Chaotic Sword God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2291

Welcome to Star Moon World, this Star Moon World, is Yin-Yang Five Elements not entire medium Small World, reason that called Star Moon World, was because in this world, only then stars and a moon existed, did not have the hot sun......” On the child people when curious massive Star Moon World, together the old sound transmits from the front. Sees only in the front of people, sits cross-legged to sit a baldheaded old man, the old man appearance is common, but actually exceptionally skinny, although he was given the package by a spacious white long gown, but the people can still see the body of his thin and weak bamboo pole. Disciple pays a visit the He Tian elder!” Sees this old man, Donglin Yanxue, Gongzheng Xin, Xin Bing, Da An, Shi De five big Saint Child's candidate to look the respectful color in abundance, simultaneously bends the waist to salute. About the real status of this old man, in the field many Radiant God King do not know, but five big Saint Child's candidate are qualified for the temple, the temple elder who contacts are many, therefore, many temple elders they recognize. Stands in five big Saint Child's candidate following protector, after knowing the status of this old man, is reveals a respect of face to salute. The He Tian elder beckoned with the hand, said: Has exempted, these vulgar rituals do not use here, then, comes to brief the Star Moon World situation by me for you in detail.” He Tian elder expression, said: This Star Moon World freely is a medium world, however its region actually very broad, even if by my Spiritual Consciousness , can only cover Star Moon World 1/10.” In Star Moon World, is growing some ferocious beast, because of the specialness of Star Moon World environment, causes the mental development of these ferocious beast is very low, even many ferocious beast have the formidable strength freely, but as before has not actually opened the spirit wisdom, all are relying on the instinct in the conduct......” Before you come here, Star Moon World ferocious beast then by the temple elder cleaning, has stepped into Beginning Realm ferocious beast to cut to kill that several completely, therefore, in present Star Moon World, but also remains ferocious beast here, strength strongest also God King late-stage......”

this Token, your five Saint Child's candidate person, once you faced with the life and death crisis, then immediately stimulate this Token. In this Star Moon World, regardless of being separated by the long-distance range, the old men can induce to the this Token position instantaneously come to rescue. However once this Token stimulates, then means that you lost have scrambled for the qualifications of Saint Child......” Was good, should say said that then, your own moves, finally can seek many Saint Light Source Bead, looked at your individual good fortunes, one year later, Star Moon World the gate once more will open, when the time comes, you gathered to this place can......” The Hetian elders sit cross-legged to sit in the body of ground stand one's ground steadfastly, his earnest biting has been people, then waved, making the people diverge respectively. Then, five Saint Child's candidate lead respective protector to leave this mountain peak, they have not gone hand in hand, but was one person has chosen a position, then sped away to go. Although in this Star Moon World, but also exists is equal much in God King Realm ferocious beast, but from the faces of these Saint Child's candidate, has not actually revealed the slight scared look. In protector who because this line of they lead, many Radiant God King, and is the battle efficiency is all formidable, was known as that same rank is difficult to meet Battle Saint Master of rival, has so many Battle Saint Master to follow, they are self-confident, even if has met the God King peak ominous beast, may fight. Changyang, your cultivation level is weakest, was sure to remember that here you cannot certainly run around, any ominous beast that here comes out, is not you can cope.” At this time, Donglin Yanxue turned the head suddenly, was saying to Jian Chen that her that pitch-black and attractive big eye was looking at the ordinary face after Jian Chen that disguise, revealed unobservable complex. Since Moon-Reflection Lake and Jian Chen first time meets, Jian Chen to the feeling of Donglin Yanxue, throughout is self-confident free and easy, is mature and steady, even if one type is the Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) avalanche on the point of death not startled calmness, such spirit, with these so-called God's favored ones who she usually in sees, entirely different. And when she every time sees Jian Chen, Jian Chen looks to her vision throughout is tranquil like the water, does not have the slight mighty waves, pursues her Radiant Saint Master to be completely different from these, therefore, in the heart of Donglin Yanxue, had recognized Jian Chen approaches her on own initiative, and does not hesitate to offer one group of precious clear pure souls, its goal, to enter Saint Light Tower. After all, Saint Light Tower is in each Radiant Saint Master mind yearned that sacred place, Jian Chen as Radiant Saint Master, is having yearning to Saint Light Tower, is normal.

