant Saint Master much discussion, such result, they are not surprised. Three Junior Brother, must teach Changyang well, making him have a look at the day high, thick.” Falling Snow Peak Wen Cheng also stands under arena shouts to clear the way lowly, looks to the Jian Chen vision, similarly completely is the ice-cold color. In the arena, Jian Chen look is invariable, the corners of the mouth show the inexplicable smiling face, in the sword of Saint light approaches, under his back, Radiant Saint Force surges, suddenly condenses a snow white wing, flashes slightly, is leaving behind together the remnant shade same place, has shunted the sword of Saint light calmly, straight firing into Lian Yan. Can the short time promote the bright wing of speed, bright wing that but he displays, how can speed be so quick?” Good quick speed, I am about unable to see clearly, can speed of wing of light be this degree really?” Compared with the bright wing that I display, speed must be quick on 2-3 times, how does he achieve?” Under the arena, has heard the sound of intermittent calling out in alarm immediately.

Is Jian Chen white jade (Bai Yu) with trepidation, after displays speed that the wingspan of light appears the experience to Jian Chen, was shocked, is covering the mouth, half sound could not speak. Because of her, after displaying the wing of light, speed may not be Jian Chen this degree. But Jian Chen, while displaying the wing of light fires into Lian Yan, finger suddenly toward a Lian Yan gently point. Under this point, sword of smashing current events that light for Radiant Saint Force, such as received control to result to condense immediately rapidly, then changes into a white band of light, in Lian Yan that dumbfounded, gave restraint the Lian Yan whole person. Meanwhile, Jian Chen on the back grows a pair of wings, under speed that in the wing of light brings, arrived in front of Lian Yan, raises the palm of the hand, the direct ear and area around it hits on the left face of Lian Yan. bang!” After a clear sound, Lian Yan is the same to that five Junior Brother, the whole person pulling out to fly by a Jian Chen palm of the hand. ps: On August 8, has prepared a wave of red package for brothers free, amounts to 1000 Yuan, these 1000 Yuan red packages, will give everybody by the form announcement of password, but this password, the ramble issues in the micro letter public number. Therefore, but also invited the micro letter public number that the brothers paid attention to ramble: xinxingxiaoyao110. Direct input heart star ramble the pen name can also search, then pays attention to then, on the evening of August 8 8 : 00 pm, the ramble will push the news through the public number to all people, the announcement red package password. Considered that some friends have not known how to pay attention to the public number, therefore rambles writes a course again, first, opens the address book of micro letter page, in the place above will see labelling to have the Public blue color menu, will select, then the phone screen top right-hand corner plus sign search, in searching the frame the input heart star rambled this pen name to find, looks to hit the later attention then. Moreover, in public number, has sent the role pictures of many this book, everybody can see in the historical news toward all role pictures that the time provides, does not know the brothers who how to seek for the historical news, please reply historical news in the public number.