But since Jian Chen has put out the Xuan Zhan Vice- Palace Master token, this lets the goal of Donglin Yanxue to Jian Chen desirably close own, first time has had the suspicion. Is adding on her teacher Mu Shui to explain at the same time that this is almost lets Donglin Yanxue to the words of teacher, believed in firmly. Has the Vice- Palace Master token, to obtain one to enter the Saint Light Tower quota, radically is not the difficult matter, but why Jian Chen must offer one group of clear pure souls, going through all the complications becomes own protector. After all, own also merely is one of the five Saint Child's candidate, finally can the position of smooth mounting Saint Child, in the Donglin Yanxue heart not have the too big assurance. But Jian Chen knows perfectly well so, actually must such do, this enables discerning person one eyes to see, this time this act, in close Donglin Yanxue desirably. Hears the Donglin Yanxue words, Jian Chen touches the nose, in the heart does not know whether to laugh or cry, has not thought that he unexpectedly degenerates into by one now is equal in the object of God Realm Martial Artist protection. But Donglin Yanxue, then has not looked at Jian Chen, her look some have put aside the vision indifferently. In affirming Jian Chen after desirably close own, her heart, then became in the flash somewhat ice-cold, among distance with Jian Chen, was getting more and more far in invisible. Because Jian Chen this act, lets her is very repugnant, but before Jian Chen, in Radiant Temple all sorts of unusual actions the straight image, but in her heart standing erect, at this moment is also loudly the avalanche, causes Jian Chen at this moment, in her eyes any has not distinguished with other these pursuers. Ha Ha, Changyang Junior Brother, my Le Fan old how old are you, pulled rank calls you Junior Brother, the tour of this Star Moon World, you only need follow side Yanxue Junior Sister then, other matters, you definitely do not need to pay attention, will have our several people to process......” at this time, Donglin Yanxue protector started talking. This is a middle-aged man, God King middle-stage cultivation level, but regarding the status information of this person, Jian Chen also has the understanding, is of Cloud Mist Peak Peak Lord Le Fan Radiant Temple myriad mountain peaks!

But his cultivation level, then compared with Flying Clouds Peak Peak Lord Han Xin, as well as Falling Snow Peak Peak Lord Zhou Yuan stronger is big. Ha Ha, said right, all ferocious beast that this line of institutes meet, gave us several people to cope was good, Changyang Junior Brother you only need look after good Yanxue Junior Sister then......” Later, is several protector opens the mouth in abundance, they are with smile on the face, treat Jian Chen to be polite, even has several points to think highly. Although Jian Chen cultivation level, here is lowest one person, is of he protector, needs others to protect at this moment, but there is Xuan Zhan Vice- Palace Master for the backer, causes eight protector who Donglin Yanxue brings, dares to offend him without any person, even is in diligently establishes the friendship with Jian Chen. Because they know, reason that Jian Chen can become protector, all are Xuan Zhan Vice- Palace Master in the back arrangement, otherwise, Mu Zhong elder that pass/test, is how regardless of unable to pass. As for its goal, thinks that the hosts of experienced and careful these peaks, naturally are well aware. Jian Chen with these protector optional smalltalk of several, then turned the head to look to Donglin Yanxue, said: „Can you induce to the Saint Light Source Bead position?” Reason that spoke these words, because of Jian Chen already indistinct induction, in the own dead ahead somewhere, passed on with the Radiant Saint Force extremely similar fluctuation. This fluctuation is vague and mysterious, he can induce to existence of this fluctuation, is not his sensation strength formidable, but Battle Saint Principle that because he comprehends, resembles with this fluctuations has a resonance. Donglin Yanxue is cold a face, the visual front, said: This Saint Light Source Bead, could not investigate Spiritual Consciousness, to induce to their positions, so was can it be that easy.”